Wednesday, January 18, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Eight Mystical Gates

Out of the 8 Gates, Gate of Open, Rest (nobility), Growth and Scenery are the favorable doors. Gates here imply non-physical portals. It is greatly misunderstood that 8 mystical gates are actually doorways where one has to pass through in order to achieve something but this is not true.

The 8 gates are only indicator of what sort of human actions appropriately undertaken given the situation. In the RenChen year, the annual 8 is perceived to be death. Does it means to say the 8 star is unusable? 

People with main door located at east and northeast will enjoy most with the auspicious star conjunctions. Otherwise, bed locations at these sectors will also do. 

Saying thus there are other layers of information such as life palaces, house god, officer seals and so on to be considered concurrently to benefit most from the annual audits.


Monday, January 16, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Flying Star Earth Plates

PurpleWhite 9 grids have many dimensions to juggle and one personal favourite is the DiPan or the earth plate. The ThongShing states that LiChun beginning of spring, the three nobles, Yi Bing and Ding is located namely in Zhen, Xun and central palace. This is the monthly DiPan and when it is read together with the ThongLin or the Period Master, it foretells the conditions of all the respective 9 palaces such as: -

Northwest & Southeast: Green Dragon Gets Together – When meet with benevolent combination, the aupiciousness will be doubled up. Vice-versa if it enconters malignant star conjunctions.

West & Soutwest: XuanWu Earthly Punishment – Denoting contemination at a slow but sure degree. That is a reason even if the US economy were to be recover, it is going to be slow and with lots of setback.

Notheast & North: Minor Wandering Structure – One may lost its way in a journey. Diversion is real. In the triumph economy of the Northeast, many initial objectives may be diverted. Lots of wastage in between especially time. 

These are just surface readings and different schools have different strokes of reading.

Next, we shall look into the 8 GATES.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Curing Malignant Stars 2012

One keen observer SMS me this morning asking: -

“…#9-1, #3-2, #8-7 looks like combination of 10, 5 and 15 respectively. Can it be read like this?”

The answer is YES. Isn’t it strange that XuanKong Classics spell otherwise? It is very common practice to plot the annual chart and read it thereof according to the interpretation from the classics that spelt out the 81 combinations.

So, if let say the general consensus is to assume, 7,2,3 and 5 stars are the malignant component, the next logical question is how to “cure” it?

First, attempt to see if there is any possibility of combining these malignant stars. #9-1, #3-2 and #8-7 are already a form of combination. If the structure is supported, the malignant star has already been combined away. No need to do anything.

Second, structural combination of a continuous space. #2-7, #4-9, #1-6, #3-8 are HeTu combination achievable by amalgamating 2 palaces as 1 structure. This called for repartitioning of internal layout. However logic it may be, but one cannot be renovating one house come every 12 months? Thus, it is impractical.

Third, not to provoke the malignant star such as 7,2,3 and 5 by means of earth breaking, dragging of heavy furniture or drilling and the sort. 

If everything fails, then only attempt to put placebo FengShui into action liked, wind chime, calabash, crystal and the sort. Something is better than nothing as the saying goes.

However, the wisest way is to rope in a competent practitioner who is able to put the useful god into action by just taking care of ONE core item. The rest of the malignant stars will be beneficial. Always remember Flying Star methodology or Purple White has gained popularity in space constrained area such as HongKong, Taiwan and Singapore for a reason none other than fast and result orientated. The real practitioner does not chase after stars. They chase after the Gods.


壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Flying Star 2012

Based on the “Flying Star” chart which traditionally called the Purple White chart, annual 6 white enters the central palace. Portends power struggle #7-6, risk of water related epidemic such as bird flu #1-2 hitting the north, year of indecisive, scandals form top leadership #3-2, weakened economy and the “leader” is caught within, so on so forth… 

The “infamous” argument star #3 enters southwest, #3-2 portends among others “bullfight Sha” which brings about a connection of numerous disagreement, scandals and gossips. Kind of worried for countries, in the southwest, which are run by Ladies. The “illness” #2 is at the north. #1-2 denotes water contamination which among other portends water related illness liked bird flu. The northern hemisphere is more likely to be at risk.

