Sunday, June 28, 2009

A New Chapter For A New Reason

I take this opportunity to introduce to all the following blogs: -

When I started blogging in 2007 via YiFengshui, it was just a response to another blog which instigates a lot of negativity in the art of metaphysics. Surprisingly, this blog has met its natural death with its blog owner and his team of crappy personalities being carted away for some strings of litigation matters and injunctions. With such silence, aggressive respondents and commentators to my blog have reduced significantly and I can only make a simple conclusion as to such a phenomenon. So the reason for YiFengshui to exist is no longer valid.

However, along these years of blogging, new reasons for its existence such as a platform to communicate with experts and seekers of this field have grown, friendships have developed, lessons had learnt and bitter experiences of knowing the heart of the complex human beings are priceless. I owed much of these to two men, first, who is a master in Chinese Metaphysics of his own rights and a seeker of truth in Buddhism similarly second, to my teacher whom is a master in Design Theories and a seeker of truth in Islam, whom I had trusted. Same as with the numbers of people, especially the trinity who led me to a path less travelled in the wake of science and modernity, if misunderstood it is called hocus plus pocus. I must admit it is a good source to find out the hidden agendas in the many layers of human beings through the ethereal. So are the many psychics whom I had the opportunity to be associated with. I take this opportunity to thanks the many for a good lesson learnt and seek forgiveness from whom I had involuntarily offended by my writings and my thoughts. Saying thus, I had voluntarily removed permanently the columns called gossips from the internet, so much so that I believed, people deserved a second chance.

To err is humane, to forgive is divine. As a new chapter, to reinvent the objectives of this blog, I shall only continue to dedicate trivial matters about KanYu that I find interesting for sharing. I heed note that only through sharing will we grow in the art of Chinese Metaphysics and to avoid unnecessary troublemakers, the important notes and serious case study will only be made available through invitation only. So, to the serious researcher kindly drop me a personal mail should you wish to be included in this circle of fellowship, with just some simple non-monetary conditions to apply.

As my limited skills in blogging have improved, I had dedicated another blog for the art of BaZi, realizing that not many practitioners are interested in KanYu. At the same time, I am exploring other blog to be called design affinity, which is dedicated to consolidates all my thoughts which are in fragments into a collective whole just liked a tapestry of ideas blending metaphysics, travels, architecture and experiment in visual arts in a collective whole. This may not be a grand design of the Almighty but is significantly called a small TaiQi within a larger one.

Feel free to explore…

Friday, June 19, 2009

Absolute Yin

Perhaps it is true that when we entered GengWu, the most Yang, it passes on and Yin is born. It is also this very pure Yin that we begin to see things in another way. In this very way that I perceived the notion of the very first principle - uncertainty.

There has always a certain element of uncertainty being what called a professional, likewise, I recalled, Professional lives almost by faith. When called upon he can do the job without fear or favour. He possesses a specialized skill and lives by a code of ethics cloaked in honour and integrity. He is expected to speak his mind and give his views. When faced with absolute wrong, he can resolutely disagree and walk away. Now, I see it in the first principle; fear not in results but by faith.

By faith, one shall not look at other lives or commentaries as game plans, but by honour and integrity, reflected and expected of him, as a professional to speak his mind and gives his views even if it is absolute rubbish by other standards, for who is among us, to judge a professional owing to his code of ethics? This, I could easily see in the first principle.

Abiding to this code of ethics, the professionals shall not compete. It is the so called potentially abusive healthy competitions that will intoxicate the code of ethics that he lives by in honour and integrity. I hope not to see as the first principle, as there is a paradoxical uncertainty between business and professionalism that is fatal.

In all, I seek not to play God for it has a price to be paid as I am the master of my own karma, so is everyone. Great thanks to the mirror of my own ego and if it is not from the others virtual universe and my teacher, who else would reveal my own dumb folded ignorance? Thanks again, to this first principle as I realised the unfounded principles I stand upon is deluded and so as in my applications.

