Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Fengshui Case Study

I came across a case study posted in another forum that has the following description: -

....A couple lives in an apartment and has 2 small children. Both were born prematurely at 7 month old which involved monetary matters. Could it be cause by Fengshui

Details are as the followings :

1. Elder daughter born in Yr 2000
2. Younger son born in Yr 2004
3. The apt has 20 floors with 6 units on each floor
4. Apt unit and block has the same facing and sitting - facing GUI SI and sitting JI HAI
5. Period 7 - based on both construction & move in dates
6. Watermouth at JIA MAO double mountain
7. Busy road in front sloping from KUN HSEN to JIA MAO double mountain
8. Light traffic residential road behind sloping from GENG YIN to GENG YOU
9. Small pleasant table mountain in front with a college on top
10. Apt block sits on the edge of a small hill
11. Entrance to the apt block is from behind at GENG YOU sector
12. The couple stays on the 3rd floor at unit #5 (unit #1 is at the far left and unit #6 at far right)
13. Units # 2 & 3 seem to be doing quite well. Most of them purchased landed properties and move-out in Yr 2000. They seem to have made money in 1998 & 1999


a) What could have caused the premature deliveries of the babies?
b) Units 2 & 3 seem to be doing quite well especially in 1998 & 1999, why?...

Well just see how to solve this riddle. On a macro scale the water exiting in double mountain SHEN MAO, set out a metal frame structure of SI YOU CHOU, water exiting at repose, Facing SI (growth), in coming from KUN SHEN double mountain officer with the entrance at YOU, metal receiving metal structure QI. This metal frame is producing facing and grow the siting. Conforms to the SanHe principle of 4 major water structure. It is indeed an auspicious building.

As XuanKong is a good method for prediction, the gate grows the entrance and the entrance grows the Wood Floor. Blending all these up in the 9 palaces with the annual, floor and replacing the necessary we had the followings: -

1) Unit #3, HUO WEI JI, Burning soil GUA, support from the masses in 1998, comes 1999, FENG SHAN JIAN, business expanding and making lots of money. The effects of the table mountain, could be a JuMen Mountain, come WU YIN year, fire frame escalating the processes.
2) Unit #2, ZE DI CUI, glittering soil in 1998 make the right connection with the right officers in 1999 TIAN SUI SONG GUA making money from such a connections
3) In the same period of 1998, Unit #5 was endowed with offspring luck but may face hurting the unborn probably due to excavation in SHAN LEI YI GUA location. In 2000 a daughter was born with difficulty due to water related problems as in KAN WEI SHUI GUA surface. The wife has XUN WEI FENG risk of miscarriage. With the entire apartment luck of QIAN WEI TIAN, GENG metal surface, among others implied the possibility of blood related calamities under the blade of the surgeon - cesarean section.
4) Similarly in 2004, DI SUI SHI, giving birth to a son, mother luck SHUI HUO JI JI, fire and water coming together, not sentimental but salvageable. Again, overall house luck of ZE TIAN GUI, with XIN metal protruding, under the influence of the surgeon's blade.

Say what as it may, the general QI to the building is auspicious and therefore the outcome is good.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Monday, September 24, 2007

Almost Losing The Job

I came back to the office from my site meeting, I heard panic in the Architect's room. Apparently, for another project, not of my account, has encountered grave problem at the point of firing the Architect. The Managing Director had called the project Architect and his assistant to meet up. They were shaken and asked me to divine.

I plucked KAN above, LI below. Yes, I said to them, the projects are at the boiling levels, ready to explode. Take cover. Rest assured the job is still ours. Water coming downward and Fire moving upward, blending but may not be too sentimental. It is still a good omen. Just carry on to hear the music.

Indeed, the job is still intact. They were given the last chance to perform. You may have guess rightly that it is the same office I had mentioned earlier in my previous article about poor collection of fee during the holiday seasons.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Site Problem And Astrological Divination

The client called, seeking the fact that the sewer pipe has been clogged on the ground floor. The contractor is shaking his head as he reluctant to look for the clogged portion, knowing well that it has been cast. Want a quick fix, I asked the contractor.

I drawn up an astrological chart (BAZI) for that day. It is almost liken to an intestinal problem for a human being. The earth problem. Clogged at QIAN area, I instructed him to dig the NW area. Early heaven location for QIAN, LI, South might also have the problem, sewer waste leaking. Notice there is a contamination between GUI water and JI earth at the branch at the day pillar.