The “timely” #8 wealth star is shining brightly in the west denoting a possibility of the West recovering from their economic crisis. However, its recovery takes time to heal and there is much groundwork to do before their economy is back on track. It only makes sense for Obama to investigate the US fundamental. Contrary, the “celebrative” #9 is in northeast. With the ongoing presidential election for Taiwan, booming economy for China, recovery post tsunami for Japan, these regions are in good hands. Similarly, the “flirtatious” #4 is at the east. #4-3 is actually the primary wealth location if you know how to use it with the “one”. #1 is in the south. Very contradictory. There seems to be a fire and water clash but in nature, fire and water does not clash each other. The south will bring wealth and career advancement. No wonder, it is said that the God of Wealth comes from this direction!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Daily ShenSha

The Chinese New Year arrives on 23 January 2012. However, it is still NOT the Dragon year yet! The Dragon will arrive later on 4 February 2012. Looking at the chart, the usable ShenSha such as Heavenly Virtue and Heavenly Noble together with Three Combinations are benevolent stars signaling the arrival of nobleman assistance. There is also the ShiLing star usable for those who are the adepts of the occults. Generally there are enough good stars hovering around for the day.
The Branch luck indicating auspicious for rat, snake, dog, horse, tiger and rabbit. Neutral for monkey and pig while the other must avoid using this day for major events. Yes it sounded like the animal event in a zoo.

Avoid making dress, grand opening, wedding, construction and planting. 

It is also the first lunar month with the JiaZi of GuiWei, also NaYin wood with the auspicious 28 asterism Bow but has been tainted with the destruction as in the 12 days officer in charge. That is one reason why grand opening, wedding, construction and planting advisable to be avoided.

Special note denotes the arrival of Spring Festival with the following specific instruction to pray to the following Deities, which is actually various body of Qi emitted from various auspicious direction of the day. The deities are as the followings: -

1. God of Happiness / TianYi Nobleman – Southeast
2. God of Nobility – East
3. 1st Joss Stick – Zi to Mao hour before sun rises
4. Angry God – Northwest
5. Five Ghost – Southeast
6. Door of Death – South
7. So forth…


Sunday, January 8, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Monthly ShenSha

In the olden days, preparation for Chinese New Year also includes a peep into the New Year day per se. In this section of the ThongShing, it always starts with the month section. It states, Gregorian calendar January to February follows by the religious festivities of the Daoist Deities. Next, the lunar 1st month major signifying among others 31 days. 

A purple white monthly star is also included in the form of purple white with the accompanying QiMen SanQi locations. This section is usable for metaphysics purposes. It also states that LiChun beginning of spring, the three nobles, Yi Bing and Ding is located namely in Zhen, Xun and central palace. This will in turn enable one to locate the Door of Nobility and so forth.

An entire list of benevolent and malignant monthly ShenSha stars is attached. There is a small section indicating the arrival of the sun as it states, the Sun at the current month, 28th day Wei hour enters the palace of Hai. Together it is used for date selections.

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Heavenly Palace Bestowing Lucks

神煞 ShenSha, Gods and Killing as its name suggests, comprises of two forms of real and imaginary stars with either benevolent or malignant natures. In this very page of the Almanac, the theme called Heavenly Palace Bestowing Lucks are a matrix of ShenSha stars arriving annually to the specific life palaces according to the 12 earthly branches. The mapping of these real or otherwise imaginary stars unto the earth Qi is a representation of a correct timing to undertake a correct human action. The task is often the question of what stars to what action, as can be as trivial as planning a vacation to something complex like marriages. As for FengShui date selection purposes, it spells nothing if the XKDG combination of 10 or SanHe NaYin does not empowered by the arrival of these ShenSha star as above but not as below. Some perfectionist may even walk the extra mile to match a selected time to a real time star chart, just to make sure that the real star is above. In the case of annual forecast, it is alright just to digest whatever being dished out on this very page of the ThongShing. Anyway, it is the basis of many writers chalked out their annual prediction called "the animal book".

