Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blessing In Disguise

It was quite a refreshing idea that we include a blogroll of accolades that will showcase the wall of fames for our achievement in seeing a FengShui works although liked a wisdom saying of a close friend of mine, "... I guess it is this feelings of satisfaction from customer which is often mistaken with good results by many boasting FengShui practitioners...", I would reconsider to actually put a blogroll of my wall of shame for our failure in seeing why a FengShui does not work so that we constantly remind ourself we are mare mortals and there is always a higher force at play, some called it hocus plus pocus, but we just called it the act of GOD.

A few months back, I was mesmerised by a technique called YangGong GuFa methods that could cure the sick, make one opportunity and improve grades. Someone from my profession was to embark into a new venture to Dubai for a massive project. He had spent a great fortune to join in the bandwagon looking into the middle east. That was the time when no one yet knew what comes next, but a whole series of exitement in the Middle East. He loops himself as a party to a local consortium venturing to Dubai and he was extremely cautious that such venture must succeed that he sought helps from various FengShui masters, me inclusive.

I did a recommendation for him and he implemented the recommendations as in accordance to the old method. Alas, everything should have been on track, but the results were reversed! Yes, he was "disqualified" from the bandwagon to Dubai! He was so upset that he refuse to even talk to me. So, in real life, it is not as easy as we go back to fix a problem. Some times, there is no opportunity to even go back. This event has cast many doubts for myself as to the potency of this method to a degree that I even question, has my teacher held something back, not revealing to his student? But I must admit, it could be just my fault as well, for some times, it it just so lame easy to accuse others for our own short falls.

Strange enough, another YangGong practitioners knock on my door and showed me the path as I had written in I went back silently to check and re-check and re-check, yet nothing was amicably wrong. At this time, we knew that something wasn't quite right with the middle east. The world economy went awry and all the sudden, there was a standstill in Dubai. The bandwagon which has embarked on the middle east looking trip went into serious problems with strings of litigations to come.

I receive a call from this guy, who refuse, to call me earlier. He brought along a hamper of "New Moon" abalones to meet me and I am at total lost, one being honestly disgrace of what I had done to him and the other being happy that he is in talking term with me. He told me that he was lucky not to be on board the bandwagon and he asked had I knew it in the first instance?

Honestly speaking, I felt a chill down my spinal cord as I do not know how to answer him. All I can say it was just Heaven's will. Feeling strange, I went to the Buddhist Temple to seek some form enlightenment, there a notable Ajahn (means teacher in Thai) was delivering a sermon.

As I recalled he said, "... During a time of Buddha's previous life (Jataka), he was born as an advisor to a King who loves to hunt. Being a King on a hunting tour, the king was accompanied by a huge companies of ministers which included he himself. As the King about to launch an arrow to his targetted deer, a spark of events occured that surprised the King, making him loose sight of the target and launching the arrow right directly upon his left foot. The King screamed in pain and in anger seek an anwer out from his advisor. The advisor has only this to say, it has its reason for such accident to occur. What? Said the King in anger. Feeling insulted by the words of his advisor, he commanded his army to put his advisor in prison for good. Then some "smart" minister advised the King to seek out the medicine man. In order to reach the medicine man, the contingent will have to cross the territory of the cannibals. True enough the entire contingent was cannibalised except for the King as he has infected foot due to his injury. The cannibals seem to not cannibalise unclean people and the King was set free. The majesty went back and seek the prisoned advisor out and asked, so is this the reason your are telling me? In response he said, no, I said it is for a reason so that I will be kept in the prison and not following your contingent, otherwise I would have been cannibalised!"

Feeling a sense of Deja Vu, I comforted myself as to the turns of events and instead of felling a fear in the method, I investigated even more. So, it is good some times, we do not expect things to turn out the way we thought it would be as there is always a blessing in disguise. So, next time, when an opportunity arised, just remember, we are just mortals and just don't play GOD.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Eclipse And The Mud Cow


Ding born out of Wei, metal month, not supported by season. Earthly branch formation support the day but the Heavenly stem does not support the day. In conclusion this is a weak Ding day favouring wood, the useful god, and fire element. Water becomes the arbitrative element for the day.

One perspective is that because it is Chou year being the TaiSui, the year breaker, PoSui would be Wei. This eclipse happened in the month of Wei, being the year breaker, so the monthly Qi becomes very malicious. A closer view into Chou and Wei, one sees this as the boundary of Yin and Yang. When an eclipse comes in the boundary becomes obscure, what will then be reckoned for the other 2 graves of Chen and Xu? To conclude that people with the 4 graveyards in their chart will be strongly in mercy of the eclipse is indeed highly overrated. No doubts, they will be potentially under the influence of the eclipse and the eclipse is never a good astrological sign, so taking cover is very much a natural things to do.

Another perspective is for people who are undergoing what BaZi called FuYin luck should move away from the location of their birth place. FuYin is partly known as eclipse of the pillar in BaZi. When two identical pillars appeared it cancels out each other making it an eclipse. So the logic is when the year, month or the day is FuYin with any pillar of the natal chart particularly if the pillar contains the useful god, then comes this faithful day of a solar eclipse, the bearer of the chart will be heavily subjected by the wrath of FuYin which will include death. The degree will strongly depends on the distance the subject is away from the location of the subject is born. Similarly so is the distance away from the path of the eclipse.