True enough in the South, the base supporting the sewer joint is not properly supported and when the soil consolidated above, it pressed the weaken joint apart resulting in the soil or rather mud sips in clogging the bend at NW portion of the house. Compounded by some concrete waste buried underground, the sewer waste simply got stuck!

The contractor is happy that he doesn't have to excavate everything. I am furious that he did a lousy job at the laying of the sewer pipe before the cast of the ground level at the expense of my fellow clerk of work's supervision. Indeed I had a bad day with him. Double confirmed, it was indeed my most unlucky day in my astrological chart.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Taken For A Ride Lately

I came to know of a Lady, whom is very concerned of her youngest son. The Master advised her that in her son's astrological chart, is indeed too cold and in needs to be warm up, otherwise, he will not lived to his teenage. Next, the son may also be the cause of death to his father. When some one say this to you, what will be your next reaction?

He continues, there is a way out. You will need to seek out proper consultation to have an answer. She paid for the astrological consultation, amounted to about USD1,500.00, to be advised the followings: -

1) The son is a Yang Blade Structure, countering the father. Need to let his son to be adopted away!
2) Move to the South, maybe Australia. Needs the help of the Sun.
3) The seed of the problem is the ancestral grave. Got to reburial.

Confused and saddened by the consultation she seeks the blessing of her family to do the advised. With sheer objections, her father-in-law made the following ultimatums: -

1) Relocating the old tomb in China is a huge undertaking. Reburial is inviting a mess of inconveniences. He (FIL) has lived past his 80 years, with many children. If the ancestral grave is a problem, he might had reunited with his ancestral long ago and will not lived this old enough to give such an ultimatum. If she would want to pursue this course of relocation any further, kindly consider after his passing away, his remain be buried in an auspicious spot to counter the so called inauspicious ancestral grave. He may not have many years to live.
2) As for his grandson, he is ready to adopt him as his own son. Why giving it away for the purpose of warming his astrological chart? Might as well, put him above the stove?
3) He is in doubt, where he\is daughter-in-laws get the advice from. Ultimately it is sheer, nonsense.

Being objected by her family members, she seek me out for a second opinion. I recommended another Master who collected USD0 for his advice. He unreservedly shown her how the chart to be read and reassured that the followings: -

1) Do not give up the child.
2) It is nurtured over nature. Brings up the boy correctly. Educate him.
3) Discipline him and not pampered him, as the mother would. Let him know the value of money.
4) He is afraid of the father, it is good indeed. Some one will need to do the dirty work.

My goodness, why a reading so diversely made from the Masters coming from the same academy, she confessed. She later realized that she had been taken for a ride.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Scale Of Minimum Fee - The Two Perspectives

In the professional arena, fee or remuneration as a consideration for a service rendered is a must, in regardless of its form, must it be concealed in a red packet or not, as a matter of traditions. If one practice the art of Fengshui as a profession, this sort of remuneration is a must, although the meanings of professionalism is quite daunting in two counts. One, there must be a set of ethic that is self regulated and self governed, meanings you are answerable to yourself, if not then to the community practicing these forms of art. Secondly, you are expected to have a sufficient training or at least a minimum skill acknowledged by the community of practitioners of these forms of art, putting your client before self. Saying such, it is almost equivalent to the practice of Architecture as a profession, in view that both Fengshui and Architecture is related to the realm of human habitation in which we lived and die in.

The practice of Architecture in the world is generally governed by the UIA (Union of International Architect) Accord that will lay the foundations for their respective Board of Architects, regionally or locally, to govern the registration and the practice of Architecture as a profession. All registered Architects are self regulated on this count. Although some may equate that Architecture is only second to the oldest surviving profession in the world, the profession of Fengshui Master, on the other hands, existed since the founding father of the ancient China walks the Earth. Since then there is no governing bodies until now. Yet this profession has lasted till today.

Fengshui, subset to the recognition of features and formations, is the least important art in the Chinese 5 arts, although the role it plays is the third in the formations of first faith, second destiny and third Fengshui in lives of every Chinese born beneath Heaven. Similarly to that, it is classify as a Fire Industry governed by the will of heaven. and thus the notion of "thou shall not leak the heaven's will" remained as a self governing principle that only the deserves one shall learn and practiced. That is the reason, practitioners of the Chinese 5 arts do not simply reveal their readings unnecessarily liken to a hobby. On top of that, the principle of the 3 principles of moral values, where monetary self indulgence is not of paramount important, be the guiding ethical principle, failing to adhere to may invite heavenly retribution beyond dollar and sense. In the absent of a regulating board, Heaven be the supreme governing entities, that the conscience may have to be responsible to,not anyone else.