ShenSha stars like anything of antiquity comes in many names and may sometime referring to the same star. There are the main so called mainstream stars such as Heavenly Noble and so forth. Other auxiliary stars can be easily ignore or sometimes unheard of. Anyway, the rule of thumb is one benevolent star may offset against 4 malignant stars. So, start to count your stars. What happen if there is no benevolent star at your life palace? Holy Shit!

No worry, lives go on. As people born in Dog year, this coming RenChen year brings no benevolent star but a whole load of malignant stars such as Leopard's Tail, Year Breaker, Major Fork and so forth. What one is going to do? There is the luck pillar and the entire 4 pillars to arbitrate liked clash away, transformed and so forth. It is not the end of the road.

The lucky one with nobleman stars liked, moon, sun, monthly virtue, TaiYi, Dragon Virtue, Heavenly Noble, Duke Arrival and so forth has the extra push. Whereas Three Altars, Heaven Explain, Officer Seals, Jade Hall, Heavenly Delight, Elegant Seal, intelligence, Eight Seats, Auspicious Stars, Heaven Kitchen, Earthly Wisdom are all signifying promotions to power, wealth and nobility with the extra ingredient of being recognized in words and deeds. Sky horse denoting movements liked change of house, job or plenty of travels. Whereas all the fearful named ShenSha like lonesome, monastery, death god, funeral attire and the sorts are by nature means obstacle, lost of opportunity and petty people. Peach blossom, red chamber and salty pool are all related to love, lust and some extent nobleman help but these are neutral.

We will not list the entire 12 zodiac here. If you need to know, email us HERE.


Friday, January 6, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - SanSha Affliction

Where SanYuan concerns so much with the 5 yellow, Its counterpart SanHe concerns more with the affliction of SanSha or Three Killings namely Robbery, Calamity and Annual. In RenChen year, the SanHe structure of Shen, Zi and Chen conjunctions, denotes SanSha is located primarily South inclusive part of Southeast and Southwest.

On a superficial level, it denotes that these locations must not be disturbed with any forms of activation such as ground breaking, knocking, dragging of heavy furniture or any sort of impact against the surface of the earth, wall and floor. Any mistreatment will bring forth disaster such as injury, illness and lost of wealth. Compared to 5 yellow, it is just teething problem.

One incident we witnessed was a sudden drop in sales couple with mass resignation of stuffs and with unforeseen breakdown of machineries which caused the the entire line to stop and whole lots of problematic issues liked the sudden change of government policy resulted in the shortage of foreign workers to be employed as substitute. The list can goes on.

Although the basis of SanSha is the relationship of earth Qi with respect to the other 7 luminaries, its effect is much felt during the seasons where it peaks undergoing the usual 12 phases of Qi fluctuations. Saying thus, it is more of a concern for SanHe practitioners and definitely, fighting it the SanYuan method may not be advisable let alone logical.

The calamity of SanSha can easily be dealt with. Date selection is superficial and the pragmatic mean is to place the house into a desirable FengShui structure based on SanHe principles. This may turn it to be a blessing in disguise.

People with Si, Wu and Wei in their charts may be prone to accidentally violate SanSha.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - 5 Yellow Affliction

The annual afflictions such as the 5 yellow, in the year of the water dragon 2012 resides in the Xun sector or SouthEast. This location shall remain untouchable. Any forms of activation such as ground breaking, knocking, dragging of heavy furniture or any sort of impact against the surface of the earth, wall and floor may stir the 5 yellow star into a malignant star. The curse of 5 yellow may bring death. It is not just the common injury due to minor fall or the sort which result in broken bones but morbidity arising from cancer, accident and in some extent, suicide. It is the most feared star in the pantheon of the purple white family.