Yet another perspective, if when the path of the eclipse passed through the yellow path coincide with the white path, where the locations of the 28 asterism are affected, then subject that has their respective Xue locations will experience different vibes in accordance to their Xue elements in contrast to the asterism elements, that has been eclipsed.

So, the story can go on and on ad-infinitum, yet my weak Ren water good friend in Vegas may have a gala time in the poker table, knowing that his fire, unfriendly god has gone into eclipse and monetised some stars in lieu of my Architectural Fee, yet the ultimate questions are, can I quote a little more?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Striking Lottery, Not Again?

There is very little discussion about the Purple White Script, ZiBai Jue (ZBJ), in the English medium FengShui blogs. In fact, there are many versions to the Purple White, let alone many interpretations of ZBJ. One school charges about USD 3,000.00 for the price of this piece of knowledge that obviously makes one above the Grandmaster of Flying Star, Shen JuReng, who was claimed to have been modifying this script to fit his own understanding of the leaning star. Obviously the Flying Star proponents will object to such an exclamation. Not surprising and obviously, agreeing in principle, that some researchers would even say, Flying Star is New Age FengShui, a by-products of the misinterpretation of Master Zhang ZongShan’s YinYang ErZhai LuYan and the used Purple White Scripts, lower scroll for validating the case studies of Zhang’s writing as he could not make up what is prescribed in the upper scroll.Here, since a case study was formerly make available through the net, one may reinvestigate the salvaged butchered theories with a real event, liked another case study of ZBJ, which I personally do not subscribed to it based solely on one school’s interpretation.


3 Rooms apartment, 6th Level with the 1st being a void deck, considering the unit as the 1st unit from the main lobby. Based on the door as the point of reference, the facing of the door is South sector 2, Wu mountain and sitting of the door is North sector 2, Zi mountain. This manner of establishing sitting and facing is different from the normal Flying Star where the facing/sitting is based on the facing/sitting of the property instead. Move in year is 2003, a period 7 house.

Only 2 ladies, one daughter, miss Xun and one mother, miss Kun live in the property. Miss Xun stay in room 7-7 while miss Kun stay in room 8-6. Both won lottery in 2007 DingHai year, separate months.


To marry Shen’s method to ZBJ, first plot the house natal chart based on P7, Sit N2, Face S2. Second, force the natal chart into the house plan. There you get the 8-6, 7-7 rooms and so on. Label such room accordingly. Next, from a small TaiQi of the room, establish the spot at the centre of the room and measure the location of the door in relation to the centre of the room. The star that is arriving through the door shall be the combination as in accordance to its corresponding location of the natal chart. Label such door accordingly. Measure the head bed and stove separately by sticking the LuoPan to these subject and they forms a different natal chart altogether. Label such spots accordingly.


Miss Xun strike in late May 2003 and Miss Kun strike in late October.

Annual 2, Monthly 8. Plot the Heaven Qi Chart, by putting the 2 and 8 in the centre of the LoShu and fly forward (time moves forward). Same to be apply to monthly 3.

Here, the real application of JBZ comes into play by the introduction of replacement star. May being Si month, located at SE of the LoShu. Base on the 2 annual Heaven Qi chart replace 7 in the middle and fly forward. This is called replacing the year with the month.

Next, she lives in the 5th floor, being the 1st as the void deck, count the 5th palace of the annual 2 LoShu chart, starting at Qian palace, one will arrive at Li palace as the 5th. Replace the star of the 5th palace to the centre and fly forward.

Next, door replace compartment. The main door is located at compartment labelled 1-4, so it is the Dui sector of the annual 2 LoShu chart. Replace 4 and fly forward.

Next, door replace compartment. Miss Xun stay in room 7-7. So it is the Kan sector of the annual 2 LoShu chart. Replace 7 and fly forward.

Conclusion miss Xun strike lottery because after all the replacing here and there, the door in compartment 1-4 and 7-7 has been activated and 6-8 door is the magic number of 1-6-8 white stars combination that brings wealth.

OH MY GOD! Very convincing…


In the first instance, ZBJ does not require the establishment of the sitting and facing. Secondly, it does not require a force fitted LoShu onto the floor plans. Thirdly, the entire concepts of replacement stars are inconsistent. The best of all, it is not meant to be apply as above stated. Whoever did strike lottery using the above prescribed method, please drop me a note. You owe me, big time…

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Between The Well And The Slippery Three Legged Toad

I remember a friend once said, the aquarium owner would have been filthy rich because he has most locations stacked with water features thus activating all the prosperous stars. Then, how I wish I could have been, what the Cantonese says, “Kum Yue Lo” or Gold Fish Uncle, with heavily clad gold chain, Rolex watch and a mole the size of a fifty cent Malaysian coin.