Today we heard that Fengshui masters are paid in hefty fees, without question asked whereas Architects are lucky if they were paid the statutory minimum scale of fee, although this scenario should not have happened in the first instance, in theory at least. Why such diverse differentiation, and who should be blame for? Come to think of it, what happened if the Architect himself is the Fengshui Master, the Client for sure will not dare to negotiate his Architect's fee for fear of what he can do, he can also undo.

It has come a point that, the profession of Architecture should incorporate Fengshui Master's 3 morale principles as the followings before he takes up the job: -

1) No affinity don't do. (jokingly, It also means, no ability to pay his fee, don't do)
2) Destroying other peoples auspiciousness, don't do.
3) Breaking your own conscience, don't do.

Kind of thinking of it, it does resonance the consistency of both professions in some ways that one is in the drivers seat the others is in the back seats. Worth pondering on it...

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Friday, September 21, 2007

The 9 Grids And The Heavenly Heart

The Heavenly Heart Shaken, The Nine Palaces Altered...
- GM Zhang

This is a meaningful phrase to me, at least on 2 counts, it had proven its worth. I got a distress called from a relative of some one I knew of, to audit his house. He told me how bad shape he was, met an accident, out of job, depends on his wife for his living, 3 kids to bring up and others... Went there to audit, my first impression was the entire house was cluttered. Really cluttered with boxes of files. His wife was doing book keeping as a part time basis. Needless to say no money to do the extraordinary. Location of the aquarium in the Zhen sector. Among others, I recommended the ordinary thing to do, spring cleaning. Put it in a detrimental tone to him, he expedite the spring cleaning. Given me a token fee, which later I donated to a local temple. 1 week later, the news came. His wife was promoted, gaining 3 times her current salary. Change their car from Kancil to Avanza. Got a new altar for the Gods. This is case number 1.

An associate of mine, operating another architectural practice, recruited myself to join him after a split with his partner in a partnership arrangement. The strength was cut into halves, almost paralyze. Clients are complaining, refusing to pay up their fees. The holidays seasons are around the corner. Future projects are stalled. Being involved, I had but no choice to do something. I organized a Spring Cleaning team, clearing up the cluttered architectural department that happened to be occupying a large proportions of space in the premises. Although with lots of hiccups, the event materialized. The office were paid in time for the festive seasons in FULL. This is case number 2.

For the stars to fly, the heavenly heart must be shaken. That is the secret.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flying Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Got to know this guy who had his house strike by lightning. He went broke. Flew in his Fengshui Master from Mainland China, drew him the star chart, he stood up again as a millionaire, a year later. Flyingstar must work right?

He throws me the star chart, for his another bungalow. I get my architects to design accordingly. Faxed back to China, vetted and approved. The Master flew down, aligned the door, fixed the water features, collects his fee amounted to about USD30,000, had a sumptuous dinner and flew back, first class. A year later, the house is completed, moves in, bought over a listed company, the rest was history.

What had he done that worth the money? The chart says: -

siting so and so, facing so and so...
water here... or here...
Door here! facing... X degree...
Signed by Master so and so..., on behalf of the Institute of YI studies, PRC... dated so and so...

The rest is up to the architect to interpret. Sweet, simple and juicy. The secret to all Yang Fengshui is the Main Door and the location of water bodies. In the right place, prosperity will be expedite, calamities will be avoided. Where are all the 5 ghost, 6 killing mumbo-jumbo? Does he really need to call in the Ghost-buster to catch it? Does he really needs to reshuffle his furniture monthly to tap into the current prosperous monthly star? No, no, no and no is the answer.

Later, upon further investigation, we noticed that the star chart is just for show. The real "kung-fu" is in the water placement at the Ling Spirit location to expedite wealth. Door location at the KUN palace with the XKDG alignment to the current prosperous GUA. Sitting GUA growing the door, door tapping into the Bright Hall, coagulated by another internal Bright Hall. The shape of the pool correspond to the location of the Door, mutually compliance, supported again by the Huge Gate mountain as the table mountain. Selected a XKDG date that grow the sitting of the house, same to his Life GUA, everything perfect except for one, a peach blossom problem. By the way, he has 7 wives and still counting.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Encounter Of The 8th Kinds

A client of mine dropped by, hand in a piece of information to my Architect which reads: -

4 auspicious location, so and so location. Must have consist of the following spaces...
Husband, this room, son this room, daughter A this room, daughter B this room...
9 equally sized boxes, indicating the location of the door...
Signed by Master so and so, dated so and so, fee charged equivalent to USD 1,000.00...

