Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reading the Entire Lots…

Many times, queries were poured in with lengthy explanations that the moment you read the last sentence, you would have forgotten the first message. Miraculously, the no holds bar, magical Xuan Kong could just do the trick, if you are too lazy to uncluttered the clutter ness.

For instances, the following case: -

“…The North brings the 7 annual per flying star where the pond/water fall is. It was installed probably more than 5 years ago, from the natal chart, the sitting and facing stars are 4 and 9 respectively, and the annual 7-flying star couldn't be the problem could it? They love having koi fish to enjoy their bright colors, but I am sure if the pond should be closed down to get a better luck, they'll do it. With that said, next year the annual 6 flying star will be there, so that'll be ok right? From my limited knowledge, I think there should no harm keeping it there (it's at the very edge of the Northern sector). However, I note that there is only one way to view the pond, that is through a double leafed full size window (around probably 4 meters total width, 2.5 meters height) standing in the North East corner of the living room looking to the East. Don't know if that is of significance or not, but I think the opening to the pond is quite small…

…I neglected to mention that there is huge pine tree (probably close to 8 meters height) in the house's front yard. If we take a perpendicular line from the main door's right hinge looking out it is right on the line about 7-8 meters in front of the main door. So probably hits the door from the E3 direction if we stand at the main door. Apparently, this tree in the yard has been there for close to 15 years thus the size; it used to be 1 meter in height when they first planted it. Could this be the problem all along? It doesn't shade the house too much, so I don't think it is the yin main door problem….

…But basically, their income has been declining significantly, not to such extent that they are struggling to make ends meet because they had quite a saving from the period before. However, the set back has been significant enough recently that they have had to pull back on a lot of expenses they didn't use to need think about. New Business Projects they venture into almost all failed in the end some due to false information, some due to bad partners, some just plain bad luck. These sap away quite a bit of their cash. Health wise, someone in their family is always sick (nothing major, things like flu, cold, sore throat. illness of that sort) - could be the annual 2 flying star…”

Ah, do we need to go through it entirely? There is a technical term called “graftifications” in the Architectural terminology. It means grafting meanings out of a series of random graphics, text, pictures, models and so on without the necessity to reasons it up logically, but the desire effects are to produce some logical deductions that matched the conventional framework of knowledge. Whereas in metaphysical form, it means plucking Guas, not from the environment but the message.

Saying so, I got the followings, #1-7, reading in context of period 7 with 1 water, glittering metals, timely and sparkling manifesting the ability to create wealth without the necessities to check on the fundamentals. The ability to promote and influence are norms of the day. #4-9, with crops growing healthily with ample sun from the South is indeed auspicious for the health aspect. Again, #1-6, among others the head of the family is bringing back the dough. #2-5, in context of 4, which I reserve to comment. Come period 8, #3-8, reading in context of period 8 with woods on mountaintop, fundamental is the order of the period and whatever built without the firm foundations are in the brink of collapsing resulting in New Business Projects they venture into almost all failed in the end some due to false information, some due to bad partners. Here the 3 is read as an officer or a ghost, depending on the scenario. Optimistically speaking, it should be a learning lesson for the entire household. #7-8, scarring of the mountain surface, no big deal on the wealth and health, probable bruises, flu and cough. If it is not kept notice, then it will lead to #1-5 in the context of 1, contaminations that may lead to calamities, if unfavorable.

Deciphering Gua from the given context is one task, remedy the situation is another. Again, is quite draining to go on, maybe another day…

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Money Could Engage The Ghost To Toil For You

Pondering back the theory of 5 Ghost Transporting Treasure (5GTT), it has a threefold applications namely greater external, external and interior. It has a funny name indeed, for you need to locate the 5 ghosts. Failing so, one may need to call in the Ghost Buster, instead. But where the hell is the ghost?

The basis of this 5GTT, has its root in the Assistant Star Transformation Water Method (ASWM), which stipulates that water should exit in the Lien Zheng position, or coupled with mountain in the Lien Zheng, according to the Pai Long method, with incoming in the Ju Men positions. Coincidentally, these methods share a common platform that is Wandering Gua Transformation. So common that it has its genesis with the 8 mansions techniques which also known as major wandering 8 tri-gram.