So how true was a water feature required? In the olden days, we do not have domestic water supply. All that is available was well water supply. So, the location of the well, usually in the kitchen becomes important and thus, it is reflected in some documented classics as water locations in response to the fire locations of the stove. We also being dished by the saying that fire and water clashed when we have stove opposite the kitchen sink. In the olden days, the stove is usually fuelled by wood often then not this will result in having lots of smoke. What happened when there is a well opposite the stove in a smoke filled kitchen? Occupational hazard for the home makers. So, this becomes FengShui commandment 101.

Beside the practical locations of this well at the kitchen, the next the location of this well for considerations are at the court yard. Some how, when a necessity for a location of a well is call for, within a household, the locations become important, just liked the location of the main door, the stove and the bed. Saying thus we tend to forget, it is not the location of these wells that is due for FengShui consideration but the activities that comes into the utilising of these wells. Yes, the keyword is MOVEMENT.

Now, that the well is obsolete, the closer we see as similar to the well would be the aqua plant, hydro therapy air purifier, water dispenser and of course, the famous aquarium. Could the rule be applied to these modern utensils? I personally feel that it can be applied, but not a necessity. There are even better and faster ways to move Qi around then the 100 tiers fountain or the 100ft aquarium. Unless the client has a big aquarium that he doesn’t know what to do about it, one may suggest locating it to a location that needs movement that is all about it.

One aspect of FengShui School that is famous of tapping into the water locations are XuanKong Flying Star. Remember the saying as activating the water star (wealth star) by locating a water feature of 8 tiers representing the facing star 8, most vibrant in the period 8 and just for the kick of it, place the 3 legged gold plated toad at the bottom of the tier, so each time the water hits its head, it will spur wealth from his mouth. We just cannot deny that there are tons of materials such as these filling up bookstores around the country and many more aspired famous FengShui master to come, would liked to add up to such a collections. Here, the genuine practitioners are trying to undo such public misconceptions, will have just a hell of the time to explain…

Personal experience state that I had encounter lots of good results from applying the principle of the PurpleWhite. No doubt someone did joke around by saying, you are just another 9 palace kids acting liked a toad at the bottom of the well, intended to be a pun, that XuanKong practitioners are a bunch of lazy arm chaired bound people that rely heavily on the 9 LoShu Grid that they loose sight of the vast environment and fundamental. Who cares, as scholarly pursuit, wealth and health can be achieved by a short period of time, a quicky? However, the key is not at the water feature but movements of Qi, Gua Image and numbers and how to mix them up in the salad bowl.

I always remember the saying, one cannot create a mountain but one can alter the water. So water locations are still sensible options although not the only options. However, the notion of “water” will need to be understood, unless one is willing to be another three legged toad sitting at the bottom of the well with 8 tiers cascading water. The options are wide open.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Tale Of The Piercing Heart

My friend invited me to his about to complete mansion to "look see, look see", not so much as an audit but an architectural site visit. He wanted to renovate his house to make it bigger. Since I was there, I migth as well do some "auditing". The first thing comes to mind was the location of the staircase tug right in the middle of the property. I was telling him, what luck he is undergoing to have choosen such a property? As I knew, he is a bludy good luck fellow to deserve such a screwed up heavenly heart property? I say, no way, brudder you are going to stay here! His replied was astonishing, that is why you are here to help me out! He needs to, well almost, tear down the house and rebuilt a new one. I think he must be crazy, although I know he has the dough to spend. Anyway, the next possible choice is to shift footprint of the house by overly expanding on one side so that the reference point is shifted.

That was the initial plan, but I wasn't that happy with the location. I told him to drive me up the hill to "look see, look see". Alas, it was a better place. Naturally for me to ask him to swap for a better one, again, he must have the luck to get it. So, as you can see he does have a good luck after all. He wants a penny but was given a pound. Next he just need some extra luck to carry the pound around and I am still waiting for his good news. I simply cannot imagine if he really moves into the new house with a drilled heart!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Angel And Demon of FengShui

The recent saga of FengShui trial of the century in HongKong, refer to has revealed more that has been expected with the apparent of washing dirty linen in the public for the purpose of money. Apparently the question of accountabilty in this field is very much sought after. I wonder how long would we allow these FengShui monsters to lurk around before any victim fell prey into their long engineered scheme of conmanship? I believed for every good practitioner we produce, there will be a rotten apple that comes along with it liked a byproduct. Just liked when we see the sun rising, we notice the shadow in the infinite dance of Yin and Yang. What a pity...

PostScript: The latest development has called for accountability in this field of metaphysics that placed much more emphasis on the notions of lineage rather then books as I shared the same sentiments of another FengShui Architect as he accounts "...the damage is already done. Indeed, who then qualifies to be a Feng Shui expert? I admired Joseph's intention but the judge also has a point, how can one become an expert just by reading books? Not only the judge is confused, we in the profession are also confused, so how can we expect the public to know any better?

To me, the absurdity is not in the legal system but in the Feng Shui profession, and if B is correct, then it is too late already. I had better go back to being an architect!, Howard Choy". For more info refer to FOUR PILLARS & FENGSHUI NETWORK.

Note: Picture Credit of AFP.


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