I can see now that the first principle is being a genuine professional, who not only profess the skills but also profess the righteousness to bring all who heeds or wayward in their previous preoccupations back to the path of good Karma. My heartfelt congratulations to these first principles being the light at the other end of the tunnel. Liked the sayings, it all begins with the three.

May you be well and happy in the path of Dao.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moosti Spot For Sale, Going Once Going Twice, SOLD!

In the course of FengShui, site selections come first. This is the very first line of defence. Any amount of FengShui cure would be watered down if the site selection is not up to the mark. 

Along the cause of my work as an Architectural consultant, very often then not, I will be required to advise on site selection in a technically feasible way. Now, couple with the years of FengShui knowledge, these had added to the advantage among others, having an eye to spot the so called Dragon Spot. Read for the explanation of the dragon spot, some called dragon cave, Long Mai and moosti-spot as I liked to call it and the most important thing is about storing Qi. The funny things are, these spots are not easy to come by. 

Yet in the course of my work, I had the opportunities to recognise many of these spots, of which some has been included in my blog (refer to , ). 

PostScript: One more thing, I forget to mention, this is many times superior then the one you see in Semenyih and I was wondering how to walk the dragons with both eyes closed? More often then not, these spots are actually available for sale in any new housing estate, as many developers would just pass it on as just another plot of land for sale, not otherwise they would marked up the offer price at a premium. In my view, it was a pity that these developers do not engage a FengShui Architect from the start of their development process. 

I would not mention which are still available in the market for fear of unnecessary rush for the dragon spots. Just a note to the uninitiated, many of these spots owners are now, billionaires instead of merely millionaires. So, there is no need to rush down to Singapore, many are available in Malaysia. I was even told that even Singapore and Taiwanese masters are here in Malaysia to look for spots! 

Coincidentally, a friend of mine is writing about green dragon crossing bright hall without any picture attached via her blog , so I might as well highlight here what it meant by such from my picture annotation. Often then not one must be able to recognise one before even reaching the spot and the question is how? Upon reaching it, these elements must be present. By far, I must admit this moosti spot is indeed hard to come by. Only a few more lots around the spot vicinity are available and deals are closing fast. Drop me a mail if you are keen to own one (only better picture will be available via email). Who knows you may be the next billionaire in line?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lottery Winning Secret Formula

I came across an article of using FengShui to win lottery via and I may as well share some of my current experience on this topic just by using simple, so called YuanKong Leaning Star.

A client of mine who had just had his house FengShui-ed by the self claimed innermost disciple of the grandmaster of the first principle FengShui master warrant that within 7 days time, he will strike lottery based on his techniques of YangGong old method. Seven day passed without winning lottery. However, he managed to change job for a better one. I believed that his FengShui works for other things. A month passed without winning anything. I supposed if the fighting SanSha fellow were to be his FengShui master instead, he would have made it big time winner or big time looser. I don’t know.

There I am on a mission to tell him flying star no need wind chime, three legged toad or PiYao for cure. All that is needed is to put water and the water is placed. 7 days later he strike 1st prize. So I place the house natal chart for you to guess, where exactly the water is placed. No prize will be given for the correct answer. Who knows, you could be the next winner in line.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Accountability And Accreditation Of Chinese Metaphysics

Strange enough with the shifting of the JiaZi, many events had taken placed. The marketing of Chinese Metaphysics had been silent. The marketers were unheard. New courses had been put on hold indefinitely. Otherwise the revival of stale courses were a temporary hype that the forum remains so dead thereafter. This is the effect of the 2 Bing (Sun) trying too hard to outshine one another. Arrogant masters now willing to hear from their students and humble masters now building up walls to be arrogant and double standards. Academy changes name with better corporate look then ever. It is no longer welfare but BUSINESS! Yet the question remains, are the Chinese Metaphysics going back to its first principles that I really do not know.

Another FengShui Architect, Howard Choy, had just reminded me saying, “in another post on your blog, you mentioned how the Feng Shui "monsters" are trying to tell the architects what to do, the only way for us to beat them at their game is to know more about the subject than they do. There are quite a few Feng Shui architects now that can tell these "monsters" to pack their bags and go home! Don't get bitter, get better!... (”. At least, I knew I am not alone. However, can we equate these FengShui masters as professionals liked Architect, Engineers and Doctors? At this juncture, fat hopes and I shall explain.

