Monday, January 19, 2009

Prudent Spending In Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just round the coners. There are many astrological talks that fill the air. Among others will be shops selling New Years paraphenalia, that will see business booming in view of the global recession. FengShui paraphenalia shops will, again tag on the waves, liked a parasite, besides pushing the fear factors of TaiSui here and 5 yellow there or maybe SanSha is right opposite one’s nose, these shops will make wind falls by selling all these stuff of PiYao, Qilin and FuGou to pacify the yearly afflictions. How much richer or how much poorer if one were to invest a small token of wealth in these artefacts? It will not cost much for an individual, let say USD10 per person. However, it means a lot when USD10 x 50,000 individuals, equals USD 500,000. If the amount were to be multiply by the fact of internet exposure, it will be a million dollar industry. If these amount were to be donated for charity instead of growing the industry of placing artefacts, many mouths of the unfortunate can be fed. Many merits can be created. The world will have even greater hope, especially in this economic scenario. Let just put aside such sum for charity instead and make it as part of our New Year resolution.

In the notion of cultural significant and believes, PiYao, Qilin and FuGou are mystical heavenly creatures that are found guarding temples and never to be found inside the dwellings. Heavenly creatures are holy beings that will bring forth blessings to the cultivator of Dao, meaning one who has no earthly desires. However, normal human beings filled with greed, hatred and ignorance will not benefitted by such installations, because of impurities within rather then outlook. Rich people don’t mean they will be protected by these holy beasts. Reasonings liked, PiYao has no anus, therefore it can only consumes. When it consumes all wealth, means it enable the owner more wealth collection liked the Chinese sayings only income, no disbursement. This rationalization reflects the desire of greed and ignorance, very unlikely the teaching of Dao. Only when the cup is empty could the cup be filled. This is Dao. Therefore, it could not be a principle of KanYu.

Strictly on the principle of KanYu, SanYuan is rooted on the notion of water placement. When we said water placement it does not mean physical water locations by Qi locations. All that need to use is to activate the Qi, this is where the art of placement becomes handy. Activation does not means placing objects, it could be opening of a window, door or simply knocking. When Qi is activated, one has to receive Qi by tapping it. Does this means facing it? Absolutely not. That is why facing, is misleading.

On the principle of FengShui, SanHe notions is riding ShengQi, meaning sitting on ShengQi. It is all about locations, not directions. Only incoming and outsgoing water becomes the prime measurements, not water locations. So there is no reasons for the needs of the art of placement except for locating the water exit of the parameter drain. No PiYao, Qilin or FuGuo are involved.

So before one step into the shops that sells these items in the name of FengShui, think again, the piece of plastics or metal does not contained Qi, contradicts the notion of Dao and does not conform to the principle of KanYu, unless otherwise recommended by one’s interior Architect or Designer in the design concept of the Neo-temple look aliked, please reconsider again, that the money spent no matter how much, could have been spent wisely. In times of rainny days, lets not indulge ourself in these sorts of fresco, reservation and conservation are still the best policies. On another note, save also from attending astrological forecasts, unless the tickets are given free of charge. One can download most of it free from the internet.

May All Have Peaceful And Prosperous Year Ahead, Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy And Prosperous Chinese New Year. Hope that the Ox year will bring us together health, peace, harmony and prosperity.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Metaphysics Overdose

Have you ever wonder why an architect’s house is always incomplete, a hairstylist’s hair is always undone and the grandmasters of Chinese Metaphysics will always end up in a brutal death. These are talented people solving others problem and yet could not solve his own. Very interesting and thought provoking indeed.

Recently, there were concerns that free reading or audit will result in adverse effects to the practitioner. How does this come about? This came about in a sense of the cup that has been emptied, needs to be filled. The cup that has been filled needs to be emptied, for he who named the myriad things needs to walk the nameless path. That is the golden rule of equilibrium.

Note this...

He, who practices the art, is protected by the art. How to practice the art? Liked any field, one has to be admitted to the field. Even lawyers need to be admitted to the Bars before he can practice. Some called it lineage, other called it guild. In the admission process, there are oath taking, tea ceremony, exchanging of gifts, signing of scroll and the most important of all, seeking the heaven's mandate.

