Wednesday, September 25, 2013

By Chance?

What started as simple food outlet has its sales increased almost double. Not by chance especially when it is located at a poorly designed Mall. Where other eateries located at the same locality has to shut down, this very outlet triumph. The above chart is a representation of sales stabilizes through the year. This is measurable result.

When the measurable results are archived, the method works as it claims. It really does not make you an overnight billionaire, win a lottery or be the most famous person in this planet. A good practitioner, instead of self-glorification, will spend enormous of his time to fine tune his techniques for better deliverables.

Fine tuning involved many aspects. Speed is often the main criterion. There is a reason why three months for Qi refurbishment to make its entire cycle and why not 2 hours to bring about results? Does it means to say the faster the results the better is the method?

The ability to fine tune demonstrates the ability to distinguish which method for which purposes and for what speed and at what price. Debt collections and immediate cash flow turnover does not involved the whole set of FengShui makeovers as compared to a business turnover. The objectives, results and methods involved are entirely different.

If one assumed 5 arts as a tool, it is merely a vehicle to reach a destination. As such, FengShui method is indeed a tool and its objective is miracles. Would a miracle worker so easily depart his tool for a couple of thousands of dollars? 

p/s Gingkomon is only a fictitious name. 


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