Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Yin Yang Portal

While performing an audit, my friend Luopan happened to measure the door of the other dimension resulting in the compass malfunction. So badly done was the newly acquired Luopan that the needle does not seems to swing but was stuck with the nip down. No amount of knocking, thanks to the suggestion of another friend of mine whom had operated a Luopan shop before, shaking and vibrating is enough to make the Luopan back to its operational mode. It just remained still. To those whom is knowledgeable of the Dao, understood that the Luopan had been occupied.

Invitation was made to vacate the Luopan and it duly follows suit. There is a numb sensation when it moves away from the Luopan and at a blink, it functions as normal. From the earth it comes, to the earth it must return. That is the principle.

So, Luopan is NEVER an ordinary tool, as suggested and advocated by the academy in town. If the designer do not even understand the differentiation between the red and the black, let alone, arranging the rings of the Luopan, how well would he practices the art and be protected by the art? So, next time if any practitioner happened to measure the door of another dimension, who do you call, 911 or the ghost buster?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Spirits Had Spoken

If there are such things as Earth and Heaven Qi. Taking Earth Qi as unchanging is a little too far stretched; similarly taking Heaven Qi as changing is a little too understated. Change is in fact the only constant in the universe. Understanding YuanKong is the understanding of Yi, changes as to how it takes place, when it occurs and what action to take to live with these changes and not to be pretentious of avoiding such. This is reflective of Yi with the understanding of two slices, somewhat coined spirits of Ling and Zheng.

It is not all doomed when the spirits are violated. It simply means it does not follow the flow of natural orders. Things are a little forced fit and difficult to materialize. Imagine of walking against the wind direction with an umbrella opened, is best reflective of such scenario.

When we say, heaven has 9 stars, earth has 8 trigrams, and this is meant as Heaven Earth fixed positions. The 9 stars becomes the principle, arranging the 8 trigrams become the application. Do one sees that what indeed move is unmoving?

8 Trigrams are the eight directions. Where does one reach when one travels beyond East, reaching West then arriving back to East, ad infinitum? It is not destination inclined, but directional. Similarly there is no dichotomy between an East group and a West group. These are only partitions of relative truth; a perfect circle has no point of origination. The notion of 8 trigrams establish positions, is where one established the center of the TaiJi spot, taking 5 as a point of reference, however it is again, not static. Again, why 5 and not 10? Do one sees that what indeed unmoving is moving?

So with Heaven and Earth at best, be it superimposition of the LoShu against the Early Heaven 8 Trigrams, it is only for prediction. To apply, one has to understand that human has 8 doors. This is when Ling and Zheng spirits become handy, obtain the 3, loose the 4, begets the 2 and arrive at the 1.

Good Hunting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scroll Down 1 Deg 14 Sentosa Cove

It was March 2008 that I took a trip to this private club, courtesy of my friend being a member there, while enjoying a yacht trip, docking and sailing, I took a liberty to understand the place at its genius loci perspective as well as KanYu. I had indeed reserved plenty of visual diaries for my other blogs that deals with design and architecture. Most importantly, the ultimate question is indeed will this property make money, at least as a place of commercial? Coincidentally, one academy of metaphysics took a bunch of their students to audit for their annual master level proficiency examination, I supposed. I believed they are running around the cove, seeing everything but missing the moosti spot. That will add on the moolah to the already moosti environment.

The landform of the cove already dictates a low laying land surrounded by water. Lacking of high land, higher structure becomes important. The opposite site had been beefed up with high rises currently under construction; there and then their fates had been sealed. Located at SE, the indirect now becomes the direct, does it means to say they are doomed? Looking at the entrance, it is indeed on higher ground, mind that a golf course is nearby at NW, does it means to say the spirits had been conformed and yet violated? The green dragon is almost unseen; the white tiger is far apart. Table Mountain too high, will the Qi be locked in or disburse? Best of all the Qi mouth funnels through. On the other hand, will one classify as a water body or a water dragon? Indeed, challenging is to locate the water gate, which is which?