The first principles state that a professional man is judge by his own conduct (self regulatory), obtained the minimum qualifications deemed to have gained the required efficiency and experiences to practice the art and discharge his/her responsibility as would have been expected by his/her peers in the profession. These are the 3 basic so called first principles. Do the industry of Chinese Metaphysics practices such and I seriously doubt so? There are more FengShui monsters then FengShui masters out there.

There is no accountability and therefore no self regulatory in the FengShui industry. One will not find things liked a performance bond, Retention Sum, fit for purpose warranty or simply the need for professional indemnity insurance required out of the FengShui master. There is no such a thing as fee paid in partial and when the result materialized the payment would be made in full or otherwise a warranty agreement be made to guarantee results. These are unheard of matters which are simply the run of the mills things for other bona fide professionals liked lawyers, Architects, Engineers and others. Any other self imposed ethics would only be of lip services especially when the act of God is simply made out of the equation as hocus-pocus. May I ask why as even when an affidavit is made in court it was made with the palm placed on the Holy books be it the Bible, Torah or the Quran be placed above the head in our civilized modern society? Is this another form of hocus-pocus? I really do not know.

There is no embodiment of an agreed standard as to the arts and science of Chinese Metaphysics itself. Without such knowledge and accreditations, these arts are subject to abuse and be abused by groups or individuals who called themselves by different names and lineages, some gone as far as getting Doctorate Degrees and Professorships from doubtful universities of higher learning just to be adorned with fanciful titles and robes that does not reflect the rigour of the academia when their book is published. Worst, a lineage holder is simply someone who inherited a hand written classics without any other proof necessitated to make the lineage holder fit for the pedestal. Is this yet another form of hocus-pocus?

Last, there is no peer review. Most practitioners cannot see eye to eye even if they come from the same school. Second opinion is usually viewed as rubbish as how could a second opinion be given when the fundamental method applied is varied and inconsistent from one lineage to another? There is no yardstick for measuring the art. As I always say to my client, if you believe in the master then only engage him. One master is confusing enough, two is a no-no. What happened if the former is a SanHe and the later is a SanYuan? Is this again hocus-pocus?

A new approach is always welcoming and refreshing when the bottom line is always results. Are we not talking about results from the other academies in towns? Unless, one dares to go a mile further and to adopt the rigour of a bona fide professional integrity with its own charter, its own principles, its own ethic, its own self regulatory principles, its own legal locus standi with its own curriculum, the industry will be remained fragmented and anything associated with it will always be hocus-pocus.

Maybe I am wrong…

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Analysis Into Zhang BingLing SanHe Methodology 2

Immediate External Water Method:

Ren Sitting, Bing Facing.
Water Placement (well) at Yin
Gold Division: Xin Hai, Xin Si
Gold Division: Ding Hai, Ding Si
Water direction: Right to Left, Ding – Bing – Xun (Exit)

Yang Dwelling water mouth receiving at Ding, motion produce Authority at Imperial Stables. When the Master uses this formation, wealth and glory would be everlasting.


There is no sign of 12 growth stages included in the woodblock. Assuming this was the techniques, the objective is to obtain Officer, wealth and nobility, sitting Metal frame, Ding receiving Youth water, Bing activating Officer water and exits at Xun which is Prosperity, which is forbidden. Assuming it is a Earth Xue, receiving weakening water, activating sickness water and exiting at death. Possible, but not encourage able, as incoming could have been from prosperity. So, there is no consistency between the methods applied in the major external with the immediate external.

Alternatively, if we look at Earthly Principles Five Verses, exiting at Xun and Si are major 8 road of destruction, crash into officer palace, kills and making the owner to be a bankrupt, almost opposite from the intention of the poem.

