Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple FengShui Makeover

Managed to catch up with our friend from Penang during the last workshop and a brief feedbacks from him was, 

“… It was strange, after the simple makeover, I am able to safe more money now as compared to previous days. I can’t think of any good reason as to why hanging a picture at the suggested corner makes such a big difference? Moreover, my mum’s health is getting better and I am able to meet someone of my interest…”

This case was somewhere back before Chinese New Year when we make a rush trip to Penang for some makeover. There is really no magic or hocus pocus of that sort. The placement method doesn’t cost the owner any money and all he did was to hang a picture of sunshine, he downloaded from the internet. You don’t need expansive stuff from FengShui boutique outlets. You don’t even need to consecrate any object. Is this Flying Star we are advocating? No, it is not those methods prescribed in books. Yes, it is still stars but in the forms of stem branch. Need to call it BaZi Flying Star?

Well, truly there is more than just imagery as we also did some minor alignment using the mundane BaZhai. It is a small 2 bedrooms apartment. If we smack the BaZhai natal chart into this floor plan, we ended up with bedrooms having WuGui and the sort. Discounting such, we might as well call it a day and ask the gentlemen to look for larger house. Yet, there is a way of applying BaZhai by aligning the bed, receiving TianYi for the mum and YanNian for himself. YanNian is also a peach blossom star.

Sometimes, FengShui makeover is inexpensive. As this case demonstrated, he just invested in some loose furniture and placing it together in the correct sector based on the “BaZi FlyingStar”. No need Qiling, FuDog or PiYao. Better still, we only gave a written instructions, he did his own alignment… with a simple inexpensive LuoPan. The beautiful thing is, the magic still works!

XieZi of SamPoh Temple

Chance upon SamPoh Buddhist Temple, Cameron Highland, and melting pot of XieZi Monks. Thought to have been famous for Tilting Door, observed in Bright Hill, Singapore, but not likely to be seen. Just a point to ponder, that if these masters may have been from the same lineage, wouldn’t their Door Tilting signature moves are the same? 

Any tourist blog may indicate that The SamPoh Temple was built in 1972 and is said to be the 4th largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia, but we believed it would have been built much earlier back in the fifties. A major renovation may have taken place in 1972 and that explained the two entrances, one at Shen (southwest) and the other at You (west). Western entrance is the one that is often used. Another hint of Flying Star technique in used?

The entire complex sitting east facing west, conforming to the orientation of a Buddhist Temple faces Western Paradise. Close investigation revealed, sitting small DE between Mao and Jia with water exiting Hai. One question, why Emptiness line?

Say whatever it may be, the landform nestled in the arm chair formations, receiving the spur off vein in Mao, already good enough to make things work! No need tilted door, huh?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Completing Another Chapter of BaZi Workshop

Just completed another chapter of QuanYuan’s BaZi workshop and this time around, Master Ng has included another twist to it. Besides discussing the student’s enquiry into their own charts and their client’s charts, Master Ng took the opportunity to reveal the intricacies of QuanYuan’s own case studies and how FengShui plays an important role in making things happened the way it is destined for. We are lucky this time around, to be joint in by a consultant from a reputable practice that in his very own words he says;

“Luckily I am just doing commercial FengShui where the bottom line is profitability as residential and personal FengShui has so many challenges that without knowing BaZi are liked looking a needle in the haystack! There is just too many to be accountable for in residential and personal FengShui.”

While the rest of the fundamental teachings are the same (read here), Master Ng revealed application of the 10 Gods in another manner unique to himself, narrowing down to the hidden stems, which is not touched upon by many other academies. The interchangeably of the 10 gods, sometimes also call flipping of the chart among other, revealed the simultaneous application of inter and intra palaces with both ZiPing techniques overlay with the method of imagery for multiple dimensional applications.

Saving the best for the last, Master Ng touches on the chart of among others, DSK and surprisingly, he has given absolutely different perspectives to the otherwise controversial arguments arising in the forum. Both his method and interpretations of the Luck Pillars correspond to the real life event of DSK and the catch is, it is not even a follower chart and the key is in the hour pillar. To the surprise of many, even one ardent member of the Chinese Metaphysic Forum who happened to be his student has this to say;

“All these while of my practices, I’m only able to read some surface interpretation and simple incidents. This time, Master Ng has showed us the way how to naked a BaZi chart, layer by layer from many and different dimensions to confirm an answer. The inter-changing of 10 gods made my 10 gods went haywire, like you said '10 gods become oh my god'. It is so excited to find out more and more what is hidden inside, not only an incident but the surrounding too…”

Not enough of DSK, Master Ng throw in another surprise and speaking of the excellent structure of Cai Guan and Yin of a weak chart which happened to be a common characteristic of millionaire chart and yet through QuanYuan’s own case, why would a Cai Guan and Yin with deeply rooted resource, self and officer stars remained as a mistress of the red light district? Something must really have gone terribly wrong! That is a reason why reading the chart at the surface layer is artificial. Not enough of such, Master Ng briefly pointed the working mechanism of the cause and effect, some called Karma within the ancestral which among others, tell us what it is today is the action of yesterday. CaiGuan and Yin chart is not perfect after all.

One thing for sure, it is the depth of the interpretations and not just surface reading of the stems that has obviously made QuanYuan’s BaZi workshop as a gateway for many practitioners coming from other academies of Chinese Metaphysics to sharpen their skills. Acknowledging such, QuanYuan is looking forward to organize its maiden FengShui workshop somewhere in November. Unlike, other courses available, it is through invitation only. Just the same old advice from Master Ng, practice made perfect.

In the following installation, we will reveal some snapshot of what it is to come for our maiden FengShui workshop. It will not be lack of surprises from our BaZi workshop. See you soon.


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