Pluck a Gua, it says 7-1, Kun or Trap. Portends, obstacles upon obstacles are trapped within. What will be your verdict?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Schism of KanYu - A Gross Misunderstanding

Schism in the art of KanYu, similarly with the other arts of the Chinese origins, has never been in a state of dispute. At the highest level of Dao, all grandmasters understood the strength and limitation of one body of knowledge against the others, and seldom do they bad-mouth and hiding behind veils to character assassination of one another. Most of the disputes similarly to the present day hearsays, misunderstanding, back-stabbings and fraudulent talks are nothing but of self centered motives of a certain profiteering individuals, prostituting themselves as other impeding names liked musketeer of Chinese metaphysics and others. Only he who knew the arts most understands that in SanHe there is SanYuan and vice versa. The question is why?

The pretext of SanHe dwells in the notion of elemental frames matching the stages of Qi. Similarly for SanYuan, the pretext is rooted on the notion of elemental Gua Qi of the heaven, earth and human affinity matching the strength of Qi. They move in separate platforms, all has their corresponding landform and time factor. If ever one say only SanYuan school takes the time dimension, then it has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. It is pure nonsense!

It is even more ridicules to even equate SanHe as an assessment based on the East and West dichotomy. If ever there are marketers or similar individual of that stature propagate such principles, one knows well it is going to take one for a ride of the century. Let not speak about diamond, when it is serving the filth for the price of gold.

SanHe is not about having a TaiJi spot at the center of the property neither is SanYuan measured from the door. These are fallacies. It is neither the grid nor the wedge, in principle nor applications. Many can’t even understand beyond the use of the 24 mountain plate, let alone speaks about grid or wedge. Compartmentalization, replacement and other jargons just add up the confusion. These are exceptionally neither SanYuan nor SanHe. These are Rojak (Malaysian Salad).

SanYuan is not about Flying the Star on landform and buildings. SanHe is not about water features (drains) around the property nor low laying landforms. XuanKong Flying Star as known by the masses is Nursery grade, not even kindergarten level, so is the East & West dichotomy 8 mansions system. These are indeed very safe Fengshui. Wouldn’t Fengshui is meant to be safe?

There are more things in common about the two schools of thought. True that it take years to master let alone proficient in these form of arts. Most important, it takes affinity to understand the truth. However, in the modern context, the profiteering of these arts is beyond any limits of comprehension and it is going to continue. This is a fact.

Given a choice, I will say thus: -

If you need to drink, drink from the source. When you drink, don’t pollute the source. Do not seek for the truth; seek only to purge the untruth. Then the truth will reveal. He who sees the truth sees the master. He who controls himself well is the master of himself.

So, do you still need to listen to the musketeer?

Moolah From The Moosti Spot 2

Never had I thought I would bump into another moolah of the moosti spot just outskirt of a small town. Perhaps this is divine call. Not really a suitable one for normal consumption, unless one wants to get enlightenment and elevated to the status of immortal. The left and right embrace is significantly strong with the table mountain loops into double JuMen formations. The 3 harmony and 3 separations are obvious.

Legends foretold that this sacred spot, were dotted by heavenly assistants, with the sword piercing the dragon spot. It was dedicated to a house of worship from a humble beginning of a wooden shed to now, a magnificent structure. Getting the necessary approval for construction wasn't without its setbacks. A divine calling to one of the property tycoon to purchase the piece of land constituting the spot had been encountered with objections from the state government that do not promote construction of house of worship that is not of the national faith. The tycoon promised if his friend has been promoted to the Chief Minister, he will then have the mean to materialized the divine request. Upon saying thus, months down the road sees that the Chief Minister had been replaced by the tycoon's friend and the rest is indeed history.

So, there is no such a thing as KanYu is devoid of spiritual inclinations, they are the same, the origin of YuanKong. To those who indeed understood, hear is the essence of KanYu: -

Obtain the Three, loose the four, begets the two and arrived to the one that produce the myriad things. Think about it...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday My Friend

Extremely sumptuous dinner I had with the company of close friends, celebrating the birthday of a serious practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics. The food is fantastic yet the main course is again, our discourse of metaphysics. It is wonderful to catch up on such happy occasions that a drive down to Seremban, missing along the way, was indeed worth it. More so, when we catch up with old times story and old company.