Well location at Yin possible of activating the Sky Horse formation and in this case expediting inauspiciousness? A very possible choice, assuming it is in an auspicious formation. Therefore, how SanHe could it possibly is?
Immediate External:

Ren = FuWei
Gen = WuGui
Zhen (Door) = TianYi
Xun (Gate) = ShengQi
Li (Facing) = YanNien
Kun = JueMing
Dui = HuoHai
Qian = LiuSha


The meandering path leading in the courtyard gate in the formation of the whip or the jade belt. It wrap and embraces YanNian and therefore invite authority, wealth and nobility. ShengQi and TianYi at door end of the path and generations will become officer of the 6 ministries…


This is a very novel proposal, using Eight Mansion to determine the pathway leading to the main door, alternatively from using this method as an internal FengShui. BaZhai as it is called has its root from Greater Wandering Gua method.

For a Ren Sitting House, we take as a Kan Gua House. Sitting FuWei, Facing YanNian. So, we assumed that the same natal chart shall also apply internally which in this case was silent. The novel idea at this juncture is the assumption that between Tian Di and Ren, it is the Ren factor that brings in Qi into the otherwise container (house) encapsulating Tian and Di. In this case, coming into the ShengQi (wood) gate into Tian Yi (earth) door will bring auspicious tidings. Elemental analysis speaking, the gate controls into the main door instead of growing into the main door may otherwise brings other portends. How could that be?

A space not confined by the 4 walls has no potential of containing Qi similarly with the heaven heart that is not enclosed. So, how could ShengQi be brought into the house?

Although Eight Mansions straddled between SanHe and SanYuan in a confused fundamental, it is SanYuan in nature for it does not harp on the notion of 12 growth. So the method employ by Zhang is inconsistent from the macro to the micro.


Reading the preface and trying to put myself into Zhang BingLing’s shoe is very difficult especially when the ideas cannot gel itself into one single body of knowledge that is rooted on ZhangShu being the authoritative classics for the SanHe, instead of Huai NanZi which is a classics on astrology and I will have to make up the rest on an implied basis to make sense out of his idea so presented. So, I will not take these classics as worthy as it is claimed.

To all the readers, if you think otherwise, please let me know of your thoughts for a fruitful discussion on these subject matters.

Analysis Into Zhang BingLing SanHe Methodology

Investigating FengShui methodology is among others, a tricky exercise, especially when there is more then one method is employed. The pedigree of the master concerned speaks for itself usually from the journal he kept. In this instance, a ZhongHe practitioner Zhang BingLing has been introduced as a SanHe practitioner of whom this is quite misleading. Coming from the Fujian province, a stronghold of SanYuan, my opinion is that he was from a SanYuan pedigree instead. Therefore, it will only be natural to review his record in accordance to consistency and coherency of the idea he put forth and match against the scale of major external to micro internal based on a sampling of Ren sitting case study.

Major external:

The diagram indicates a landform of a Xue sitting Ren facing Bing. It was recorded as Ren in the centre of the Phoenix formation. Bing location is the table mountain in the goldfish formation. The green dragon denotes Tai Yi and white tiger Tian Yi. Shen is the exiting water mouth. Incoming Dragon from Gen. The tiger embrace should be lower to reach auspicious position at terminal, and should be hollow and not full.

Chan BingLing’s rationale:

Water obtains Yang Fire.
Gold Division: Xin Hai (Metal), Xin Si (Metal)
Gold Division: Ding Hai (Earth), Ding Si (Earth)

Poem: Ren Sitting faces towards the Xue. Gen is where the Ancestor Mountains are. Kan position has auspicious star formation same as Gen position. Incoming from Jia exiting at Shen, then generations of descendents will be noble, illustrious and flourishing.


If one notices, the gold division of choices limited to Ding, Bing, Xin and Geng does not base on the 72 Dragons rings. Therefore, it cannot base on YangGong methodology. If it is sitting Ren between Xin Hai and Ding Hai it will fall into the Emptiness line of the 72 Dragons. Therefore it is never a good choice from a YangGong perspective.

The water structure he employed is Fire frame of Yin Wu Xu, exiting at Shen being sickness. In the YangGong perspective he must choose a Xue which is also fire frame. However Ren sitting is not fire even if it is based on his preferred gold divisions which are either Metal or Earth. So, there is no consistency in terms of the 12 growth water matching the Xue Sitting and how can it be SanHe?