It is true that in the art of Yi, one has to come with a sincere heart. The first classic that one must understand is not the Burial Classic, but Dao DeChing. To walk the path of Nothingness and Name the name of the myriad things. This becomes the fundamental. With consent, one shall practice.

Second, by receiving a token payment indicates that one is practicing the art therefore will be protected by the art, even if the other party defaulted (not paying for the service rendered, happens very often in the field of Architecture). He, who empties his cup, has it filled. Similarly, the consequences will rest upon the master who did not deliver the correct teaching, not the student who applies wrongly. This is called affinity to the art.

The art of Yi is liken to burning oneself to enlighten others, who else would supply one the fuel if it is not Heaven. On such account, I do pity many students whom are not aware of the consequences when they graduated from the commercialized academy in town. Even to an extend that such an art were employed as party-tricks to garnered popularity.

Look around the academies in town, symposium is fall short of participants, tickets will have to be given free of charge. That is talking about freebies. Just round the corners, one will see more classes and shops selling FengShui paraphernalia had been close down, one after another. The master can’t even look after their own affairs? Interesting observation.

Not that I disagree with popular believe, I must admit that experiences proved that casually use of the art of Yi will garner retribution 100 times fold. The concerns that had been mentioned by others, will be explained at length when someone who is admitted to the guild starting from day one. There are 3 major don'ts and a list of precepts to be undertaken. We can dig as much as we would liked through the classics and satisfy ourselves with lyrical dogmas of the 5 elements yet we stand witnessed before heaven and earth, when a role is discharge, that only one is accountable of one's own action.

When the world knows beauty as beautiful, ugliness exists. Understand this and you will understand what I meant.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Mud Cow Of 2009

The Cow comes with the mud. Supposing to be wet, if it does not stick well on the wall, at least it could grow the plant. When the year of the Rat comes in a confused state, this time around the Cow comes in salvaging the corpses left behind by the rat. Toiling may be a better reflection. Everything goes back to the basic. Hardworking it may be, being a cow, does it lead or being led that is the question. Leading by the cow will only ends up in a ditch. Leading the cow, at least there is some thing to salvage. Apparently 2 forces trying to lead the cow, one having a conflicting fundamental whereas the other being reasonably strong. With the clash of the titan, the cow may eventually end up as beef steak. So no cow equally means there is no any work. No work means no money. No money means uprising. Uprising means disaster. If one sun is hot enough, think about it of having two instead. Would the mud be hardened?

In actual fact, the work of the Rat has not been completed. The Rat has completed the first round of destruction coming to end with its grand finale before exiting gracefully for the cow to take over. Hopefully it is not a sacrificial cow we are talking about. So, it is true that the worst of the lot is coming at the 2 half of the year. Brace yourself. The economy has been catapult into a rat race. Chasing for the mirage. In this race, the prominent look will see that people squeezing one another with the rich and the powerful now in battle to maintain the status quo and the ordinary and not so powerful challenging the status quo. Imagine, if the giver that used to give, no longer can give, what would then become of the taker? Another way of saying the one who works does not work for the one who do not need to work, what would have become of the one who does not need to work? Or simply put it, the cow that we see is not a working cow.

In the state of confuse, thanks to the rats, the best thing is to be liked an earth worm. They will not be scorched by the sun as long as they are hiding deep beneath the mud. Rots it may be with the tree, there is still mineral in the soil for nourishment. The titans will not get the prize due to onslaught, although the prize has been revealed, they will instead pay for the price, it is the earth worm that will get it. Saying thus, safe the resources from attending courses by the famous academy to enrich oneself but instead work on the fundamental in the discipline one is working on. Do not step into other person’s shoe; do not believe that one would be the master of the field overnight or be rich overnight just by attending some course of getting rich, or gaining new insight by attending astrology forecast for the year of the cow when the ticket price is exorbitant, be an earth worm instead, trust in yourself and in the Dao, nourishing oneself and indirectly nourishing others through a symbiosis relation, that is the key of survival for the year of the cow. There is no trophy for number one.

Even it makes economic sense to buy, if one is cash rich, in a down turn, make very sure of the goods that one purchased. It may be looking well from the outside but the inside may have been filled with maggots. In every downturn, millionaires are created. These creations are based on a hope. It will not be surprise to see more Chinese Metaphysicist selling such hopes, more classes and courses will be held, more masters will be coming from the mountain of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to the third world to do salvation as the first world is unsalvageable, let alone more PiYao, Fu Dog or QiLin will be offered to ward away the Grand Duke. It is this very strange hope that one finds its market and be the next millionaire.