Among others, the story is told as she came, laughing and specifically inform the birthday boy, that those who came at such a short notice and long journeys are indeed true friends, whereas the one whom you had showered many hours of your time to enlighten the one of the way, is indeed no where to be seen and you have the answer. See that the basket of flowers were indeed thorny in nature, beautiful in forms and you had indeed learned the meanings of true friendship beyond the veil of compassion and sympathy. This is the Yuan you are bestowed upon.

Again, my best wishes to you for health, wealth and friendships, on this blessed day of YiMao of the month of GuiHai in the year of WuZi. Happy Birthday !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Garnishing A Stale Plate of Grid and Wedge

I took the liberty to re-wrote an article, by a local practitioner, I read featured in the local English daily called “Bing Fire” as the followings: -

Professional KanYu audits required the following steps:

Pre-Planning of the property in question. Matching the mountain frames with the water frames (entirely external).Arranging the Dragon, internally.Prediction of events that ought to occurred.Remedy for other messed up FengShui job, (very often).

Grid lock or wedge lock is no longer a necessity once the practitioner knows how to use the Luopan to perform the above said. Flying Star and 8 Mansions systems are for amateur and not to be used in the perceived manner of wedge versus grid natal chart. This is a gross misconception that haunts the masses, so that more books on this topic could be published. It is liken to garnishing a stale plate. The grid is used as principle. The wedge is used as application. Short, simple and precise.

Wedge lock is not about equal space distribution. Grid lock is not about forcing the square into an irregular rooms or spaces. The center point of wedge is neither in the center of the property in question nor does grid lock centre mean the center of the property. Wedge lock is not reflective of the 8 trigrams, but the 24 mountain plate, not to locate location, but to pin point direction. Missing corners are neither determined by the grid nor the wedge. The wedge is the application, the grid is the principle.

If one thinks logically and rationally, both wedge and grid lock introduced for the mass consumptions are force fitting theory. The advice shall be that the Dao is ever natural, not force fitted. Imagine, how would one audit in the center of the property enclave by 4 walls? What is the used of the wedge or the grid if you can’t even see through the external?

No mountain and water can be gauged through this method. The wisdom is and always, entering the mountain, looks for water mouth. Reaching the spot, face the bright hall. The golden dragon moves or still depends on the master to use it that is a true reflection of searching the dragon, dotting the meridians. It is not about wedge or grid, for goodness sake.

Imagine, if one lost in the jungle, the natural way is to first, be calmed. Second, think and third take appropriate action. Not using the wedge! Look for streams. Follow streams. Meet village or reaching the beach and call for SOS. This is a critical solution, even boy scouts knew. This is the Dao. This is WISDOM.

Want to know the original article link, drop me a mail.

Monday, November 3, 2008

In Muddy Water

Mr. Ji is strong. The outlook seems weak, easily to be influence, but he has his principle, difficult to be shaken. Indeed change is not possible, once he has make up his mind. His leadership is only seen but not within, meaning he may not actually have his influence over his own party members. However, for the luck he is undergoing, that is good enough to put him to the position he is eyeing for. Therefore, if change is the objective, it is deemed not that difficult after all. The luck pillar is on his side, comes WuZi year, his competition is stiff but unseen, he is actually building up wealth instead which is good for him. Comes election on the WuShen (Earth) day and RenXu (End of Autumn) month, it could be well a strong earth day, not entirely favorable.

Mr. Gui is weak. The outlook seems to be a person going after power and money, fits well in the context of country first. When the country is said, it means corporation yielded on capitalism and might, something that Mr Ji wanted to change. He has a better chance of surviving as a president for the country as compared to the Mr Ji. You cannot have a nice guy to run a country contrary to its own believes. His luck is not by his side. Comes WuZi year, his authority is put to the test and if he knows how to use it to his benefits, he may win the race, unseen he is building up wealth as well. Comes a strong earth day, it could well benefit him.

The Moolah From the Moosti Spot

I find it rather amusing that the art of KanYu is devoid of spiritual practice as claimed by the academy in town, whereas the so called best spot in reserved for the erection of the Earth Guardian spirit pavilion. This spot could be set aside for other millionaires’ or millionaire wannabe’s grave, to tap into the the surrounding petal formation. Wouldn’t it be a silly venture to give it to the deity instead of the bones of the mortal if the same logic were to be applied? On another note, is it a spot that has been located in the first place or marely a fabricated spot instead? Good question!