This is where the term 5 Ghost is located. Apply only in the interior; one will notice that via the Wandering Gua Transformation is array between the 8 mansions and 3 Auspicious 6 elegance (3A6E), also known as minor wandering 8 tri-gram, the 5 Ghost location in 8 mansions matched the Ju Men location in the 3A6E, where water placement is warranted to activate the 5 Ghost. Correspond to such, the Huo Hai position in 8 mansions matched the Lien Zheng position of ASWM, where mountain or huge furniture must be positioned. Aligning back the facing of the door adjacent to the sitting of the interior, one has successfully install the 5GTT in the interior.

Saying thus, one may also wonder, since ASWM is a SanHe formula and 8 mansions, some claimed to be of SanYuan origin, how could these methodology crossed paths? Perhaps the Chinese saying has its merit that is money could engage the Ghost to toil for you.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Monday, December 3, 2007

Contradiction Between Four Major Water Mouth And Assistant Star Water Method

A gentleman poured over his query as the followings: -

“…While trying to compare these two methods one may face the contradictions. In Ba Lu Huang Quan methodology it is said that it is disastrous to have for instance outgoing water at DING or GENG while facing KUN, in the same time the Fu Xing Shui Fa appoints Po Jun Star at DING while facing KUN and it is said that outgoing water in this case is auspicious. How would you explain this…”

I presumed this is a problem when the formula is taught in piecemeal. Upon looking into the query itself, 2 methods stem out. Firstly we had the so-called eight roads of destruction (8RD) (Ba Lu Huang Quan), an offset of the principle SanHe Four Major Water Mouths. Lastly, the Assistant Star Water Method (ASWM) (Fu Xing Shui Fa), that stem out from the Assigning the Dragon (Water) based on Gua Transformation coupled with the 3 Auspicious, 6 Elegances (3A6E) are the basis of as above, so below principle, of assigning the 24 heavenly star unto the 24 mountains. These are 2 entirely different method from 2 entirely different school of taught within the SanHe fraternity.

The Old School, Grand Master Yang Jun Song, also called YangGong Gu Fa, propagated the Four Major Water Mouth (4MW) techniques as a complete system based on the solar inclination affecting the movements of earth and water ways. This is the basis that the Earth Ring and the Heaven Ring were included in deploying such methodology. Later variation and simplification on this method into 8RD, proven to be a fallacy.

For instance, facing Kun with outgoing water mouth at Ding and Geng. A wood frame structure with Birth at Qian, Prosperous at Jia and Grave at Ding. Taking reverse, we had facing Kun as facing Death. A violation of 4MW. However, if outgoing water mouth at Kun (Repose), with facing at Ding (Death) or Geng (weakening), one will notice that Facing Geng with water exiting at Kun does not violate the 4MW. Such reverse engineering proves that the 8RD deemed to have been a fallacy.

The New School, Ge Fa, Grand Master Lai Bu Yi, also called YangGong Xin Fa, propagated that the asterism has a great influence to the land formation and watercourses. This became the basis of as above the sky, so below the landforms are the manifestation of the stars. An additional ring called the Human Ring was in paced to measure the embrace. Saying thus, the assignment to stellar constellations were grouped into star streams and assigned to the 24 mountains based on these streams of star. Notably the terms 3 auspicious were born, coupled with the related Najia, thus derived the 6 elegances. With this concept, encapsulated unto the Gua transformation, there derived what is known as the (minor) wandering 8 Tri-grams, or Di Mu Fan Gua Jiu Xing Fa, used to measure stars within the embrace or Ge Long Fa. A complementary system employing the same concepts were deployed for water method that start from the assistant star and was called Assistant Star Water Method.

No doubt, some claimed that the new school has its fallacy, for example, we know that the universe is ever expending and the positions of these stars are not static. Therefore, the theoretical framework based on as above, so below does not hold the test of time and probably it is a forced method deploy by Bazi expert to measure the earth.

Coming back to the query and let say, sitting Gen and facing Kun with water outgoing in Ding and Geng. In Najia, Dui received Ding and Zhen received Geng, Dui is Por Jun and Geng is Lien Zheng. Water outgoing at these positions are considered auspicious.

On this basis, we note that there is a contradiction between the findings using 4MW and ASWM, both SanHe methodologies, for reasons that the basic principles are indeed different. Choosing between the 2 methods, I may only recommend the use of 4MW to establish a spot in relative to ASWM to gauge the general auspiciousness of the entire site in question.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Grand Master Yang's Green Satchel Commentaries

Kun Ren Yi Wen Qu from the Head;

Gen Bing Xin, Every one is Lian Zheng;

Xun Geng Gui, all are Wu Qu postions;

Qian Jia Ding Tan Lang comes all the way.