Excellent indeed. I had a brief. We toiled for weeks, had the layout done. Spatial efficiency compromised for the sake of Fengshui. Took the proposal and speak to the client. She wasn't happy about it. Called up this master so and so, set up a meeting with her.

She explained in clarity her approached in setting up the brief. Indeed her professionalism swelled when she tabled her options to my client, option 1 - filthy rich, do this and this. Option 2 - rich, do this and this, and the scale goes on. Obviously my client pick option 1. She emphasized that our proposal matched option 1 and she shouldn't be upset about it. My conscious tell me, how can she not be so upset about it when she was told to sleep in separate room from her husband, because they were from different GUA? Worst still the master bed room was tugged right to the rear of the house facing a shoddy scenery. Well, lets compromised, she said to my client. It is your affinity to go down the scale...too bad!

Enough is enough, I said. Lets be honest about it, I said. If these couple are not meant for each other how would they be blessed with 3 children, own a plot of land in an up market address and now, she was advised to sleep in different room all because they happened to be of different GUAs, miracle indeed, I asked. I took the opportunity to demonstrate to the master, that in 8 mansions, the container is the host and ,in this case, the would be house. The residents are the guest.

Further, I asked, what is the use of the so called Growing QI if it is located at the XUN palace for a KAN sitting house, as wood will complement wood, mutual. Err... is her answer. Surprisingly to her, I say is just alright. She asked why? I explained that the Growing QI is compatible with the palace. When the palace is protected, the inhabitants of the palace regardless of their GUAs will be protected.

Next, I seek her to explain, the notion of, Earth is the mother of 10 thousand things. What is the conditions. Surprisingly for me, she knows the answer is water to resource, fire to groom. I seek further clarification, then indeed what is 5 ghost and 6 killing to you, pretty bad stuff. Err... is her answer again. Yes indeed, she reaffirmed, pointed to the literature that says so. 6 killing is in QIAN palace, palace producing out to 6 killing, good or bad, palace growing star, star protects the inhabitant? 5 ghost is in GEN palace, earth palace grow by fire star, guest growing host, good or bad? Err...

Forget it, main door at LI palace, opposite of KAN sitting, receiving Heavenly Medicine. Yes she answered. Master bed room door at QIAN sub-sector, GEN location room. Will the GEN room receiving Heavenly Medicine even though GEN room is an earth palace? Err... she pondered. I reaffirmed, not quite because the metal door weaken earth QI. Okay said she, where the hell I get these from, I silence. My turn to pose the same question, she proudly said that from the Best English Speaking Fengshui Master in the Klang Valley. Well I remain silence and pull the client aside.

I asked her, if you continue with these sort of nonsense, I am off, you may get her to draw the building for you. She began to see the whole picture and decided to put her hopes on me. I took it with additional load now, that is to redraw another proposal that fits into the architectural framework before Fengshui. At least she is happy that she will not need to sleep in separate room from her husband.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Bitching The Flyingstar And Eightmansions Fengshui

It is quite common for sophomore seekers of Fengshui to be confused with these 2 systems. They are independent systems within the same family where the basis of transformation is dependable on the GUA. Again, it is YI Jing (Classic of Change) grounded. Kindly note that, while writing this piece of article, there are individual out there that joke around with confused seekers like that (source: from another Blog), and this is definitely not the way to deal with the YI related knowledge. Confusion is the beginning of wisdom and the fundamental seed of Change, YI.

Flyingstar as it is commonly known is a popularized term, expounded by Grand Master Shen Ju Ren via his journal, the Shen Classic. The basis of his writing is derived from other known classics such as part of the Purple White Script. This is indeed his hypothesis, based on certain assumptions that needs further justifications. The fly of these stars are governed by the sitting and facing of the entire building. Yes the entire building, not the entire apartment unit. The location of the door is immaterial, for the charting of the star. Since it is invented by people, it has its weaknesses. I wouldn't be bother much with this method in view of its fallacy. Better of if there are much reliable techniques made available. Just use the monthly flying star chart, if everything fails. On another note, this technique is purposeful only in divination, not remedy. The bells and figurines can't cure the QI. Remember, QI cure QI, image cure image and object cure object. The numbers in the chart represents, number, QI and GUA imagery. Multi-representation is the essence of YI GUA. What it represents depend on the context the question is seek. This is Flying the Star.

