Monday, August 31, 2009

Malaysia 101

We, the Malaysian celebrated our 52nd Anniversary of National Day on 31 August 1957. So much hypes and chants had been heard on the notion of 1 Malaysia from the main stream media. Gone are the days of Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Bersatu and so forth. The current in things is ONE MALAYSIA. Deep in our souls, what sort of imagery would have been revealed when one think of ONE Malaysia? Would it be Rakyat Di Dahulukan, Prestasi Di Utamakan (People first, Prestation precedes)?

... Or it is just another slogan meant to be forgotten?

... Yet, ONE truly lovable Malaysian, who was called to her creator, Yasmin Ahmad is indeed, one to be remember for what she did then who she was. This is the personification of the National Day, if I must said and this is what she was meant to be remembered.

... Similar to her works in SEPET. The good and the true lovable one does not live long. Perhaps the Creator loves her more then any mortals here on earth.

... Or even after 52 years of independence we have yet to learn to live liked a ONE nation without UMNO, MCA and MIC aliked? Without race, religion, quotas and skin colors profiling? Or should we constantly be reminded of who we were while eating Hamburgers with Chopsticks?

... Yes, hamburgers and chopsticks, another form of liberalization? Think again.

... Last words:- Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

... Yasmin, you have found your independence... at last, Al Fatihah...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Peach Blossom Means Water Features?

We mentioned about Boutique hotel meets Peach Blossoms some days ago. We revisited to make sure that things are done accordingly to prescriptions. To our surprise, the contractors were fast in executing our recommendations.

Next, the owner wish to locate water features in front of the main door. I have not a single clue, as to why business people tend to love water features. so much By chance we went to Pavilion KL and there is BIG water feature in front of the main entrance. Splashing liked a water fall, I was wondering is this going to be Sha Qi or another Fighting SanSha rubbish that the shopper's rate is still damn low. Similarly another account of such water feature in front of the main entrance was the Curve, shopping mall. These are obvious water features with inscribed Gua image of up Kan, down Li. Fire and water comes together! Yet, we knew it is another DaGua method in action and yet, the shopper's rate is still damn low. We also witnessed the success of Sungai Wang with its main entrance water features, yet when the Transit was constructed with its column smacked in front of the main entrance, business start to drop. Again, with or without the water features, it just doesn't help. So, we began to reflect on the significant of water features as can we live with or without it?

Back to the boutique hotel, in front of the main door is Wang (Prosperous). So having water features would greedily means receiving prosperous water! Yet, at another level it is also a star 5 location. So, do you wish to mess it up with water features? A peep into the interior reveals even more water features. What does this foretell about the hotel? Do we need to prescribed concrete surgery instead? Hopefully not. A FengShui master cannot advise you the most economical ways to do a corrective construction alternative to suit FengShui requirement, but an Architect can.

So, it is much easier to robe in the FengShui aspect in the initial design stage, where things are still on paper. Architects had a nightmare trying to understand FengShui requirements and when all things failed, they called FengShui another scheme of hocus and pocus. FengShui master had a hard time of understanding the importance of space planning and construction methods, when the design does not jive into their calculations, who do the master call? Demolition team?

This is where FengShui Architect's role becomes important and this is what they do best, finding a better solutions to match both ends. No tilted doors. No temple looks alike, No concrete surgery and best of all, no water feature!

Welcome to the world of FengShui Architecture ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Ideal Personifications Of My Teacher

Is there an ideal personification of a perfect Chinese Metaphysics Teacher? BaziDiary reminded me of saying someone draped in white robe with white beards all over and I recalled he may have a point as I only see these ideal teachers only in dreams. However, in real life, I believed, the white robes would have been trade in with branded jackets and ties sometimes with fancy watches that matched the car he is driving. Unless liked what we had witnessed as the turning point of the JiaZi when bogus monk in robes live like a millionaire with ponies and Beemers. As I always believed, this is only a tip of the iceberg and perhaps the FengShui of Singapore is so good with its water so clean that even monks in robes are living with the 5 Cs, that a commoner of the other shore would only hope for. So, water do matter in FengShui afterall.

So, FengShui could have been EVIL, coming from a notable Buddhist Monk perspective, as I read somewhere. Similarly, religion is the opium of the people, coming from Chairman Mao, himself. We have a Demon, next we ought to look for an Angel.

