Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Setiawalk and Water Water Everywhere

Drop by at Setiawalk recently for a FengShui audit. I cannot keep my eye away from the lush landscape with extensive use of water elements. Indeed coincident to the very notion of water-water everywhere. There are more to meet the eye but I would just disclose a little.

The center boulevard is high with F&B and very happening especially during the evening where pubs come alive and the opposite is observed for the shops facing outward, almost starving. The vibrant side is located along the Yin side of the man-made river and the Yang side takes a longer to peak.

Indeed the design of the river has YinYang almost unseen for an untrained eye. Some of the practitioners I brought along were surprised as all they see was water features and lush landscapes. They had missed the real ingredients besides saying, “Ah… the river is meandering, so it is sentimental water”. Those fans of HHC  should use this life example for their trainings based on his book on SanHe water formula. I must admit it is purely landform befitting into the context of both SanHe and SanYuan methodology. Wonder if it is the work of “JayWhy”?

While you don’t have to do much on each of the F&B outlets but to decide on the location of the main door, the office lots were a little disappointing with many vacant lots desperately to be filled up. Upon visiting, the answer is obvious. The design has not taken FengShui into consideration. Maybe the master’s work does not include such. 


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