Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moving House

There is a close similarity between moving a Yin House and moving a Yang House, of which we would discuss. These are just about moving from one location to another. The objective may be the same but the modus operandi is somewhat different.

The Yin Context, most reasons are obvious, notably the existing grave had not been benefiting the living descendent. One may say it sounds a little too materialistic, faced it, it is encrypted in the Chinese cultural DNA. Other reasons may range from inauspicious land with right burial to auspicious land with wrong burial, often resulting in the remains being charred to black. This may be reflective even on the surface of the tomb stone being blacken with water stain and black moss. The efficacy of alignment at the Death and Emptiness line (DE) may eventually leads to this phenomenon. Understanding DE required a profound understanding of the method in application beyond the scope of this essay. Other reasons associated to inauspicious land with right burial is what termed vampire ground. Indeed the corpse remained mummified buried underground with little or partial decomposition, for reasons of the soil in question being unable to generate QI. Burial classics quote, earth creates QI, QI creates water.

The Yang Context, monetary and health may be the so called FENGSHUI reasons, beside other more practical reasons. In most of the audits, the assessment of wealth and health problems are always reflected with the so called sitting not matching with the facing. This is quite a profound jargon to be reckoned with as it simply implies that there is no win-win situation. There are always remedy to it but to move away due to some FENGSHUI reasons must be of a grave magnitude of inauspiciousness such as the untimely death of the family members or bankruptcy. Generally these reasons are not isolated but were closely knitted with the fabric of the Yin FENGSHUI itself, given the context of Heaven, Earth and Man cosmic trinity.

Site selection is the next practical things to come by before moving house. It is a technical subject that many FENGSHUI writers could write a book out of this simple subject, but yet so delicately difficult to master. Traditionally a mountainous area with valley is preferred due to soil fertility and a clean source of water supply. Does this mean, flatland context has no auspicious site? Similarly all mountainous site should be auspicious? We will keep the answer for another day.

The process of moving Yin house often starts from the date selection of what known as breaking the mountain to collect gold. The term breaking the mountain has to be wary of the annual and monthly afflictions with particularly the 5 yellow. So, make sure one is informed of where to stand, to see or not to see and the sun path. After the incitation, the excavation process begins, removing the remains bit by bit in an orderly fashion so that the remains will not be jumbled up. Some remains may need to be incinerated, usually the mummified type. Others required to be washed and dried, properly laid out and organized into the body parts sequence of the head, body, torso and legs tied with red strings prior in laying into the urn from the lowest portion of the feet to highest of the skull., in a sitting position notably the knee bone facing upward. The facing of the skull denotes the facing of the urn, with its name written on a red label placed outside of the urn. Again, by customary request the 5 colored grains are to be filled at the cover lid for the urn responding to 5 types of treasures befitting the living descendents and the other paraphernalia denoting official decorate and honors bestowing nobility to the living, often later sealed with a red silk wrap. These are customary practices. The urn will have to be realigned in the new grave itself, prior to covering up with soil. This description is incomplete as it takes a full course to demonstrate in detail.

The process of moving for the Yang house is somewhat less customary. Starts from the date selection that will take care of the afflictions and clashes, moving in required 3 steps if the customary aspect were to be taken into considerations. First, relinquishing any spiritual elements in the unoccupied house or a new house. Second, moving in of the Deity, if any. Third, moving in of the residents. Kindly note that other school of thought may warrant the resident to be move in before the deities, which is subject to further debates. We shall discuss the third aspect only. Moving in of the residence denotes the followings, the process of entering into the main door, lighting of the stove to cook a meal, dining for the meal and sleeping for a night. Short, sweet and simple.

So, moving house is not a rocket science after all…

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Efficacy Of The Grave

For the uninitiated, there are 2 types of dwelling. The dwelling for the living, we called Yang dwelling and the dwelling for the dead called Yin dwelling. The studies of Fengshui originated from the studies for the Yin dwelling, notably from a classic called the Burial Classic (ZhangShu) by Guo Pu, the forefather of Fengshui.

Often arise the question that in the event the Yang dwelling Fengshui is auspicious but the Yin dwelling Fengshui is inferior, will one life be affected? In any instances, living in a good Fengshui spot, will generally override, with conditions, the effect of any Yin Fengshui in the event that the Yin Fengshui in question was inferior as compared to the Yang dwelling. However, the effects of the Yin Fengshui will take its toll to the generations of that person to come such as childless, defective birth and others. Instigating the fact that if the Yin Fengshui was inferior, reflected in the person’s BaZi (astrological) chart, the person in question would not have the advantage of living in a good Fengshui area, making such a question irrelevant. Saying thus, the stronger influence in one’s life will be the immediate environment he lives.

Since most of the Fengshui theory were originated from the studies of Yin Fengshui, the application to the Yang dwelling were similar. Point to note, the critical factors of the Yin dwelling were the depth in question whereas the Yang dwelling were the sitting of the building. How these were carried out requires a complete course to explain and demonstrate. It will not be surprised that most Fengshui master adopt the principles in wholesale, however, the salient point were differentiated from one method to another. Principally, the notion of dissolve killing Qi acquiring water was the principle. The operative word is how?

These Yin and Yang dwelling Fengshui crosses path at most time, only the emphasis were different, such as the external embrace versus the immediate embrace for a grave in question. The land formation as indicated by the classic of Ru Di Yan or Entering Earth Eye Classics applicable to both. The ultimate question is always the challenge of chasing the dragon, dotting the meridian with a big question of how, where and why? Therefore the studies of Yin Fengshui will be a pre-cursor to the study of Yang Fengshui.

Going back to the notion of BaZi, the year pillar usually were associated with the ancestor grave, notably whatever that moves or unmoved happening to the reveal or un-reveal usually indicates a possibilities reflective of the current status of the ancestor graves. To the uninitiated of BaZi these moving things and revelation stuff are nothing but jargon. On a more advance aspect of face reading, it will also reveal the similarities as in the case of BaZi. It goes beyond to say the identification of a noble or corrupt person by a look of the face, but rather reading the life of that person by just looking at the face. Rather heavy duty stuff that is not available in most center of Chinese metaphysics learning that usually strike on an artificial side of it.

The notion of the 4 pillars or BaZi was somewhat static in nature. You were born given a certain year, month, day and time. Nobody can change it. The similar energy that the ancestor grave has provided to mold oneself and one’s associates. An adept in the art of BaZi could well point out the similarities of every members of one family. These set of 4 pillars are pre-destined. However, one may have oversight that the dynamic part of it, as the luck and the year pillars set the course of life itself. That is where Yang Fengshui steps in to alter the destiny of one person. The notion of first faith, second destiny and third Fengshui are nothing but pure rubbish. The sequence is correct but the real understanding of what this notion meant has to be revealed by an adept of the art.

We were often dish by the same dilemma, to know or not to know. Fears were often instigated of not knowing as compared to knowing. However, my question is will one be so sure that the one who knows in fact, do not know and the one who do not know, knows. This is the heaven’s will. When it is time to know, one will know as one of the Xuan Kong verses quote: -

Dragon separates by two slices,
Gua pluck in 3 portions.
Dao (The Way) is NATURAL,
Mysterious is within XuanKong.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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