The robbery killing force is a typical 8 killing forces for SanYuan. In the case of sitting Kan, the 8 killing forces are from Chen and Xu, there is where he recommended the stove to be positioned. Kun is the early heaven 8 killing forces he termed as termination. Likewise, such methods are the SanYuan dragon gate 8 formations and not SanHe and definitely not YangGong method. YangGong old method does not recognise 8 killing forces, 8 road of destructions and other similar theory, of which were claimed to be re-engineered for the consumption of the Manchurians (read also on information of the fallacy of 8 road of destructions).

To be continue…

Monday, June 1, 2009

To Classic Or Not To Classic

There have been noble attempts to reveal ancient woodblock classics into the mainstream English literature especially found in the era of Tang and Qing Dynasty. These are the two dynasties that are notorious in producing fake classics to misguide the general public or has been misguided to produce simplified method for the emperors own consumptions. It was during the Tang Dynasty that the Tang Emperor issued fake method for the barbarians (a term that was used to denote foreigners) with little idea that such screwed up method may find its way back to mainland China for the emperor’s descendents’ own use.

By heaven’s will, Grandmaster Yang JunSong packed his bag and ran off with classics from the Imperial library causing witch hunt all over middle kingdom, that his line of family would need to change their surname to others in disguise to escape the tyranny of the beheading blade. With his aide, Liu JiangDong and his two other disciples reside in part of GuangZhou now called Yang XianLing, Yang JunSong has to enter monkhood for posterity to start all over again his quest for real method of FengShui called the YangGong method, stem from the use of the 12 growth phases instead of BaGua PaiLong Fa or method of Eight Gua arranging of the dragons.

During the early Qing and the later Ming Dynasty, Grandmaster Jiang DaHong began to make his presence felt. He is not the inventor of SanYuan method. He is indoctrinated heavily by the Dao and naturally incubates a method close only to himself for fear of exposing Heaven’s will. In historical account, he had 6 known disciples who inherited part of his knowledge in fragments, causing later schisms among the school of XuanKong. His brushed commentary of DiLi BianZheng grouped in the collection of the Qing Dynasty four treasuries, is laden with cryptically worded that is not YangGong method at all.

It was at the reign of QianLong, that Chinese Metaphysics were given the second lease of lives. The emperor recruited masters among the Hans to teach the Manchurians the art of FengShui. With the dilemma of fear to impart such knowledge to the Manchu and the fear of potentially beheaded by the emperor for disseminating fake method, the Hans recreated theories based on half truth. It was these half truth theories that were believed to be ended up in these woodblock classics from the early QianLong period, now available in the English language. No doubt it is a classic by default, but the contents are very much disputable as it is neither genuine YangGong nor JiangGong method. Even with the original author, Zhang BingLing’s very own credentials are very much questionable.

The Geography Of ZhangShu

In geography, there are 3 dragons coming into China from west to the east, before branching into 5 branches namely Qian, Kun, Kan, Li and Dui. Thus the western side of China is always higher then the eastern side. If South is taken as the facing, we would end up having the white tiger higher then the green dragon. This is a geographical fact. It is also said that all veins has its origin from the KunLun Mountain.

KunLun range is at about 13,000 ft or higher at the region of the Tibetan Plateau, running along sides the Himalayas, branching out to Karin Basin, Gobi and Greater Khingan Range back dropping the Manchurian Plains, whereas the others bordering the great YangTze, Yellow and Xi Rivers. Apparently this is the source of all major rivers from Brahmaputra and the Chinese Great Rivers. Apparently only YangTze, Yellow and Xi Rivers flow down the fertilized SiChuan Plains before exiting to the North China Sea and Yellow Sea at the Eastern region of China and Brahmaputra turns into the region of Bhutan and Bangladesh.

At this juncture, can one identify where is the Qian, Kun, Kan, Li and Dui branches of the 3 dragons? Where is the Jia, Bing, Geng and Ren dragons marrying the Gui, Yi, Ding and Xin rivers?

Note: Image form GeoNova


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