In 2006, I visited the so called spot. The table mountain is rather elongated bun liked shape. What do we called this? Sleeping WuQu? The height is a little too high. The left embrace is called dragon crossing bright hall, longer and extending to the table mountain. The tiger embrace is shorter and lower. Both embraces are high by any standard, however, sentimentally embracing. Water is flowing from the left to the right, quite a miss in a way, not an extend of a great water dragon, but a great water lizard instead. Usable, yes I would have thought, but re engineering required. The parent mountain, very weak. In conclusion, by any natural observation of the landforms, strictly speaking, cannot have formed a spot. Well, nobody said it is ideal, except the academy.

In 2008, I visited the very same spot, now occupy by the Earth Guardian spirit pavilion. I was there under the invitation of the agent, notably sales wasn’t that promising. I wonder why? The entire scene has been re-engineered. The table mountain has been reshaped, a more sexy look reflecting JuMen, jade pillow as what they called. The height of the embrace, table mountain has been compensated by raising the altar to an “appropriate” level. The tiger embrace has been strengthened with a building. Water dragon has been widen and no longer a lizard looking one, forced to enter into the bright hall from the left embrace. The work of genius is displayed by anchoring a building at the back of the pavilion, reflecting the missing parent mountain. That keeps me occupy for a fact, where is the crossing of the gap, almost unseen or if there is any in the first place? I really can’t tell. The re engineering effect is neat and I keep wondering at what cost and at what sort of promises that had been made to produce the desired effect for the entire sanctuary? Only time would tell.

Coincidentally, I bump into the so called split dragon rock at the incoming water location. Next, while this blog is penned, I bump into another blog that speaks about the same split rock, meaningful coincident I called. Not quite a good omen. It reflects that the veins had been severed and I wonder which part of it? The site in question or the opposite one. It however did not face in the axis of the opposite site, which is almost flattened and this may mean that the damages are done, beyond cure. The good news is there is another on left intact.

So as I was looking for the moolah from the moosti spot, I really found nothing but a prefabricated one. Yet within a prefabricated one, I found a real moosti laying on the opposite site. At least the moolah has been found, all I need is to get to the moosti. Any hope?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tall Tale

It has been for months now, since the tale of the controversial mansion of the previous local councillor of Klang, rocks the nation. This councillor, who is the late Mr. Z build his mansion, some called castle, without proper approval from the local council. His notoriety of knowing the law and yet breaking the law is infamous. Ever since the ruling coalition party lost their grips over the state of Selangor to the oppositional front, Mr. Z’s empire collapsed to the brink of his death, being again shrouded with controversies, as some claimed he is not yet dead but enjoying the tropical sun in an Island off Jawa. For sure, as the “legend” goes, Malaysia “Boleh” or simply means Malaysia Can Do principle is astonishing, that as to the extend, “accused albeit murderer” may be acquitted, “amateur CCTV porn star” may be the community leader, anyone may be labelled “terrorist of the nation” and be put to jail without trial and yet we were also blessed with space tourist being called an astronaut, what else could we wish for more?

Again, the “Boleh” principle also applied to the so called famous Fengshui Master in town, analysing, dissecting, speculating and divining the ill fated mansion of the late Mr. Z, pouring tons and tons of hypotheses from flying star to 8 mansions to landform and to others whereas the reasons are as obvious as before. It is simply a LienZhen structure being in the wrong location at the wrong time. It completes with Qi mouth and bright halls, yet disaster spell, why?

It brings to mind, another article by another self-acclaimed master trainer in town about the Burj in Dubai, completes with lucid explanation of the land formation, table mountain, embrace and Qi mouths, yet the crust of its success does not solely depend on that criteria but sharing the same LienZhen structure in the right location at the right time, why?

So, do not be taken away by the “boleh” principle of being the tallest or the biggest, and to some extend, the crappiest, the famous, the oldest and the youngest, loosing sight of its context, its origin and its lineages, not otherwise things may backfired, wishing for a jade but receiving a brick, instead.

Next time, when one says “boleh”, think again. It may be another tall tale for another time…


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