Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bright Hall - A Case Between Two Restaurants

In 4th Jan 2007,

I wrote in a forum regarding a study of 2 restaurants. One selling Nyona Food whereas the other Chicken Rice. It states: -

"... May I again, invite you to closely look at a restaurant in KOTA DAMANSARA, Dataran Sunway. Located side by side a chicken rice restaurant. This western cum nyonya outlet has been in poor business despite sharing the same sitting and facing with the chick restaurant which is so loaded with people. Indeed this restaurant as I had found out has been FENGSHUIED with all sorts of cures ranging from water to three lagged toad as published in FS mag (The most famous English language FengShui magazine in the market). Yet business is poor... why bad BAZI? or wrong Fengshui master...?"

Then in 29 Mar 2010 (3 years later),

I wrote: -

"...Recently went for the next door chicken rice. Business still so good. The so called nyonya restaurant closed down and change to a Thai restaurant instead. Still bad business. Someone called it a cursed shop... They did not do much renovation from the earlier shop owner.  I suspect it must be the same owner. But it was really FengShui the way it was reported in the magazine???..."

Very strange... Is it the "curse" of FengShui is at work? Specifically, the curse of "Flying Star" is at work? Cannot be right? So, what is wrong? Same facing, same sitting?
Someone actually responded by saying: -

"... Base on external landform to find out suitable business in that area is more important than reading a specific bazi. Even though side by side shop, one is doing fine and the other is not is due to the business is not suitable (in FS business also has its element).

I think if Nyonya shop selling same food with the chicken rice, their business would be good. Secondly, to attract business wealth (do some basic FS) and to do nice promotion or repackaging the food. Buy one free soup or drink?..."

I suppose, the sharing the close proximity, the similar landforms apply for both shops. Whereas promotions and the sort is only human effort. In fact, the Thai restaurant has better promotions compared to the Chicken rice shop. Yet its business is not as good as the Chicken Rice shop. Where has it gone so wrong?

So, this is a very interesting case study. 2 restaurants side by side. Sharing same facing and sitting. Selling same but similar product - FOOD. The Nyona food has its main door measured to size according to the FengShui Ruler, whereas the Chicken Rice has none. Nyonya Food has big Bright Hall, but the Chicken Rice has none. Nyonya Food has air-cond, Chicken rice has none. Nyonya Food has water feature to activate the present 8 water star, Chicken rice has none. Nyonya Food has lots of green, Chicken Rice has none. Nyonya Food has PiYao, FuDog, Qilin and Mystic Knot but Chicken Rice has a clock with 12 Zodiac animals and a BaGua.

What is the moral of the case. Don't be happy if you have a Bright Hall. Worst, if you don't even know how to use it...
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Successful Case Of Water Placement To Conceive

Oh dear, just received a call from one of the client who cannot conceived. He called in to say how much he loves us as his wife is already 2+ months conceived. Hearing such we were happy about it and yet worried for him at the same time as we did say so in another tread "Measurable Results - A Myth?" as quoted: -

"... We came across many cases where couples desired to have children, and yet not able to conceive. Is this has to do with immeasurable parameters? Heaven is very fair, as sometimes you gain some, you may also lose some and it is all in the BaZi chart. Yet, there are practitioners who claimed that BaZi can be override by FengShui and we don’t see how this can be?..."

Again, we asked, what had we done? Had we change his house by major renovations? Nope. Had he gone another round of Qi refurbishment? Nope. Had we tilted his main door? Nope. Has we helped him to receive conceive water? Nope. So, what did we do?

We did the most simple way like that many Flying Stars practitioner did. Putting water. This time around, we place water in the Bedroom. Yes, it is a no-no, according to most practitioners out there and this is exactly what we did. Again, like most cases, the question is how and where it is located and when shall it be located

This method is not the normal Flying stars available in books. It is however, not XuanKong. It is purely SanYuan leaning star. It is all about location of water. We reserved to describe the details and to those who want to know more can write in to enquire.

For most of the BaZhai, enthusiasts out there, if your teacher says, BaZhai cannot put water, then the theory is entirely flaws. If one investigates further, it is indeed SanYuan FengShui at its most simplistic forms. It must also work together with the person's BaZi.

Again, thank you to all who has make this possible, especially to our client who has given their trusts and hopes on us and with the use of our limited knowledge on SanYuan FengShui.  


Thursday, March 25, 2010

On BaZi Of A Vagetarian's Will

We were in a vegetarian restaurant in view of the courtesy of hosting one of our masters who is a lifelong vegetarian. While having a conversation about life, destiny and the art of BaZi reading, we were joined by another group of vegetarian. Well, as the place was really full, we wouldn’t mind sharing the same table with them. From the look of their attire, we knew this group of people is from a Buddhist Temple establishment. Our conversation was so interesting that it lends an ear to these group of people that they begin to query the topic of our discussion. 