This Angel does not hide himself in the BaZi chart, neither can it be found in the FACE. I knew of a young master who changes his nose so that it looks fleshy and sexy just liked the Beemer he drives. So, look can also be deceiving but his action can’t. One may have forgotten his action but his action may not have forgotten him.

In the economy when success is measurable by material gains where do one draws a line between the value of money against the value of knowledge, the value of family, the value of health and the value of friends? Do we not bind ourselves in circle contemplating the same stale issue again and again?

Perhaps, we ought to allow this milking teacher to be what he does best so that more who has been milked will jump ships and cross over to the messiah of Chinese Metaphysics, who practices the ONE true way with ONE true voice. That is a true blessing. No ads, no public lectures required, no televised programs, no publication, no fancy instruments and gadgets, no accolades, no blogs, no websites and the best, no charges. I was damned surprise that the crossovers often take a 360 degree change from idolizing to cursing the milking teacher and I have not a clue to ask why?

Books, these days are obsoletes. They are no longer the beacon of knowledge but the prospectus of baits. A can of worms to the willing fishes of the general public to be fished. My elementary teacher once said, if I give you a fish, you will be fed for a day. If I teach you to fish you will be fed for your life time. Again, I must admit that teachers are very rare. Fishermen are everywhere. Do you want to fish or be fished?

Teachings are no longer inscribed in books. That we knew from our forefather, even before Harry Potter place it in the latest installation of the half blood prince. There is a key to unlock the book. These keys are subject handed down as verbal teaching. Yet, it is also a commodity. It is this commodity that is subject to be abused and transacted materially.

The term master practitioners or grand master practitioners are accolades that are good for marketing especially when one is from a perceived reputable pedigree, similarly when one is weak, team works become important before idol worshipping. There is nothing wrong with titles just liked Knighthood and there is also nothing wrong with team works liked the direct marketing scheme. With all these in the system of commodities, it is just meant to be abused somehow. The keyword is the system or the scheme of things dictates when the title becomes obsolete, a new one will resurface. Is Metaphysics within the system or the scheme of such deliverables?

When the answer is yes, it will subject itself to endless backstabbing, betrayal and frustrations, which is the core of all EVILs. If the answer is no, where is the seamless flow of knowledge not measurable by a price tag and confined to a privileged few? That is the HOLY core and if not treated well it will become another HOLY cow.

It is just strange, when a practitioner walks up to me and said, you know what is the meaning of practice? It is liked drawing a circle 10,000 times to perfection, than you are a practitioner. So, hypothetically speaking, if one learned the art from a Sinful one, practices the sins for 10,000 times, then one make a sinful practitioner who again teaches his student for the same sins to be repeated a myriad times. For a practitioner does not think out of the box, a researcher do. So, do we learn from a practitioner or a researcher, the choice is yours? However, who are we to judge thy sins?

Fundamental knowledge or the first principle is always the 5 elements and the state of its duality. So simple and yet so profound and expansive and I do not know why? Perhaps it is a complexity and contradictions by itself. Just liked when one wishes to evangelized FengShui and yet be cautious of not sounding too potentially imposing, where do one stand?

A closing remark is a true teacher is not easy to come by. When they do come by, cherish the moment, as one will lost him along the way. If the teacher walks the path of Dao, he will tolerate ones stupidity and does not practice double standards. Similarly, he will not do what he does not wish others to do on him. He will call you personally and not through his sponsors. He will give you the benefits of the doubts instead of doubting you. He will not teach until he has an affinity with you, example he will make sure your well being is taken care of before he even want to teach you and not the other way round. Next time if a master draped in white robe visited you and offer you a course, asked him will I live comfortable tomorrow; will I be given a fish now before you teach me to fish? If he makes your wishes come true, then he is your potential teacher. He does not receive any payment for his lesson; in return, he hands out payment to you of accepting you as his student together with a bowl and a pair of chopstick for posterity. Fat hopes, if this is practices in the West. Otherwise, it is just another merry go round.

Note: Image from

When Peach Blossom Meets Boutique Hotel

Last weekend, a boutique hotel which belongs to a friend is about to be completed. Located at the niche locations of Bukit Bintang, bearing the style of pseudo classical Contemporary Venice, it reminds me of Vietnam. I am eager to put up once the hotel is completed.

Before that we went in to check this hotel's FengShui with a couple of YangGong practitioners and we found out the followings: -

1) The Hotel Sits on Fire Xue.
2) 1st Exits at DiWang. Physical stairs directly infront of the main door.
3) 2 nd Exits at MuYu.

