Wednesday, August 25, 2010

XiaXue Guide To Life Feng Shui Experience - Are You Serious?

Speaking about the Sweet Young Things…

Some good souls directed me to, apparently the most popular blog in Singapore, second only to DawnYang’s blog. Apparently XiaXue also host a program called Guide To Life in One of the installation is concerned about FengShui-ing her house. Well, with the invitation of another SYT FengShui master who apparently use XuanKong FlyingStar.

The synopsis was, it begins with and introduction by XiaXue in impeccable Singlish and some snapshot of her apartment which is in a mess. She hopes to become the most successful blogger in the world after the FengShui makeover. Then, came the master and her request was to settle down, draw up her exercise book to plot the FlyingStar chart, without much ado, those shinny little stones around the master’s finger caught XiaXue’s attention as she thought it was some FengShui crystals. She was quickly corrected that these were REAL DIAMONDS. So FengShui lesson 101, crystal doesn’t work. Only real Diamonds work!

So, gals and guys out there… must always engage FengShui master who wore Diamonds. Next, the master must at least have more than 10 years experience, better 24 years, in FlyingStar. Follow by FengShui is about accessing the energy of the house and it is all about location and direction. Nothing mentions about time and space… so, go to hell with XKDG stuff… and good luck charms around the house. Strangely but surely, some master out there is getting some quantifiable and measurable results based on some placebo things liked bird cage, mandarin ducks, flutes, drums, bells and the sort of PiYao, FuDog and Qiling. So, who is right or wrong?

Reminded me of a case in which as according to the soon to be master’s blog, a restaurant after FengShui-ed by the famous master from Thailand, with some kind of undisclosed FlyingStar or XKDG fighting affliction techniques, did not bring the desired results. Perhaps he does not have real Diamonds in his fingers and does not practice FlyingStar for more than 10 years and most importantly he is not trained in Malaysia? Remember the observations and theory in TBH’s inquest? Read HERE to refresh. More importantly placebo FengShui is not applied, that is why it doesn’t work. Way to go, grandmaster Big Sister, your theory finally works!

You can have the rest of the story HERE. Someone, please tell us if XiaXue has indeed becomes no 1 in the world of blogging. Short of saying what works and what does not, for sure FengShui has been made so cheap and pure rubbish befitting the grand Title, BULLSHITS! Not sure? Watch HERE… 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Date A Beautiful Master

FengShui Date Selection is necessary when you want to materialize a certain FengShui formations within a stipulated short period of time, given the facts that such FengShui formations are in sync with the formations of the natural landforms. It does not however, means to say, a FengShui formation, when properly set up, will not work without a proper date selection. This is one big fallacy, made to be believed.

The term FengShui means, first is to store wind, then to collect water. In another word, it calls for collecting ShengQi. Another big fallacies are East has wood Qi, West has metal Qi, South has fire Qi and North has water Qi. The fact, every direction has the 5 elements, as long as one is stepping on planet Earth. Earth is the storage of the 5 elements. The question is do you know how to tap into a specific elements given a specific direction? So, tapping into ShengQi is the ability to tap into the Earth Qi whereas FengShui Date Selection is matching into the Heaven Qi. They are entirely different matter to start with.

Is measuring heaven Qi that important? This question is attempted to be answered if you have USD 3,000.00 in your pocket to spend as the course fee. First priority is always to tap ShengQi. Others are complimentary. FengShui Date Selection is primarily to choose a window of opportunity within the given, year, month and day to choose a specific time that has the compatible Qi that may overrides the other, in order to ignite a specific FengShui formations. In other words, it uses Heaven Qi to ignite Earth Qi to bring a significant effect on the Human Qi. That is very-very true if you are a farmer!