Kun Ren Yi also referred to its double mountain of Shen Zi and Chen. Wen Qu (Literary Arts) is water element, thus referring to water frame structure of the 4 major water mouths, with birth at Kun Shen, prosperous at Ren Zi and Grave at Yi Chen. Gen Bing Xin also referred to its double mountain of Yin Wu and Xu. Lian Zheng (Chastity) is fire element, thus referring to fire frame structure of the 4 major water mouths, with birth at Gen Yin, prosperous at Bing Wu and Grave at Xin Xu. Xun Geng Gui also referred to its double mountain of Si You and Chou. Wu Qu (Military Arts) is metal element, thus referring to metal frame structure of the 4 major water mouths, with birth at Xun Si, prosperous at Geng You and Grave at Gui Chou. Qian Jia Ding also referred to its double mountain of Hai, Mao and Wei. Tan Lang (Greedy Wolf) is wood element, thus referring to wood frame structure of the 4 major water mouth, with birth at Qian Hai, prosperous at Jia Mao and Grave at Ding Wei. These verses established the water structure to be met in accordance to the principle of 3 separations and 3 harmonies of the bright halls. These structures are used to establish facing. The real test is when these principles is to be applied in the Luopan.

Left-turning as Yang, from Zi and Chou to Xu and Hai;

Right-truning as Yin, from Wu and Si to Shen and Wei.

Female and Male, to marry in Xuan Kong;

Male and Female, to find in Xuan Kong Gua.

This 2nd verses established how the assignment of the 12 stages of growth and weakening Qi are to be positioned. Mountain Ranges are Yang Dragon (Male). It takes a clockwise reading of the 24 mountain from the Luopan from Zi mountain to Chou mountain and subsequently all the way to Xu mountain and Hai mountain. This is corresponds to the Yang aspect of measuring the sequence of the sun paths through the rotation of the earth. The reverse is applied to Yin Water (Female), taking anticlockwise from reading of the 24 mountain from the Luopan from Wu mountain to Si mountain and subsequently all the way to Shen mountain and Wei mountain. The water always follow the mountain range, thus liken to the wife following the husband. The Burial Classic dictated that, follow the range to its terminus, meaning when the dragon stops, water will find its way to blend in. The canopy will be opened up with embraces on both sides and bright hall emerged at the front boundary by the table mountain. This is where the external Qi (Dragon) meets the Internal Qi (Water) resulting in the intercourses of Yin and Yang, the basis for the birth of Shen Qi. This point of birth is the Mysterious Subtleties. The intercourses are to be found at the spot of Mysterious Subtleties. These seeds of birth may be referred to water and fire. In this case the sun, allowing only with the existence of the sun, Fengshui could be carried out, with it absent, it must be abstained.

Mountain and Water, one must understand the theory;

Water and Mountain,

concerns in-auspiciousness with auspiciousness.

To understand Xuan Kong, everything is within the 5 Elements;

knowing these methods, no need to find Na-Jia.

The third verse established the precedent that water and mountain formulas cannot be applied as a stand-alone technique. These techniques need to be understood. Meanings the elements of the mountain dragon that comes must match with the element of the spot confines by the same element of the water frame as an entirety, not separated, to facilitate the smooth flow of Qi. When this principle, often regarded as pure yin pure yang principle is achieved, then auspiciousness will be harnessed, otherwise inauspiciousness may arise. The foundation of these mysterious subtleties is within these 5 elements. Understanding the applications of these, one may not necessary to receive the stems from the eight directions, meaning the 8 directions may not necessary confined to an element per se, but the entirety of the 5 elements existed in every 8 directions.

Dian dian dao, 24 Mountains have Treasure;

Dao dao dian, 24 Mountains have Fire Pit.

The Golden Dragon,

Longitude and Latitude even though come with different meaning,

Does it move or does it not move,

all depend on the Master of Fengshui to apply.

In the reverse order, all the 24 mountains have auspicious spot and inauspicious spots. The question is where? The exact points of the 12 earthly branches mountains contained the death and emptiness line, the ultimate fire pit. The remaining sub sectors are usable dependable on the incoming Qi element that was brought in by the mountain (Golden Dragon), all entirely depends on the common objectives that were sought after, referring to the subject of burial’s Nayin. If the elements are compatible, it is the treasure otherwise the fire pit, rest upon the skill of the practitioner in applying such principle.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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