One lady could not help but to chirp in to ask, “… May I ask if all of you are Vegetarian?”

We replied, “Not really, only our master is.”

“Huh!...”, she responded. “… You know, we vegetarian should not practice the art of Destiny reading. This is against the will of Heaven. Heaven’s Will should not be disclosed. It is a Sin. How could your venerable master advocate the art of Destiny reading?”, she continued.

We start to look at each other and our master responded, “Well said. May I ask how big Heaven is?”

She replied, “Very big, immeasurable…”

The master continues, “If such is the greatness of Heaven, would you think the Will of Heaven would so easily to be leaked?”

“Absolutely not”, she affirmed.

“So, how could such an Art of Destiny reading be viewed as disclosing the Will of Heaven?”, the master stressed.

“Errr…”, she voiced with dilemma. 

“Madam, this is an art of our ancestry. It is a tool in which Heaven wish to speak to us. In itself, it is the Heaven’s will. Only the noble are able to unlock its massages to inform others of its messages. So, that the people are informed of the next cause of action. Not the contrary of superstitions.”, the master explained.

“Do you think not that if Heaven do not want you to know, you could see what is contained within the Destiny chart?”, the master continued.

“Similarly so as when we eat as a vegetarian, do we eat with the mouth or with our Heart?”,the master asked?


“Thank you master, we noted your advice”, she replied as though she has just waked up from her dream and all of us just have a good laugh.

So, to all my friends out there who are still struggling of reading the BaZi chart, asked yourself, how much had you toiled in understanding of what Heaven wants from us, as mortal, rather then what do you want to know from Heaven's Will. If such fundamental understanding are not clear, what use is YiJing, Mountain and Facing, PiYao, water dragon and a whole lots more?

It is just a waste of time...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Introducing Q&A Blog On Chinese Metaphysics

Many questions had been put to us regarding FengShui, BaZi and other related matters on Chinese Metaphysics. We believed by answering these questions, the answers itself are a store houses of knowledge that are worth sharing. Similarly, we were again, poured with questions about the art of placement and what is FengShui and what is not during our usual round of Audits. So, to make matter easy, we consolidated this Q and A in the form of a blog that will be updated from time to time, where possible. As there are also questions pouring in via email this very moment, we would try to answer them specifically if times permit. Not otherwise, if the questions are much suitable for the general public consumptions, it will definitely find its place in this blog. 

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

When There Is No Warranty in a FengShui Audit - PostSrcipt

Moment ago, the tread When There Is No Warranty in a FengShui Audit, has been removed upon sheer objections and condemnations from the owner of the issue herself. We respect her objections and condemnations and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Measurable Results - A Myth?

We often heard one speak of the absent of measurable parameters for house FengShui, in relation to Commercial FengShui. However, this is not very true. The terms measurable parameters shall not be just the figure in the PLA, but a significant improvement in one’s life and endeavor. These parameters are measurable. Remember, not every FengShui cures are related to money and money is not an answer to everything. 

We came across many cases where couples desired to have children, and yet not able to conceive. Is this has to do with immeasurable parameters? Heaven is very fair, as sometimes you gain some, you may also lose some and it is all in the BaZi chart. Yet, there are practitioners who claimed that BaZi can be override by FengShui and we don’t see how this can be? We may be happy that on one end we have quantitative data (liked the couple manage to conceive at the end of the stipulated periods or warranty), however where is the qualitative data (if the child is born with deformed features, for example)? Then, we collect our paychecks based on defined terms and yet haunted by our own consciences for the lack of Humanism. Next, we take our guilt to even higher levels of confession through donations and charity to clean our sins. We continue to deceive ourselves as this way is arbitrating the entire equilibrium of Yin and Yang? No, we shall not walk this path.

Perhaps it is wise to just do Corporate or commercial FengShui, liked others do. When the Qi Refurbishment are too violent, called it a management restructuring with hire and fire as just temporary measures because ultimately, only the measurable parameters count. Nothing else matter – This is BUSINESS…, but it is not our Modus Operandi, unfortunately.

We are just happy that one of our clients just drop by with a pot of BonSai as a gift and tell us that his life has been improved significantly since the last audit 6 months ago. He has another business in BonSai cultivation that has recorded a high demands over the people around his vicinity. His children have improved in their grades and his wife’s ailment has since improved. We were speechless as what had we done, as we only spend the most 20 minutes in his house? All we did was to LOCATE WATER and to activate some STAR (details are reserved). In this context, Bright Hall is very, very, very x 1000 times important! For such, on a measurable basis, we were paid only a token sum and on an immeasurable basis, valueless. Sometimes, we may blamed ourselves of being stupid or just too na├»ve. Only Heaven knows.