Among all the methods of FengShui Date Selection why one has to choose XuanKong DaGua (XKDG JeRi) Date Selection? What is so freaking wrong with the ThongShu, 28 Asterism, 12 Officers or even DongGong? By the way, ThongShu is not a farmer’s almanac. It is just a common almanac. For the metaphysician, they have their own date selection almanac, which will not be discussed here. All these various methods had its specific use and they are not obsolete, to begin with.

XKDG JeRi is just one of the many subset schools of XuanKong such as ZiBai JeRi, FeiGong DiaoFu JeRi, QiMen JeRi and so forth. The basis of XKDG is the matching of the Early Heaven Gua (Xiang) with the LoShu (Shu). Thus every pair of JiaZi or Stem Branch has their associated element numbers (GuaQi) which take into the element of HeTu and period number (GuaYun) as assigned to a specific period. The attempt is to align a specific chosen XKDG day to match the XKDG sitting Gua of the property and to match the XKDG birth year pillar of the person residing in the said property, so that Heaven, Earth and Man is attuned. Technically speaking, this application is inaccurate.

Inaccurate in the sense that there is only Shu, numerology and Xiang, imagery. Where is the Qi? Qi has to come from the Heaven above. That is why it is a method of measuring the Heaven’s Qi. Saying thus, it is governed by the 9 layers of heaven, 4 enclosures and the 7 governors. In other words, does it make the 28 asterisms and the 12 officers any relevant?

For the sake of completion, it is said that Heaven has 9 stars, Earth has 8 Gua and Human has 8 Doors. Where are these doors in accordance to XuanKong? Undeniably, every system has its complete sets of divinations, distributions and date selections. XKDG JeRi is however not a complete set of date selections in the XuanKong pantheon. Unless you want to mess up the 5 yellow, SanSha, TaiSui and the SuiPo, then the case is rest.

On a lighter note, someone introduced a gorgeous FengShui master on the blog, perhaps from the descendent of Mao (one of the family of FengShui masters). Apparently she doesn’t fight afflictions, uses XKDG JeRi the way it is found in the market and above all, she is an angel on Earth. Her presence is already a good vibes of ShengQi to begin with. So forget about all those dated masters and please give ways all those old ladies SuaiQi grandmasters and behold the sweet young things, Master Isis Mao, a little out of placed to be called master. Anyone interested, please click HERE.

Thumbs up Babe...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rubbing Shoulder With The 5 Yellow - Anyone Interested?

Speaking of Fighting Afflictions, 5 Yellow, SanSha, TaiSui and the sorts, we have just another case to demonstrate the repercussions of the Devil’s Art…

The whole house (almost 90 %) renovated on 2007, DingHai year, completed on October the same year with house sitting at Chou facing Wei. During 2007, 5 yellow drop at Chou sector. Technically speaking the house is sitting 5 yellow. Such renovation was supposed to be changing the luck for the better of the household to period 8 after the demised of the eldest son. At least this is in consistent to what is propagated in the changing to period 8 as advocated by a lady bestselling author. However, the results turn out to be a major disaster.

Yin Earth structure, incoming from Officer, outgoing to Sickness. In terms of SanHe formation, wouldn’t it be auspicious? The YinYang of the entire house is biased towards Yin. There is incapability to store Qi. Huge Pylon is located at Yi, Zhen Gua, posing an extreme ShaQi from that direction waiting to be materialized.

The outcomes demonstrated that the 2nd son passed away last year, JiChou year, due to stroke. The 3rd son had a serious accident on August (Shen month) this GenYin year, and father passed away on May (Si month) the very same year. The 4th son was electrocuted and currently paralyzed. There are 4 males in the siblings of 6. All the males had in one occasion or another meet with unfortunate events, why?

Just some point to ponder: -

1. Why the 2nd son passed away in the year of Chou and due to stroke? Has it got to do with the Pylon in Yi location?
2. Why the third son has a serious accident in the month of Shen, Year of Yin?
3. Why the father passed away in the year of Chou, month of Si? Is it due to incoming water at You?

What had gone so very wrong with fighting the 5 Yellow, or changing into period 8?

