Monday, June 8, 2009

Lottery Winning Secret Formula

I came across an article of using FengShui to win lottery via and I may as well share some of my current experience on this topic just by using simple, so called YuanKong Leaning Star.

A client of mine who had just had his house FengShui-ed by the self claimed innermost disciple of the grandmaster of the first principle FengShui master warrant that within 7 days time, he will strike lottery based on his techniques of YangGong old method. Seven day passed without winning lottery. However, he managed to change job for a better one. I believed that his FengShui works for other things. A month passed without winning anything. I supposed if the fighting SanSha fellow were to be his FengShui master instead, he would have made it big time winner or big time looser. I don’t know.

There I am on a mission to tell him flying star no need wind chime, three legged toad or PiYao for cure. All that is needed is to put water and the water is placed. 7 days later he strike 1st prize. So I place the house natal chart for you to guess, where exactly the water is placed. No prize will be given for the correct answer. Who knows, you could be the next winner in line.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I like your latest blog entry on the lottery winning secret formula, Yuan Kong Leaning Star also worked for me, so far I have made 30 billionaires in lat 30 days. Anyone who wants to find out where to put water to win the next lottery, just send me USD100.00 and my secret formula is in the mail for the next winner. But you have to be quick because my formula only works for one winner per day, so you may have to wait in line if you are not quick enough to send me that money.

Cheers :-)

Chris Chan said...

US$100 to be a billionaire. I'll take the chance. Who are you?

David, I think lottery tickets cheaper than buying moosti spots lah!


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It is not original, we met a Qigong healer once in China using his Lingkongjin to cure all over the place and hundreds of his disciples to do the same, when we asked him how can he control the ethical behavior of his followers, he looked us in the eyes and sad very seriously, "I only give them one year of supply of my healing qi and they have to come back to me for more, so this way I will keep them in check".




The "lottery king" can be reached at

So, what are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

What a lots of bullshit,so easy to strike,no more poor man


Hi Anonymous,

I like your sense of humour. That is why there is a lot of demands for these bullshits that FengShui Monsters are able to make their days so easily without question. That is another story.

Anyway, this is a real case. Perhaps Bazidiary can decipher his winning BaZi for you and you will be the next in line. Meanwhile don't forget to donate some for charity, ;-)


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