Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Doses of Classics of Green Satchel

ZhangShu noted, to ride ShengQi courses through the earth, expands and give rise to the myriads things. Meaning earth is made up of Yin and Yang Qi that contains 5 elements. 5 elements itself also contained ShengQi. How do one see ShengQi?

ZhangShu states, Earth is the mother of Qi. Qi is the mother of water. Where there is Qi there is water. Therefore Earth has 5 elements, called 5 elements Earth or WuTu.

Qing Nan Jing states, heaven depends on form, earth depends on Qi. Heaven Qi has images, Earth Qi has form. The classics also stipulate, HETU which is the principle and LOSHU the application conforming the 8 Gua. 4 cardinals and 4 ordinals.

The cardinals of ZHEN (wood), DUI (metal), LI (fire) and KAN (water) is HETU, principle governing the 4 elemental frames. Matching mountain with water according to these frames form the tenets of Fengshui application – XIAO SHA NA SHUI, blocking and bringing in water. Based on these principles come the followings: -

Kun Ren Yi also referred to its double mountain of Shen Zi and Chen. Wen Qu is water element, thus referring to water frame structure of the 4 major water gates, with birth at Kun Shen, prosperous at Ren Zi and Grave at Yi Chen.

Gen Bing Xin also referred to its double mountain of Yin Wu and Xu. Lian Zheng is fire element, thus referring to fire frame structure of the 4 major water gates, with birth at Gen Yin, prosperous at Bing Wu and Grave at Xin Xu.

Xun Geng Gui also referred to its double mountain of Si You and Chou. Wu Qu is metal element, thus referring to metal frame structure of the 4 major water mouths, with birth at Xun Si, prosperous at Geng You and Grave at Gui Chou.

Qian Jia Ding also referred to its double mountain of Hai, Mao and Wei. Tan Lang is wood element, thus referring to wood frame structure of the 4 major water mouth, with birth at Qian Hai, prosperous at Jia Mao and Grave at Ding Wei.

These verses established the matching water to mountain, in the establishment of the sitting of the XUE. Notice that there is no mention of the Earth frame. Earth being at the center has no direction. When there is Qi there is water, implied that Earth follows the son, which is water. Earth frame takes the water frame.

Also, the green Ching Nan Jing has this to say: -

Heavenly stems depend on elements. Earthly branches rely on seasonal Qi. Water begins from HAI, prospers in ZI and completes in CHOU. Winter QI water reign. Wood begins from YIN, prosper in MAO and completes in CHEN. Spring QI wood reign. Fire begins from SI, prospers in WU and completes in WEI. Summer QI fire reign. Metal begins from SHEN, prosper in YOU and completes in XU. Autumn QI metal reign. These complete the seasonal nodes of the earthly branch giving directions to the HETU configurations of numerology. Adding another layer to the Earth Plate.

In ZhangShu, it is noted that Heavenly QI, being external cannot be established. Therefore the QI in every stems cannot be established. Earth QI, being internal established as seasonal nodes can be established.

These speaks of changes in the beginning, where the 8 Heavenly QI from stems matching 12 Earthly QI from the branches, matching with the 4 ordinals GUA make up the 24 subsectors of the 8 trigram of a Later Heaven arrangement for application.

Email me if more doses are required...

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Merdeka Malaysia

Browsing through one of the blog posted by, by the name “Distress and the Evil Blogger”, I cannot keep but to think about the outcome of uncertainties our beloved Malaysia has arrived at, knowing very well that the wave of inflations are coming, jobs and projects are uncertain and best of all, the politicians may well be in denial syndrome or still intoxicated by the so called “political tsunami” aftershock. Do we Malaysian needs to celebrate our national day this year with full of joy, or rather, to celebrate after 51 years of independent; the whole system was destined for an overhaul. From the blog, I could retrieve the following concerns worth contemplating.

Q: Is the Malaysian citizen in distress looking at the price increase of almost everything in the Market?

A: Heaven takes shelter is the sign. Each man is for himself; even the government may not able to have in control of the situation let alone providing the necessary shelter to wade off inflation. The situation is extremely severe, mounting yet another imagery of flood.

Q: Will the change of lifestyle policy has any impact on the general masses?

A: Apparently there is no lifestyle to be changed. The masses had the tummy, hand and neck to be tightened as reflected in the GUA imagery. Even many may not able to afford a house.

Q: Is the HADHARI policy implicates double standard?

A: Imagery revealed that the concept is appropriate; however the implementation had gone above the boundary.

Q: Will the current PM survives his own political struggle, given the current scenario?

A: Leaders are like heaven. When it takes shelter it is moving away from its role as it should provide shelter instead. A leader must stand on firm ground but Heaven is standing on a weed, waiting to be combined away to form water. So much water hidden, where is the soil? Where is the ground? Without support as it is called Heaven and Earth fixed position, Heaven will be engulfed.

