Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Very Special New Year Greetings

Hello David,

My best wishes for you and your family and students...

This is a quote from Confucius copied by a Christian Monk of a monastery not far from where I lived at the moment....
Here is a symbolic token for your teaching...
Friendly yours and my best regards,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After The Burnt Comes The Debt Collection The XuanKong Way

Remember the case where the office got burnt down? Here is the follow up. The contractor with the burnt down office was quite taken aback with the fate he is undergoing especially when the Chinese New Year is just around the corner. He has yet to receive his payment due to him for a certain work done that may cost about a million. He seek help from a FengShui associate and subsequently call us up for a solution. We provided him instead a XuanKong solution and this is how it is done with multiple applications with BaZi and SanHe.

A view from the person's BaZi, he needs fire. We wanted to combine away the Mao with Xu to form fire. So naturally we selected a special day to do such. Unfortunately the details are kept undisclosed. 

Why Zhen palace? From the BaZi chart, Mao is located among others in the Zhen palace, based on the XuanKong YiGua formation. 

Qi heals Qi, Xiang heals Xiang.

We plot the annual star chart with 9 annual, through a  permutation we obtained the abovesaid chart, which again, correspond to his office sitting and facing. Also please note that we do not practice flying star and the permutation is again kept undisclosed.

In his office his desk was established with a wood. We locate a salt stone (Here we also do the placement method, although similar to the Mc FengShui, but really it is for some other reasons) and beamed down with a spot light for activation.

Set at the prescribed hour. The next day, the poor contractor received his much awaited payment with glee. He was paid a huge pay cheque that enable him to smile all the way to the bank for his Chinese New Year celebration.

Good work to all that has make this a success. 

More importantly, who said PurpleWhite cannot work?

PostScript: Please note that we did not disclose the full method in this blog. However, placement method is important to allow Xiang to heal Xiang and Qi to heal Qi. If one do not understand how to juggle Shu, Qi and Xiang, please do not follow the above said method, otherwise one will just end up doing the psycho-path Mc. FengShui remedy of object placement from the Toad to the PiYao, advocated by a lady GrandMaster of placebo FengShui. Just take this as another tale for the Chinese New Year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fallacy Of The Water Dragon: The Repercussion Of Cutting Feet

While we are closing up for the Chinese New Year, we ought to clear up a lot of back logs due to our cases at hand that is multiplying by the days. Of these, 2 cases come to mind about the water dragon formula. In accordance to our findings, it makes more problems then to otherwise bring health and prosperity.

What is a water dragon method. According to the principle of Earthly Principle 5 Considerations, DiLi WuJu, a rather off springs of the SanHe methodology, the 5 principles consists of dragons, water, embrace, mountain and spot. Water is only one of the 5 principles and cannot be taken out of context devoid of the other 4 principles. It takes the 5 principles to make it work. So, in other word, water dragon cannot be created.

Now, here is the novelty of the commercialized FengShui practitioners. Some authors even proudly present their works as getting wealthy with water dragons, outlining all the water exit in accordance to the Earthly Principle 5 Considerations. What these authors and practitioners are advocating is none other then building parameter drains around the property. That is where all the problems begin.

Case 1: A lady suffered from intestinal growth. On a Gua imagery level one is able to notice that the parameter drains actually represents her intestines and plants growing out of these drains are intestinal growth, which means cancer of the intestine. Again I am reserving the details on another channel.

Case 2: A gentleman  with bad debts. His house is surrounded by these "water dragons" ended up he is living with "water lizards" that siphoned away all his hard earned cash. There is a lot of issues with his investment that does not materialized as promised. Again I am reserving the details on another channel.

Solving these cases are to undo all these "water lizards" and that is all about wasting money and double handling of works. If next time, someone offer you a "water dragon" and you succumbed into their perspectives and enjoyed an about turned of events from bad to worst, you know who to call... 

Flying Star 2010 - DIY For A Zhen Sitting House


When we add in the matrix of the house sitting, we obtain another layer of Qi map.through the manipulation of the LoShu This is sometimes called, the House master in the Sheng Wang Jue. A house master Qi map tells the  fate of the house in relation to its sitting with the heaven Qi of the current period. If the house is in sync with the current period, it is said that the Qi flow is compatible. 

In a nut shell, the House master represents the Earth Qi.

Re investigating the natal chart for a Zhen sitting house, we see that the Xun sector will be extremely prosperous. This follow by the rest of the sectors with the exception of Kan and Li palaces, which are deemed to be very bad. So, we knew that Kan and Li palaces are the weakest among the rest.

Let say, door is located at the Zhen palace. The movement will activate the 6 white star. 6 white represents power and authority, meaning in 2010 there will be mentor luck or noble people help for the Zhen sitting house with its door located at Zhen palace. 6 is metal in a metal palace, mutually prosper. So the guest is in support of the host, therefore the Zhen sitting house with the door located at Zhen palace is auspicious. Door at the Zhen location also fulfill its direct and indirect spirit.

I supposed, the same applies to the location of the Bed...
Point to ponder, as prescribed above said is a superficial level of reading the star chart. When one knows the timely arrival of the Heaven Qi coupled with the timely arrival of the Earth Qi, the better understanding is where should one station him/her self to open the Human Door?

I better stop here...


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