Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Water Water Everywhere

A new English source on water method is now available, thanks to the painstaking effort of Master Hung HC. This book is by far, quite a complete genre of SanHe water method. Within it encompasses the 2 well known antagonistic camps of SanHe. One originated from the typical YangGong approach of 12 phases water method while the other the FanGua or Flipping Trigram, which was believed to have been in existence pre-dating YangGong himself.

Reading HHC’s lucid rendition of such heavy loaded classics with some strokes of humour, clearly justify the author’s ability in a self-confessed style of a YangGong convert.  This very book may even be a revival of interest in SanHe methodology.

It is whimsical to note that the ideation of GuTuo and CheYing, both monks, are illiterate and yet they are the masters of SanHe. It must be truly the work of hidden hands such as fairies with the collective of authors that we, today learnt about the Assitant Star Water Method and the 4 Major Water Mouths. Literati FengShui master like Zhao JiuFeng refined CheYing’s work further into a compendium of SanHe, called Earthly Principles 5 Verses. This classic laid the foundation for the Water Dragon method popularized by our modern writers liked Big Sister and a famous Grandmaster.

Yet no known author expanded on GuTuo’s work, leaving RuDiYan as the most “corrupted” classic with many later days addition with no citation whatsoever. Even HHC admitted that he has no idea where the sequence of the stars in the transformation comes about. 

With the passing of the YangGong Old Method Grandmaster Li at the ripe age of 100, some secret techniques of the YangGong School may have lost. Yet, HHC believes that the essence is preserved within another SanHe method by Ye JiuShen, called whatsoever name water method, published almost the same time with CheYing’s book. Being whatsoever, HHC took the liberty to call it Early and Later Heaven water method but it has nothing to do with Dragon Gate 8 Formations or QianKun National Treasure water methods.

Ye JiuShen took a “rocket-science” of his days approach in deploying 4 major water mouths where the Later Heaven components are similar to CheYing’s approach but the Early Heaven components are mind-boggling. So archaic is this Early Heaven that later day author dropped it altogether and named it simply as Later Heaven Water Method.

It is a good read...


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