Monday, October 31, 2011

Feng Shui Architect?

I Quote:

"No hill in line. No tree in front. No john above. No wet beneath.

No mirrored hall or bush too tall, no stove with sleep or land too deep No street too high or wall you'll die, no number four, no squared off door No poisoned corner corner corner corner - where's that f@#'ing mirror

No stop. Look. Go. No door face door.
No decisions without my secret compass. No evil. No doubt. No end.


Fengshui. Somehow, the masters forget about smell, sound and touch. Ask one and bewilderment will never have looked so complete; it is all about the seen and the no-that-can't-be-done. They forget about exceptions to the no because their books only speak of rules, not when and how they can be broken.

Fengshui. The subversive art of sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and Yes. - Architect of Small Projects. "

This is the common gesture coming from most Architects, in the their professional lifetime of meeting the mysterious species called FengShui Masters.
I believed, it is high time for FengShui master to study Architecture...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Yellow Killing Forces

We had encountered CASES with the 5 Yellow violations. Yet, we had never really encountered and document the process of violating 5 Yellow. Here is something interesting. 

Occasionally, we served pro-Bono FengShui to some lower income family. A month after the rectifications, the FengShui of this family improves tremendously and the bread winner had bonuses to renovate their house, their children do well in school and health is not an issue to them. 

With readily money available and for whatever reasons, this family had selected XinMao year to enlarge their kitchen, where the annual 5 Yellow sits. This is a typical East Sitting House with main door facing west and a ground breaking in the East sector would automatically violate 5 Yellow.

Needless to say, it was done without our consultation and we learnt that the date was selected by the assistance of a medium. Thus, 2 points of interest as one, there will be foreseeable mishaps readily to happen for the remaining months before crossing over to RenChen year or two, there is absolutely nothing happen. 

If violation of 5 Yellow brings mishap, that is understandable. Here, benefiting from a pro-Bono FengShui effects may not necessary bring the desire end results, especially true when one opted to listen to others’ advises.

If nothing happen, then we need to relook into 5 Yellow again. Is our theory wrong or the understanding of 5 Yellow violation is grossly misunderstood. Perhaps, spiritual interventions may subdue the effect of 5 Yellow through Karmic interference. 

Whichever it is only time would tell …

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FlyingStar Basic - 57

Anonymous wrote: 

9,5 at Dui palace or 5,7 at Li palace will make it more permanent rite?

In short, he is talking about #5-9 and #5-7 combinations either in the 7 palace or the 9 palace in the following conjunctions of #9-5-7. It arises from the article XuanKong Classics. I am not sure what permanent which he refers to but I guess which combination would bring permanent illness.

While lets investigate what others had to say, I quote Hung's commentary:

"#7 represents young girl, prostitute. #9 represents beauty, both female stars.Total immersion in Sex and decadence. #5 represent poison. Imagery... is not hard to fathom. Do note...negative prediction requires negative land form trigger... - page 18 Ode to Flying Star"

Technically speaking, #5-9 is better then #5-7 in the context of Dui palace compared to Li palace. On such, #5-7 would have a longer effects. However, this is only one way of looking at the star conjunctions.

Coincidentally, I came across one restaurant in particular. The business was so-so and it was established by a company which sell jewelry mixed with the new-age metaphysics visionary numbers. So naturally, numbers speak for itself, it has a huge 57 hung on the facade. So, does it means to say, who ever visit the restaurant either wearing Red or in the month where the monthly 9 arrive, will definitely contracted STD???

Think again...


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