Let’s us be honest. When we learned FengShui, we witnessed that all our other classmates rushed to have the instructor to FengShui their house. If they were unlucky, they will end up as what has been said about When There Is No Warranty in a FengShui Audit. Again, shall we call this Qi Refurbishment? We strived on to put what little we knew into real life applications, and finally end up being our own teachers. We shared our findings among liked minded people, along the way and sometimes being “abused” out of our generosity, discarding what is useable and what is not. When other fail to use for example PurpleWhite, Flying star, Eight Mansions and alike method, we had an enormous success story and we really do not know why, only to have said that our applications are different from what is written in the Book or was taught by the teacher. 

To extend our effort to stamp out false practices and instead of giving warranty, let us know if you had encountered bad experience with any FengShui practitioners whose implementation didn't work in your favor and you had spent a fortune in such a service either as consultation fee or purchasing of objects, we are willing to advice you for FREE, once only, via email, on conditions that such bad experiences does occur at a Bona Fide basis.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

When There Is No Warranty In A FengShui Audit

Someone brought to my attention of case regarding when there is no warranty in a FengShui audit after moving into the new apartment (as gathered from the internet). The story is something like this: -

The husband lost his job 6 months before they moved in, and they were told that it was a FengShui problem. He could only secure a job for 3 months after they moved in and he is still out of job.
All interviews he went  were unsuccessful. Although he is highly qualified and yet  he is jobless for 2 years now.  Her business also suffered and now they are heavily in debts.

Her moves:

She saved some money and hired an instructor from one of the academy in town to do a FengShui audit. She negotiated with the instructor for a property selection to check thus, trying to save some money, but ended up with a full audit instead, paying the full price.

Instructor's Verdict:

The house is overly Yang and all doors and windows should be shut off. They took his advice and relocated their bedroom.

1. They move into NE room
2. Shut off balcony door  and the rest of the  windows and doors.
3. Tilted the bed
4. Activated the south and the east corners

[ Looks liked another Flying Star method in place]


No result yet with 3 months behind schedule in repayment debts. The last advice from the instructor was  just hope for the best and if  things got worse then they should look for other house and even if job comes, it may not last. Things seems to go back to square one.


How is she supposed to feel?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

BaZi Preparatory Workshop Series - Finale 14 March 2010

In the last session, the discussion was focus on matters that was seldom discussed by most BaZi courses, either for fear of exposing too much secret techniques of the real practitioners or simply Teachers refuse to reveal the manner of reading the "hidden" secrets of the individual. In other words, the discussion is centered on to reaping the BaZi chart "naked" and to dig out the layers of hidden agenda concealed beneath the branches. Questions liked, would my father have more then one families, would the spouse has extra marital affairs, why was the luck of someone deteriorated after the married taken place and how the supposed authority fixes traps to concealed the truth from the public and so on so forth. These are things that was asked during real life audit and not in any academic fashion. The no-hold-bar approach based on on-site real life reading was taken in a good faith by the participants within the 4 walls. For the purpose of seeking knowledge, only experience Teachers would willing to go so deep in exposing the truth, without holding back on anything.

We were also joined by a number of familiar faces consisting of students of metaphysics from other schools, who had not been practicing for reasons of not being able to grasp the mechanics and fundamental applications of BaZi techniques in reading real life events or simply being the neglected one, while the schools continue to enjoy the lime light of claiming to be the best in town.

The session ends on an excellent note with some bonuses of other fringe techniques of simple BaZi date selections and palm techniques.

Do not be despair if you had missed this round, for the next session would soon be conducted.

Signing off.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

BaZi Preparatory Workshop Series - Progress 13 March 2010

Day 2 started with the BIG BANG on the 10 Gods. We really didn't know that the 10 Gods can be applied in such a manner that is mind boggling. The entire families are represented in the 10 Gods through the Pentagram! The manipulation of the 5 elements are so handy that almost everythings are revealed, just by looking at the gods. Surprisingly the participants are almost shock stricken that even the darkest part of the secret can be so easily revealed once one know the manipulations of the gods. This is a great wonders that our ancestor had brought to us through the power of the BaZi. Thank you ZiPing...