Traditionally, when a house sits 5 yellow, any forms of renovation are forbidden. When a house faces 5 yellow, any forms of ShaQi such as a broken mountain, pylons, filthy ponds are tell tale sign of a brewing health issue which may "kill" the entire family. However, in our cases, these may not be true. Just liked our case has demonstrated, a family renovated their house while it sits in the 5 yellow location in 2011, has no account of any tragedy whatsoever. Does it implies that sitting 5 yellow is less risky compared to facing 5 yellow?

The problem is, our common understanding of what is meant by facing 5 yellow? An often misunderstood concepts. In both SanHe and SanYuan, door location remains an important point of reference. Although at some point, we take the door location as the main reference point for SanHe while the facing of the door as the main reference point for SanYuan, in practice one cannot be individually singled out one from the other. It is also the location of the door that justify the strength of the palaces in which the 5 yellow resides. That is why while some suffers from the curse of 5 yellow others had windfalls instead! What a conundrum!

Any cure? The illusive XKDG LongShan XiangShui is another misunderstood concept. Can a shift in the door direction alter the facing direction of the entire building? It is as much risky as to say that 5 yellow can be fought using XKDG methodology we commonly understood. The best cure, is to leave it untouchable.

In this coming RenChen year, care has to be taken if one has Chen or Si in one's BaZi especially so if it resides in the Day Branch. Similarly so for one who is of Life Gua 4 particularly elder female.


Postscript: Note that ThongShing or the almanac only indicates Xun mountain as 5 Yellow Killing direction which does not include Si and Chen mountains.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - TaiSui and Year Breaker Affliction

Annual TaiSui and Year Breaker are another form of afflictions as a result of the Jupiter effect. As size does matter, Jupiter imposed gravitational instability upon earth’s Qi. In a geocentric perspective, a TaiSui star was “invented” to account for the lost of Qi on the opposite direction to the Jupiter station. It is therefore also known as a counter Jupiter. Therefore, TaiSui location will be the same location with the annual Zodiac location and in this case of RenChen year, the TaiSui will be at the Chen location which is part of Southeast. 

Whereas the Year Breaker is referring to the Jupiter station opposite direction of TaiSui and in this case of RenChen year, the Year Breaker will be at the Xu location which is part of Northwest. Year Breaker is a location of which vast amount of Qi is believed to have been accumulated but unstable.

The Chinese are creatively enough to associate TaiSui as the annual Grand Duke Deity star appointed by the Jade Emperor to oversee the affair of mankind throughout the year, whereas Year Breaker is associated to TaiSui’s wife, SuiPo. This unfortunately has nothing to do with FengShui. You need not need any forms of PiYao or Talisman to ward off TaiSui.

TaiSui is fine to be sited but not faced. Such actually meant to say, it is not okay to sit on Year Breaker location and face the TaiSui directly. It portends the potential of violating both TaiSui and Year Breaker at the same time. So, similar to the other afflictions, Year Breaker and TaiSui must be kept untouchable at all time. However, in real life application, this must be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

A SanHe practitioner would understand that TaiSui for 2012 is not just Chen but RenChen. This imply that WuXu as the actual location of Year Breaker. Such is beyond the scope of the ThongShing (almanac) and applicable for specific FengShui purposes.

Violating both of these afflictions may bring about troublesome glitches usually not resulting in serious health and wealth problems. It is one affliction that is easily to be kept at bay. Care must be taken for those who have Xu, Chen, Ren and Wu in any of the BaZi pillars. So, it is not just the Year pillar to be précised.