Hypothesis, this hotel may be bankrupt comes next year.

Similarly to the restaurant the followings we found: -

1) Sits at YiHai, fire frame.
2) 1st Exits at DiWang, again.
3) 2nd Exits at Xuai.

Hypothesis, this restaurant may also close in time as the hotel as both operators are the same owner.

Remedy was simple. Just close up the water exits via the stairs. Upgrade the 2nd exits as the main entrance. As both second exits shared the same locations, 1 stone kill two birds.

The owner's reaction was fast. immediately, the setting out were made and the contractor mobilized on site. Ear marked for opening on the Xu month. Effects will be optimized coming next year.

We will follow up on this in when the time comes.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


On a lighter note, I bump into a short movie about Potong that meaningful coincidentally reflects the sentiment of a close friend of mine who is very good at XuanKong.

Get well soon, Kawan.

For more info refer to

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Sump Of Miscarriage

I had mentioned about the chart of the childless couple in YiBazi, last month. So, a team of us went to investigate the matter and as we had predicted from the chart, the FengShui of the house does reflect the culprit of such mishaps and it boils down to the SUMP.

What is a sump? A sump is technically an inspection manhole covering a sunken deep based drain which act as a collector of drainage debris from entering into the monsoon drain and usually will be covered by a grating in mild steel construction. In the more high end area of residential enclave the sump would have been hidden and unseen. However, for a lesser high end residential development, this sump is obvious located almost at the center of the driveway. This sump, if one is unlucky, will post potential FengShui obstacles to the household and here is one of the classic example.

House sat at BingZi with the NaYin of water. Water exiting exactly to the sump at DingWei exiting at Yang or Nurture. The lady of this household experienced miscarriage on both occassions of Shen month in Si year and Wu year in the month of Hai (water). See the Si clashes Hai, Shen and Wu all comes into the picture, where the water frames, water months, TaiSui and the necessary clashes which take effect on the earth Qi.

Is that all? Not really, there are more leakages to come.

As this is a N2 sitting house with a period 7 chart in accordance to the Flying Star techniques, we get a 8 sitting star which govern health. In this current period 8, facing a 8 white sitting star is called back riding the dragon! In this case, the ride has ended up in the sump! With the 6 white star 6-8 combination should have been auspicious? But not in this case. In divination level, 6 metal is revealed from the mountain 8 in the palace where 2 black resides affecting the mother of the house. The rest was just history.

The morale of the investigation is FengShui and BaZi goes hand in hand, one cannot live without the others. Similarly XuanKong at best is just another side kick and most of the problems boil down to water locations and water exits. In this case, it is not the aquarium but the "well", manifested as a SUMP. Need another sumptuous meal? Go to YiFengshui (Inner Teachings).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Bird And The Mud Cow

"... BANGKOK (AFP) - - A pilot was killed and seven passengers hospitalised Tuesday when a Bangkok Airways jet skidded and hit an old control tower as it landed on Thailand's resort island of Ko Samui, the airline said...", click HERE for a full report.

Is this coincidental as what BaziDiary once said, "... Watching CNN, just heard another plane (fighter jet) had crashed in the middle east. I think it was yesterday or two days ago, a helicopter had crashed, and before that another jet fighter. My god what’s going on. Just a week ago, a 737 plummet into a field, and quite recently an airbus met the same fate. Must be a terrible year for metal, and I remember david of Yifengshui telling me about the ‘peak’ of the Ji Chou month was WHEN the Ji earth emerges, which is this month of wei (goat)! The earth weakens the ding fire which is critical to make metal useful and covers metal (when it is in the stem)...", click HERE for his scribbles in Vegas.

Or just another predictions that comes true from my last scribbles of From Flying Star To Crashing Bird? You make the call...

Note: Photo Credit AFP.

Post Script: In January 2009, I wrote as a yearly forecast of the mud cow as "... Dry is the spell of a confused weather conditions to places where it supposed to be wet and the reverse effects may spell the same for the otherwise dry places. Calamities of earthquakes, eruption and landslides are obvious...". Reported in the Chinese Daily as, "... BEIJING: A severe drought has affected 170 million mu (11.33 million hectares) of crops in China, the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters said on Monday...", detail read here.

Similarly in Taiwan, "...CISHAN, Taiwan (CNN) -- Hundreds of people await evacuation in Taiwan more than a week after Typhoon Morakot pummeled the island, a government Web site said Monday...", for detail read here.


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