That is not enough, Master Ng brought the audiance through the charts from childless to divorcee and from millionaire to bagger. If time permit, we may also discuss some over YiBaZi, which has not been updated since the CNY. There is a close proximities between husband and wives and family charts, almost one is knitted with the other via Destiny. The best of all, he holds nothing back, almost 1 workshop is better then 4 modules in some other courses available in town. 
One most striking event would have been a chart is read revealing the only thing that could arbitrate the entire lopsidedness even harmful gods can be used to its advantages. Someone said, oh my God, how well if his knowledge on another method, Purple Star, could do what had just been revealed by Master Ng, he would have known what to do during his lower luck period, in tears.

In just 2 days, the ability of reading the chart has been disclosed in entirety, even one of the participants who is a consultant in YiJing, could not believed that it was just so simple and all is within the Gods and the Pentagram and please do not confused with the pentagram that is used for Devil worshipping. 

Master Ng streched a little further by introducing the Transforming Palace Techniques, within the palace and between the palaces, thus reading the chart of the spouses, parents, children, siblings without the need to refer to the individual charts, as closed as even illness markings can be seen revealed in the chart. 
Exhausted Master Ng may be, the participants had their bellies full of applicable techniques in BaZi and good food from the Resort. Next, we anticipate more dynamics readings from the student tommorrow before they are proudly be graduating as practitioners to come.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

BaZi Preparatory Workshop Series - Commencing 12 March 2010

Liked any introductory workshop, the discussion was targetted on the construction of the BaZi chart based not on the whim and fancy of the BaZi software, but the crust of the 10 thousand calenders. More often then not the transition times of the software oriented charts are all in the mess. Only a significant few, surprisingly available FOC has the inclusion of a proper transitions thus making the chart as accurate as possible.

The discussion of the Heavenly stems and Earthly Branches takes another twist not available from books, making the understanding of the seasonal strength and the interpolation of the 5 processes even more accurate, especially with regards to the much mistaken Earth seasons. Understanding such would laid the strong fundation of seeing the YingYang at play, in the form of the 4 pillars.

As most of the participants are new to the subject, they were immediately put into the driver seat to drive through REAL charts with real chart owner, who will immediately disprove if the readings and approach are erred. We see immediate response of accurate reading at least in understanding the nature of the person as reflected from the chart and its useful gods. All these are only in Day-1!

The movements and dynamics of the 5 elemental stems in all heaven, earth and man had been given an entirely different outlook from the rather mechanical approach of what clash what... This time around it drives down to pin-point the actual events that happened right on spot, verify by BaZi owner themself. Does Shen and Yin clash always end up in an horse carriage disaster? Never before the dynamics of the elements truly reflect the actual event which had occured without rigidly binding to the classical interpretations. Everything are real lives examples.

The students had their first tastes on these and we believed they could do better in the followings days to come.

Bygone are the eras of thick folders course works that promised nothing from one module to another with conflicting discriptions, liked an onion.

Unliked others, Master Ng has approached the subject matter from his personal experiences. That is at least the true convictions of knowing how he reads the charts and not combing the classics without even knowing how to apply it...

More to come tommorrow.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Walking The Talk

The spring festival has just over. A new year calls for new commitment and aspirations. We had also witnessed the crystallization of a bold practice that is all out to educate the genuine practice of Chinese Metaphysics in accordance to the mold of the 13 families and to eradicate so called “bad apples” in the industry that they could easily be shrouded in any forms inclusive of “grandmaster”. 

Such drive and passions are indeed commendable which ultimately leading towards walking the talk and just not talking the talk. To warrant one’s work is indeed a noble things to do, in view of the absent of any code of ethics in this very industry. No matter how limited this warranty is, it has indeed shaken the status-quo of the current unscrupulous practitioners’ ways of conduct that enjoys the unlimited whim and fancy of master worshiping. 

This never ends here. The current fiasco in one of the Singapore House Buyer’s Forum with so called, irresponsible comment has blemished the noble effort of this practice of dishing out warranty. Not only does one reputations is affected, in anyway whatsoever, it only shows that such noble cause of warranty one’s work can be so much easily bastardized by mere hearsays and “what I heard from my friend…”. Such cowardly act is still running deep in the bloodstreams of those unscrupulous practitioners lurking for every opportunity to counter attack, seemingly so, while the eradication of “bad apples” are in progress.

This is one reason; this blog is made public again. 

While we are all listening to hearsay and making all sorts of assumptions which are inaccurate, relationship, misunderstanding and dividing gaps are made larger, be it between teacher and student, master and disciple, friends and associates, actors and spectators and so forth. These are again, the very weakness in us that reminds us, every single moment, that we are still mortal.
We are glad that such bold practice has taken even a step further by walking the path in the limelight, again traveled by most “master worshipper” practitioners. We just hope that such limelight does not swell one’s ego into forgetting those who has, in one way or another paved the way…


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