Q: Will this coming Merdeka celebration be a meaningful one where all the people will be treated as Bangsa Malaysia?

A: Each is engulfed with their own personal problem. Very solemn and cold. No sunshine, no spark. Seemingly Heaven is hiding over every nooks and corners it can find. With rock at one end and Tsunami at the other end it will be just as meaningful as it could get – rocking in the same boat.
These are just questions running on my mind while I was reading the article, as it does not necessary means the actual event ought to have happened. Just a mental scribbled of what divinations are meant for and the outcome is rested solely and squarely on the shoulder of the Almighty.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Single Residential Audit – J’s House Malacca


Owner a well to do entrepreneur in education industry. A GUA 2 person. Makes his fortune until lately bought the piece of land for his single residential unit, at audit time under construction. Went into financial difficulties. Escalating human relationship problem with lots of back biting. Still single. Weak BING day master, favoring resource wood and self, fire.

SanHe – Yang Gong Methodology

Incoming Dragon at QIAN forming wood frame. Sitting at YI, YI MAO, water. Producing out, weakening the human relationship matter. Correspond to fire frame water exit, controlling out, exhaustion on the financial aspect is foreseeable. Being a person of REN YIN, metal from the foil, the XUE is weakening him in all aspect. Not a good house after all.

Form Methodology

The main gate was facing a straight road effecting what was called the dragging nose killing QI. Straighten embrace without Table Mountain to lock in QI, degenerate the quality of the house. Multiple poison arrows directing towards the house excavating human relationship problems.

XuanKong – Divination

Financial wise, the person has an authority problem when dealing with investment, 5-4. It is not only investment per se rather to exemplify ones successes creating unnecessary misunderstanding among the group he is involved in notably in NGO 1-9. Resulting having to stretch his investment profile too high 7-6. The ability to lead for this person is highly commendable and virtually outshined, which may result again in envy and undue misunderstanding. Family matter wise, this person has a deep personality buried 6-5, unmovable unless otherwise his authority has been challenged, preferably be a loner 8-7. He has been advised to sell off the house.

The Objective

Is to explore the practical application of Fengshui auditing for a single residential building based on various methodologies, given a real case context and for a single occupant. This is only the crust of a detailed analysis and on site Q&A session. True enough; the findings of other notable Masters also arrived at the similar conclusion.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Monday, August 18, 2008

Temple Audit – Cheng Hoon Teng Malacca

Historical BackGround – Adapted from

Cheng Hoon Teng was founded in the 1600s by the Chinese Kapitan Tay Kie Ki alias Tay Hong Yong. During the Portuguese and Dutch eras, Kapitans were appointed chiefs or headmen of the various ethnic communities. In its early years, besides serving the community's religious needs, the temple also functioned as the official administrative centre and a court of justice for the Kapitans. Besides Kapitan Tay, other prominent Kapitans included Li Wei King, Chan Lak Kua and Chua Su Cheong. Kapitan Chua was responsible for rebuilding the temple in 1801 while the Kapitans and Teng Choos after him contributed towards the aesthetic and structural additions of the building. In 1824, the British abolished the Kapitan system and the leader of the Temple, now known as "Teng Choo", assumed some of the Kapitan's responsibilities. Subsequently, a Board of Trustees was formed to look after the temple. The pioneers included included Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock, who also initiated the Temple’s unique incorporation under an act of Parliament {Cheng Hoon Teng Temple Incorporation Ordinance 1949}. To the locals, the temple is also known as Kebun Datok (Gods' Garden) and Kwan Yin Teng.

The Exercise

An excursion was carried out by a group of Fengshui enthusiasts auditing the said temple using the following methodology: -

SanHe – Yang Gong Method

Incoming Dragon at QIAN, establishing QIAN JIA DING, wood frame. Water exit at WEI, establishing HAI MAO WEI, wood frame. Mutually prosper. Temple is classified as fire industry. Wood frame producing in. Sitting between KUN SHEN Mountain, considered being minor death and emptiness line, a norm for most Chinese temple alignment. Having incoming at QIAN (prosper) and Huge Gate Star at JIA (growth), the income of the temple is ever flourishing, until today.

SanHe – Assistant Star Water Method

Incoming at Qian, Huge Gate at JIA Mountain with water mouth at WEI conform to the 5 ghost carry treasure structure, as propagated. However, this may be untrue based on the actual Assistant Star Water Method, which is not to be disclosed.

SanYuan – XuanKong Purple White

LI WEI HUO was the GUA plucked compliance to its nature as a temple. Notice the fire element pillar rising above the roof. Commission during 1600, approximately middle period 5. Sits Kun 2, prosperity strive. Huge Gate at JIA 3, palace controlling out. Strength of Zhen palace allowed star 2 to be positive thus able to generate income and prosperity.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

My Guru Went For Vacation ...