Also note that the following Year pillars are considered to be in sync with TaiSui: -
  1. XinChou
  2. DingChou
  3. GengXu
  4. BingXu
  5. JiWei 
  6. WuChen

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - The Tale of Spring Cow

RenChen Year Spring Cow Diagram is the illustrated information describing the general seasonal outlook for the entire year of 2010. When it appears to be in RED it meant to say RenChen is a Yang year. The Cowherd is seen to be at the rear of the cow which denotes this year is not a BLIND year. Chinese New Year (Cow) comes early before the beginning of Spring (LiChun), which is represented by the Cowherd. A blind year is understood that the coming Chinese New Year does not contain LiChun and therefore it is blind which denotes not a good year to have children, start a new business and so forth. Such often taken as marketing gimmick to promote placebo FengShui which is a waste of money. Luckily, RenChen year is not a Blind Year. Blind or UN-blind, LiChun will still arrive comes Feb 4 or Feb 5 every year and it is not warranted for FengShui makeover whatsoever.

Specifically looking at the cowherd, he is a young man and not a child or an old man, representing the four graveyards of Chou, Chen, Wei and Xu year. He has 2 buns over his head behind of his ears representing the NaYin element of the year which in this case, water. His left hand is holding to a whip of 24 knots denoting the 24 seasonal nodes, coincides with the JiaZi of RenChen which is a Yang year. The string of the whip depends on the branch of the day of LiChun and in this case, Wei which is silk. He wears shoe and he is not bare footed, denoting the year is going to be generally dry. Quite opposites from what the BaZi of LiChun as predicted. He does not put on his hat denoting generally not a hot year capable of draught. However, there are other versions which account to wearing shoe denoting the NaYin of the day of LiChun which is metal. Generally his attire is also color coded denoting the element of the branch of the year. As time passes, it became more of general descriptions found in the passage called Mother Earth classics.

By the same token, the Cow is color coded as well being black at the head, representing water stem, yellow at the body representing earth branch and black at the belly representing water NaYin for the year. Its horn, ears and tail denotes on the element of the Heavenly Stem of the first day of LiChun which is green, wood. While its knee denotes the element of the Earthly Branch of the first day of LiChun which is yellow, earth. Its hooves are colored white, metal NaYin for the day of LiChun.

Spring Cow Diagram is used to relay information to the common peasant whom is generally illiterate during the time of the Chinese Dynasty. In our case as metaphysics practitioners, this information is too generic.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

2012 has just arrived! Happy New Year to all our readers of Yifengshui. That is the good news. Revisiting 2011, we are happy that we continue to improves ourselves and our clients and students alike had seen progress in their ventures.

Some had been promoted to senior positions, some has expended to the US, some had windfalls unexpectedly, some has their long outstanding family crisis finally settled amicably, some has taken a bold step from a wage earner to become an entrepreneur, some has had his peach blossom activated and seeing the other halves, some has had their book seeing red finally turning blue and so forth.

QuanYuan remains to improves on our own accord as we continue to practice, teach and had departed some knowledge of BaZi and FengShui via our workshops to a fortunate few. We had the blessings of continuos support from our clients which means we had less time on the keyboard to update Yifengshui. Although we would like to share our cases but we are constraint by other factors such as confidentiality and so forth. We sincerely thanks everyone who has help and assist QuanYuan to be what it is today. Thank You.

Gearing towards the Spring Festivals, the year of XinMao unfortunately does not end on Chinese New Year (CNY). So, babies born during these days before Feb 4th, are still "rabbit kids". The arrival of LiChun (the beginning of spring) marks the transition of rabbit to dragon. Such is generally called the un-blind year for those who wish to capitalize such for wedding, start of a new business or having dragon kids. Although RenChen year is considered to be a year of turmoil but in general, it could be a very good year for those who knows how to capitalize on it. Read more in the following tread in Yibazi.

In the articles to come, we shall again, deliberate some pointers on the annual FengShui predictions for nobleman, wealth and longevity.

Huat Ah!


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