8 Mansions, some considered as a fake, is another system that take years to materialize. Based on the wandering GUA transformation, it assigns 2 characters, namely East and West, to the house GUA and Life Gua of people. Needless to say one can assign GUA to everything including your dog, the reservoir, the car or even the internet. The thing is the GUA must be read in context of its location. This form the basis that the location of the door is of paramount important and the location of the sitting of the Building justify the House GUA. As long as the house is concerned, the house GUA takes precedent. The 4 auspicious and the 4 inauspicious are just terminologies that has yet to be assigned with the context. When is it going to be auspicious, when it is not, is the question. English written books only tell half the truth. Where is the other half?

Reading Eight Mansions Bright Mirror is a challenge. It contradict itself most of the time. Common sense tell that how could one define the gross of human existence into 2 category of East and West? Yet we have only Male and Female. That is great. East people must live in the East House, West in the west house, is pure ridiculous. It is a huge fallacy, that even the East people cannot marry a West people, otherwise they could not stay in the same house, room and bed!

When these two methods applied hand in hand, it becomes a salad bowl. Yet, the truth is yet to be revealed. With proper understanding, the true nature will surfaced and on such time, it is indeed a different faces of the same coin....

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Fengshui Master Or Fengshui Monster, In The Eye Of An Architect

Imagine, after 5 years of architectural education, another 5 years of working experience as an architectural assistant and another countless of years to be a full fledged Architect, your design, surprisingly, was dictated by a so called Fengshui Master. It is even more ironical to have your client knock on you and asked to redesign your architectural masterpiece countless more time because the client couldn't jive in the numerous contradictory suggestions by the so called Fengshui Masters, for reasons they are from different schools and the Client is greedy enough to consolidates all their advises into 1 meaningful approach - impossible?

Next, the client spend a fortune investing in a piece of land worth millions with beautiful views to the lake, to be later advised by the Fengshui Master, that the location is inauspicious because it does not fulfilled the huge SanYuan principle of Zhen and Ling water position. What? A wall was suggested instead of the huge beautiful scenery of the site.

Again, assigning of the rooms to the residents to to be strictly adhered to even though it makes no logical sense in terms of spatial and usable space arrangement, resulting in narrow, squeezed corridors and lopsided room. Imagine carrying your meals from the kitchen to the dining via other spaces because the kitchen must conformed to so and so location? Furthermore, all the door sizes are of different sizes, not conforming to the standard but the Fengshui Ruler.

Last but not least, incorporation of Fengshui artifacts as part of the your architecture resulting in a house looking like an ordinary Chinese Temple. Gone are the so called modern movement, post-modernism, deconstruction and minimalist approach in the architectural lingua.

Is this a Fengshui Master or a Fengshui Monster.

That is not all, in the Fengshui circle itself, these masters cannot see eye to eye with one another, because they are not from the same lineage. What? In the contemporary scene, these masters are concealing under the banners of academies, which may not function as one, bad mouthing each others, or even better off, hiring 3rd parties to jibe one another. I believed, if the Fengshui forefathers liken to GM Yang, GM Jiang or GM Lai, were to be alived, they will tears in gallons for the state of Fengshui Master today. It only fortifies what the ancient Chinese say about this profession, Fengshui master con people 10 years, 8 years. There may be truth after all.

It has not come to a stage, when there are governing bodies that look after the conducts and ethics of professional Fengshui Master liked the Architects and Engineers. At the moment there are more crooks then nobleman out there to prey on the rich and famous. If you are not rich enough don't even think of engaging one or rather take up a course in Fengshui, you just not had enough karma or better off, affinity to learn this art. If you are not famous enough, you cannot qualify to be a good Fengshui master. You must drive a 5 series to be like one.

It is just this drive of meeting too much Fengshui Monsters that resulted in me indulging in this arts and to finally find out that the Arts is noble, the academies are just there to dish out theories, you need to seek out the real non glamorous Teacher to walk the dragon with you for its applications and the famous one to Con you.