Next time, when a Guru comes around to tell you to FIGHT the afflictions, better think twice. This outcome may also happen to you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pornthip Rojanasunand - When Can I Rub Shoulder With You?


The turn of events in the Teoh BengHock’s Inquest has been a mouth gapping experience for the general public and may also be applied in the local FengShui scene as it shows a number of significant but interesting observations such as: -

1. A qualification recognized in Malaysia is far more significant as compared to any recognition of the top 5 Asian countries. So, better be trained by a Malaysian School of Chinese Metaphysics. Forget about the Thai Fighting SanSha, it would not work in Malaysia.

2. One is capable of self strangulations. Similarly so one is potentially to be self inflicted with fighting SanSha and WuWang.

3. One must have at least 24 years of experience. Similarly so, one must also have 24 years of experience in fighting afflictions before it can work for you.

4. Above all, one can lose weight when unconscious. Anyone in for some lose weight program while knocked out by the SanSha?

For those who wants the detail of the inquest read HERE.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Pornthip remains the most influential figure in Thailand and some said, Malaysia. No wonder I saw some FengShui master wannabe wanted so eagerly to rub shoulder with her, as I mistakenly thought that she is learning FengShui by personal coaching while the coffin of Teoh being exhumed for the 2nd post-mortem.

Sorry, my mistake.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tilted Doors – What Is Freaking Wrong?

In an attempt to investigate the effects of tilted doors, collecting samples from commercial shop offices from an area, we observed a similar trend that most of these tilted shops are restaurants and the businesses are far from satisfaction. Our initial response is what is freaking wrong with tilted doors?

Among all these tilted doors, only one is successful. So we investigate a little further and surprisingly this very shop has the entire element in place, receiving the correct water.

Disregard formulas, the manner in which the shop draws in Qi in its YinYang alone is worth commending. It is one of the groceries that have successfully drawing in people from all walks of life. However, our query remains the same, why only one success among the many failures?

Got to investigate more…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be Careful! ...It Is The 7th Month

Lunar Seventh Month falls in 10th August which is the First Day of the ZhongYuan Festival. This is also a day that the Daoist marked on their calendar as the Birthday of TaiShang LaoJun or LaoZi as well as the all soul day. There are plenty of misconceptions about this day and among others are: -

No matter what sort of date selections from either XKDG, 28 asterisme, SanHe to QMDJ, if you are a Chinese, you will not move into a new house during this 7th month. You will get neither married nor held all the important events on this month. Given a choice, even Yin FengShui is less carried out during this month. This is one month that the FengShui master can go for holidays.

What exactly is this 7th month stuff? In the Buddhist perspective it is called the Ullambana Month or the Holy month Ulam of which many prayers are made to create merits to be dedicated to the departed ones which is residing in the realm of the Hungry Ghost. It is by virtue of a Vow made by the Arahant Mogallana, that the merits created are so great that the inhabitants of this realm are able to eat for the first time. Therefore, as a common practice in this part of the world, many religious activities are carried out. Which also means to say, many unseen beings are able to perform meritorious deeds along the way and thus they may come in a huge numbers. Yet, it sometimes means business opportunities to others and is subjected to abuse, inclusive of the scantily clad Go-Go Girls performance on stage.

The Daoist perspective is different. It is a month that the Daoist disciple will lay out some ToFu (Beancurd) submerged in water, as where the Chinese Pun of to trick the Ghost to eat ToFu came from, and some extremely common and tasteless food together with joss stick and joss paper to be burned as offerings to the wandering spirits. The intentions are to call upon such wandering spirit not to wander anymore but to be reborn again. It does not means to say the Hell Door is open and all the spirits let loose for holiday on that month! There is no such a holiday to begin with. Only at the end of the 14th day of the 7th month, the guardians of the underworld will roam the street, salvaging all those left over spirits which is still reluctant to move on. It is not the spirits that most people are afraid of, it is usually these guardians which have no mercy and senseless that will sometimes make havoc to the mortal world. To appease them, the Daoist is wise enough to throw in a big bash party for their Boss. This is where the ceremony called PorTho is being arranged by Chinese communities all over.