Dry is the spell of a confused weather conditions to places where it supposed to be wet and the reverse effects may spell the same for the otherwise dry places. Calamities of earthquakes, eruption and landslides are obvious. Significantly it may also spell for air disasters.
As with all predictions, do not take such too seriously. It is just another lyrical exploration in Chinese Metaphysics.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Something About AC - Part 2

For the description I gathered was AC suffered acute abdominal pain, while in BeiJing (North, KAN) engaging in her business, in the month of Hai (November), rushed back to KL to be operated, under the influence of the surgeon’s knife equivalent to sharp object piercing. Such coincide with the prediction I had mentioned which is: -

“… Comes WuZi year, up Gen down Kan, having a dead tree at Kan location with 1-8 combination, almost FuYin that is where the near death experience occurred. If it is not the head injury, it would be related to piercing sharp object, luckily she is not home most of the time…”

I still believed that the root of the illness does not stem from the surgery, but the hectic lifestyles she undergone, whereas the life threatening event is the result from the surgery itself, such as complications. The Gua imagery of a dying tree in Kan location, is denoting, if she were to go to the North, she may be withered liked the tree. Such coincide with the prediction such as: -

“…The location of the door simply denotes she is going to be overworked with frail health due to exhaustion. She will not be spending too much time at home, which happened to be good, if money is the sole purpose of life…”

It also indicates the similarity effects of Five Ghost Carry Wealth (5GCW), which may results of wealth in the expanse of health that is for some other time. Peach blossom water among other indicates making a living in the entertainment business. Exiting water of bad quality is indeed not bad after all, however has been duly compromised, furthered by the fact of a Major DE sitting. That is not auspicious at all. That is where I gathered that in any time, the months that may have occur misfortune may fall in the month of November, March, July and September.

The predictions coincide with the unfolding event as written in the third master’s blog. Meaningful coincidence as the case may be, which I am keener to know of his recommendation to pacify her problems. Likewise, I said, If the audit is done in the month of Hai, then the audit will not do much hope.

Flying Star 2009 Prediction

By now, everyone would be going after the animal book, foretelling the future of year of the mud ox to come, probably would not arrived at Feb the 4 (LiChun), at least the ox needs to warm up first before implementing its policy. Similarly the flying star chart would have been very useful to forecast the destiny of a certain household. This would be available in most of the FengShui blog around; that it will seems to be garnishing the stale plate again if it is repeated here. Don’t quite know who copy who at the end of the day. Thinking about such, I took the liberty to make a twist, as said before, the flying star is not meant to be use the ways it was taught in most books, currently available.

It will certainly, not be force-fitted to the 9 grid neither will it be the 9 wedge sectors. It has to be arrayed naturally. This is called the art of arranging the dragons. Maybe, need to get more dragon figurine to arrange instead, I hoped not. So, no grid and no wedge. Based on Li Gua, 9 the LoShu path is established matching the TaiSui Gua of the year read instead as numbers, I preferred Stem and Branch. I supposed, someone may tell me this is read off the 72 dragon rings. Well, it may be, that will be the story for another day. Back to this one, there the story goes: -

2009, general luck of the house, being earth sitting on resources, favorable. However, things move very slowly, apparently stability is the main criteria of the household. The emphasis is family first for the year. There is no easy way out but to work step by step building up layer by layer. That is the order of the year. If persist to make money, then naturally family aspect would be compromised…
Master Bed Room, to gain reputation is unfavorable, marred by petty people. To make a decent living, plenty of opportunities. The areas of concerns are…

Kitchen, there are plenty of resource to serve the family table. Equivalent important, there are plenty of mouths to feed. Note the areas of concerns such as…

The story will go on and on, revealing more information by adding the factor of the sitting element of the house, the element of the every person household and further analysis based on month to month and so on. This is naturally flying star, of which I would prefer to acknowledge it as leaning star instead. Finally the conclusion is what, where and when to activate the arbitrative element. Very troublesome indeed and luckily it is only one of the systems in the entire SanYuan cosmology.


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