No offense to others, these are my thoughts on Fengshui Masters and Fengshui Monsters.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Lineage of Grand Master Yang Jun Song

There has been much debate lately pertaining to the matter of Lineage of Grand Master Yang (GM Yang). Such has inevitably invited many comments from contemporary masters, quoting from the lack of understanding of the classics to the lack of access of the cryptically coded classical text that are only made available to their lineage holder. Such foray has been a display of a differentiated world views, right from our ancestor to the current practitioner, and such views has not been changed since. It is for this reason, is ought to be beneficial to revisit some fundamentals: -

There is this sort of fundamental called pure Ying and pure Yang. It may sound like a jargon, but what does it really means. It sounds really technical then it should have been. It is just to say the polarity of QI deriving from the example, Yang Metal in-coming dragon, drop a Yang Metal Spot, received by a Yang Metal Burial, boundary by a Yang Metal Water Formation, facing a prosperous direction. A continuously uninterrupted flow of QI of the same polarity. This part tells the mechanism of QI transfer.

So, the next argument is if everything is of the same polarity, where is the growing QI? It takes Ying to intercourse with the Yang for QI to grow. What is the meaning of intercourse of QI and growing QI, it just say the interval when Ying meets Yang. What it really means is when the Old Yang die, the new Ying is born, the real Ying, real Yang principle. This principle was embedded within the structure, that is to say, the physical geographic formation must display these birth, prosperous and death formation to receive growing QI. A fundamental of SanHe.

In the burial classic, Grand Master Guo Pu said it such as the collapse of the Bronze mountain in the West, toll is the Bronze Bell in the East. This imply that the QI is transform in a continuous flux, but it actually say the death of metal QI give rise to the wood QI, represented by the bell tower.

Next the same fundamentals had been embedded in the system of deriving the stem from the eight trigrams and 12 earthly branches (NAJIA). Another word is reassigning the 5 elements into these stems branches permutation. That is why, some may consider over generalization of equating the East as wood element and the West as metal element. Above all, East can be further sub divide into the corresponding 5 elements by NAJIA.

The SanYuan school may equate the interpretation of Grand Master Jiang to the above said as the followings, which may not be agreed upon by the SanHe purist: -

Zi and Xun, interchange and combine based on Xuan Kong,
Xun and Zi, look carefully within the Xuan Kong Gua.
Shan and Shui, we must understand this theory,
Shui and Shan, misfortune and fortune are related,
understand Xuan Kong, it's all in the Wu Xing,
know this method, it's no need to find the Na Jia.

It actually says the same thing in a different paradigm. In XuanKong, the NAJIA is important but is not necessitated once you understand the XuanKong 5 elements. In a nutshell the application of the real and the pure has been assimilated in the XuanKong paradigm represented by the XuanKong 5 elements. That doesn't mean at all that the NAJIA can be discarded.

In conclusion, it just does not justify to stand to a lineage so strictly, although a linage may be blessed with an entire collections of what works and what doesn't, that we may take the tree as the forest, loosing sight of the all embracing WuJi (Nothingness) as the mother of all things. The fundamental is YI. Unless we change our view, we may not inherit anything.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

An Introduction

YI has been my surname or the Clan name. In Cantonese pronunciation, it is called YEK. Among others, it brings forth the notion of change. As in YI JING, the Classic of Change. This classic has been the fundamental of the Chinese 5 arts, inclusive the science and art of recognizing the surface formation of earthly matters. The earliest form of the YI is recognize by the emblematic graphs containing a distinct compositions of the binary of YING and YANG. Further metamorphosis of these binaries resulted in a series of permutations called HEXAGRAM. These are sometimes called, YI without words, or the original YI, ZHOU YI. It is read as an emblematic YI, the fundamental of XUAN KONG. It reads as the following: -

Dragon is divided into TWO,
Trigram is derived into THREE portions,
The WAY is natural,

The notion of XUAN KONG has been mentioned as a phrase in Grand Master Yang's Text, probable the most eminent master in the Art of SANHE KANGYU. However, liken to any arts of Chinese Metaphysics, it was left undefined. Some notable definitions are by Grand Master Jiang in his commentaries liked DI LI BIAN ZHEN, although with much invited debate from the SANHE purist school.

In token, this Blog is dedicated to the FENGSHUI studies as an integrated subject with Architecture, Built-Environment and the Antropo-Cosmo. Hopefully it will accumulate enough substances to be taken seriously by the western liked models of Scientific Inquisition, based on the ancient wisdom of YI.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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