So, it is prudent to just write off any important event to be carried out. Not to stay out on the street at night especially near a wall or dark places. Not to speak bad about the unseen things. Even if there are occasional sighting, just pretend you don’t see it. Don’t simply grab any empty seat to watch free opera, be it soap opera or Go-Go Girls especially on the first day. Don’t take any random photograph at religious events unless you want to capture some ghostly images. Stay at home and do more meritorious deed such as donations and religious activities. Last, don’t bother to fight any sort of Sha… especially SanSha. It will not help.

P/S: Photo of ghostly image from

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be Careful...

Fighting Afflictions in any forms is the most irresponsible means of the Devil’s Art. It solicits one to first wake up the monster which is SanSha and asked the monster to bring one’s wealth. There are a number of authentic FengShui practitioners who had shun these methods calling it as pure rubbish and highly irresponsible for the fact that one doesn’t have to confront SanSha in the first instance.

For the uninitiated, SanSha, TaiSui, SuiPo and WuWang are all the negative inflictions of the year due to intergalactic influences of the astrological bodies liked Jupiter and Saturn. These influences in the body of Qi is best left undisturbed or not activated by means of knocking of the wall, ground breaking and heavy dragging on the floor. There are other meaningful ways to attract wealth then such inconceivable and irresponsible means and of such it is called the Devil’s Art.

Such an art is NEVER the last Secret of FengShui. No 100% cases has proven it to be functional, let alone published for public scrutiny. It has NEVER been proven to work in the first instance.

All genuine method of FengShui has the ability to work within a stipulated period of 2 hours to 6 months, longest and for a specific outcome. So, you don’t need to succumb to such irresponsible act of fighting the inflictions.

Authority in this field namely the late grandmaster Chan (HK) with his Miao Pai methods of in Gua and out Gua, does not suggest one to fight against the afflictions but to avoid such by nullifying oneself by means of out Gua and to replace one self with In Gua methodology. Whereas, the late grandmaster Zeng (Taiwan) with his famed XieZi Fa, has not handed down his knowledge to outsider and has never propagate such deviant method at large.

We are surprised and saddened for the fact that even the Lord Buddha’s name is not spared and used to propagate this method in the hope of soliciting more student enrolment with implied gesture that it is indeed part and parcel of the art of XieZi.

FengShui is just an art of maximizing Qi intake to ones advantage through the principles of YiLi or changes. In Changes it does not asked one to Fight against something else. Yi advocates the means of sentimental weakening of the opposite forces and sentimental producing when meeting the beneficial Qi. As in SanHe is gear toward receiving Qi first whereas SanYuan is targeted of enclosing the returned Qi. Anything else liked Fighting is reserved only to the Babarians, unless you opt to be ONE.

Friday, August 6, 2010

一卦純清 Without The Black Turtle

Knew of a Mall in KL which used to suffer from low traffic. The owner flew in a master from HongKong with the fee of USD100,000. Yes, not only Taiwanese master can do the trick. All that he has suggested was to locate a retail unit in front of the main entrance facing the huge car park. The rest was history. The anchor tenant changes hand with a big name. Traffic increased by many folds. New extension was required for the new wing as the current threshold is maximized. What a miracle!

A closer investigation revealed that the YinYang is in order. The spirits have arrived at the correct location. Speaking in terms of DaGua, it is said to be YiGua ChunChing 一卦純清, minus the door tilting and fighting SanSha, definitely.

Want to know more?

Postscript: Where is the Green Dragon, White Tiger and more importantly, Black Turtle? Is it a fallacy that all building must have a solid mountain as its back to fulfil the 4 guardians paying attention principles? Think about it...


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