Sunday, May 25, 2014

Confronting Y Again!

Reflecting one of the article in the now, defunct blog - 13Voices, about Property located on a WaterShed will sure to meet its doom, many of the observations revealed otherwise. It is a FengShui External Taboo no-1 that state, NEVER locate your property in a watershed. For us in QuanYuan, there is a way to go about it - fortunately. 

A “Y” configuration is either a road splits into two or both roads connect into one. The former is known to be a water mouth and the latter is known as the watershed. Our article entitled "Confronting Y" is a good reflection of such that it is never Bad FengShui if a property is located in a watershed subject that you know how to position your entrance. The HongKong master always refer to such as "Confronting SanSha".

A case in reference, Shop-A is located in a location that fulfilled its YinYang structure. Used to be a good F&B shop and it was audited by a YangGong master. Few years down the road, it ceased to operate due to high rental.

Shop-B is located in a location of the so called watershed. Many operators failed that include F&B operators. The last tenant rope in another not very well known master. The rest is history. It prosper liked nobody business. You practically have to queue up to get a seat.

The morale of the story, watershed FengShui is salvageable and if you know what to do it brings you windfall.


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