Some one told me about the politic of Religion. Obviously when there is human, there is politics. Religions are basically for human, so how would religion be in existence without being political? I vividly remembered a book entitled 100 most influential men (maybe women) of the century. The 1st to appear in the list is the Prophet Mohamed, notably equals in his administration of his fellows believers of the Book as well as his ability to run a nation under the emblem of Islam, peace be upon you.

Buddhism is somehow different in such a perspective. Obviously, Buddha-ISM is no where nearer to any form of religion, we knew, which is GOD centric. Some may disagree. Closest to the notion of GOD is what is termed Dharmakaya and its tenet is reflected strongly in the concept of salvations most notable within the groups of Mahayana pure land practitioners and Vajrayana. Such were known as the Bodhisattva path of enlightenment. The myriad approach in the practice of Buddhism reflects the flexibility inherent in the preaching of the Buddha Dharmma, called Upaya, each cater for a specific frames of mind and needs. Obviously with the passing of times and the embrace of modernity, we also witnessed a boom in contemporary Buddhism some having the slogan of Guru for Hire, or The Guru Wears Jean. Whatever its form takes, the notion of Buddhism as a religion has taken a huge turn beyond the iconography of the Kasaya Robe, bald head and the begging bowl to jeans, contemporary hairdo and wallet. The thin line of religion has been fused or we conveniently called it a way of life?

The modernity way of Buddhist life, has in many ways, been a subject of abuse. If the term abuse is too strong, then the softer version shall be, modified to suit the necessity of the day. This is another form of Upaya. Fusing Fengshui and Buddhism is another way of Upaya. Relatively new aged Fengshui blending into Tibetan Buddhism has been in the glossy magazines, Fengshui boutiques and some rich man's home has been quite a norm lately, whereas, new aged Fengshui has found its place in the arena of Taoist-Confucius-Buddhist or the Chinese centric communities long beforehand. There has been no problem whatsoever, this is again, Upaya. So, it will be whimsical if there is one day when the Guru adoration and Guru Puja be replaced with Fengshui Master adoration and Fengshui Master Puja, because the Master has more ability to bring in funds, needed in the sense of modernity. Do we still called this Upaya?

There goes the choice of PLUGGING-IN to the sense and the call of modernity, so it cannot be construed as an abuse. Otherwise, PLUGGING-OUT to the paths of Sila Smadhi Panna, the middle way, where vacation away from the "filthy" human realm is called for. The later choice had been the footstep of the founder of Buddhism, away into the wild in search for the real self. Again, the caveat is that it could not be for long. The real Buddha Dharma is within the human existence. The human politics are the best Buddha, so to speak.

A Muslim friend of mine has reminded me this. Why search for the truth, when there is so much untruth within oneself that is required to be purged? Only then would light be radiate through our hearts and souls. This is GOD's blessing, peace be upon you.

There is no Buddha in the caves, or the jungles and the deserts. The Buddha is found in the heart of every "filthy" human existence. We called upon the Guru, the Sangha, to be our Kalyana Mitra. Lead us to see through Samsara in the vicious cycle of human politics via the wisdom of the Buddha Dharma. To purge all the falsehood and to receive the Buddha nature within.

In response to's blogspot, I register my support to Ven Geshela Tenzin Zopa's return.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Encounter On The Spirited Kind

The last session of metaphysics class in Seremban, has most of us getting goose bumps over the encounter of the spirited kind. First, the day started with a very Yin note. Raining without much sun light. Second the venue has very deep space and voids without much exposure to the Sun, resulting in deep dark corners lit up by down lights. Third, the hotel was situated at a hill spur overlooking a huge bright hall, but was cluttered by overgrown trees, notably in a fire frame structure.

The experiences begin when some of us noted sighting in the female washroom. Followed by a series of mishaps from hurting one’s toe to fallen ill the next day. Suddenly, the hand phone rang. At least 2 witnessed the existence of a young soul, virtually within the group. At the moment of departure, this soul was reluctant to leave resulting in delay for the plane to take off citing navigation problem. We opted to move beyond Fengshui into spiritualism, the omen has finally been taken care of.

Reflecting on such paranormal incidents, we plucked a chart reflecting the revelation of Ding and Bing fire with 2 Ji earths. It was a clear sign. At least 2 souls were accompanying us represented by the 2 Ji earths. Note the Chinese characters for Ji with the imagery of the souls without legs, floating. How this does comes about, reflecting that the hotel was sitting on an ex-cemetery site, reflected by Bing. Iconography wise, Bing fire having a person pressed against the ground reflecting people coming out of the coffin. Next, the nature of death by hanging, reflected by Ding, almost representing hanging on a beam. There are a lot more to be seen with the hidden stems, but we shall not disclose in detail.

The essence is that we shall not limit ourselves with the use of a Bazi Chart just for astrological readings. This chart is almost handy for divinitive purposes, where imagery plays a very important role almost beyond the scope of DiTianSui or other Bazi classics. At another perspective, these imageries form the basis of XuanKong.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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