Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flying Star 2010 - DIY?

That is a very novel idea. Before we attempt to DIY, we need to go to a few basics. First we must know we are in the lower cycle, period 8. 2010 happens to be GengYin which belongs to the wood luck period. With the permutation through the LoShu, GengYin is located at the Kan sector. According to the notion of growth, prosperous, weakening, etc (ShengWang Jue) Kan sector is seen as the guest is controlling the host. So it is a palace in a killing stage.

In another words, we say GengYin, as a guest is controlling the period as the master. This is called controlling in. Then the first qualifying round is to understand is such controlling in beneficial?

Next, we put up another layer by flying in the 8 annual. Most book in the market stipulated that the good stars are 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9. Whereas the remainders are bad stars. Let us investigate further: -

1 and 9 are in a retreating stage. 4 is in the killing stage. How good can these be? 6 is in the growing stage and 8 has return to its prosperous stage and these are extremely handy star to use? 5 yellow, the most feared off is in a prosperous stage! Can we use it to activate extreme wealth? 2 illness star is in a retreating stage, very malignant? 3 is in the killing stage and will that be harmful? 7 robbery star at the prosperous stage, will it indicates bloodshed and robbery warrants to be rectified by the Chinese Rhino? And the exploration continues…

To DIY flying star of 2010 is a little bit difficult after all and it is not as simple as avoiding a few bad stars and activating a few good ones. The reasons are good one can also gone bad.

Next, we will make the matrix a little bit more complex by adding up the house sitting…

Stay tune.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010




There have been too many requests to gain access into Yifengshui (Inner Teachings). At some point of time, I did contemplate to make it as a common folder for free access not until another site has reached their tipping points. These I could understand why. So, as it is, it remains by invitation only. I guess, that was not enough as there were attempts to hack and get their ways through with solicitations and others. Ultimately, it is even wiser to put it off indefinitely.

Since 2007, we had witnessed both the beauty and the ugly sides of these practices. No matter how good we are in prediction, we do not know who is standing beside us be it a trusted friend or someone else. Perhaps the only constant in this universe is change. Now I see why the big practices and academies in town, partners cannot trust each others, boss cannot trust their staffs, lead consultants cannot trust their in-house consultants, teachers cannot trust their students, FengShui Masters cannot trust their clients and many more.

Charity has to start at home. This phrase I remembered well. What is lacking is charity can only start when the house is in order. Has the house is in order?

Yifengshui (Inner Teachings) contain only case studies in indiscriminate proportions. When others reject their requests for personal audit, we try to accommodate. There is no discrimination between personal or corporate request. Cases we documented were multi faceted from other screwed up jobs, second opinions to other issues. Yet it did not survive from leaking out to the public. That is why it has to go.

Our cases and practices are not so illustrious; we do not chant our pedigree from the BIG family neither do we inherit any scroll, secret code or weapon. We are just mortal walking the path of Dao, some called, hocus and pocus. At the end, we are happy that what we practices produce result and it is still recorded in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings) by some other undisclosed names and locations….

Monday, January 11, 2010

FengShui And A Restaurant

 This is a newly opened restaurant on a site which was once hosted a series of businesses that could not make profit. It unfortunately was located at the wrong side of the road. Its FengShui has been warranted to work, so it has to work. Lets us walk through the aspects of things that has been incorporated to make it works.

The higher part of the side is located at the white tiger location (demarcated by a mountain) slopping towards the green dragon location (junction where the main roads are). It is however, not a very gentle slope. Arriving from the main road, one may miss the site entirely for the lack of visual signature and heavy traffics. So, the conditions for a walk in restaurant are not really that favorable. Given such parameter how could FengShui work in that sense?

The Xue sitting of the restaurant has been set at Fire Xue with a series of cleverly crafted elements to subdue the Yin and extend the Sha. This will be explained in detail in Yifengshui (inner teachings).

Incoming from Officer, Outgoing originally at somewhere at Shen. Because it is a fire Xue, exiting of Grave should have been better, a man made structure is constructed to lock the water mouth. In fact, the entire quality of the bright hall could have been improved if a low kerb was to be introduced to channel the flow of water with the current situation of an uneven drive porch which may be hazardous to the customer especially for the handicapped on wheel chair. Something to think about.

One may also asked, why a Fire Xue is chosen instead of others? Why is it preferred to receive officer water instead of prosperous and so on?

The Quality of the bright hall is of paramount important in subduing the Yin and extending the Sha. If it is not done correctly it may jeopardized the YinYang element of the bright hall, due to the fact it can be very contradicting. We shall reserve this portion for Yifengshui (inner teachings).

In summary, to begin with the site is far from promising with not so illustrious history. Yet, so far its customer turnovers are quite good for a new set up. I believed the promising part would come when the tiger year set in. As for FengShui, the water method is only the appetizer; the real kungfu is still what is known as subduing the Yin and extending the Sha with a little extra push of XKDG
Note: Photo Credit from FRESHMESS

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Burning Case Of Purple White 2

Just a moment ago, a close friend emailed me of the followings: -

"... Something to share with, he is a business friend of mine who rent a office space next to our block. A series of things just happen to him :
1st : two days ago, when he want to open the office door, the key stuck in the lock and the key broken.
2nd : the same days afternoon, when he want to leave the office, he found his car was hit and round by a lorry where he used to park his car at the office parking lot.
3rd : just now about 3pm, his office is on fire (in thick smoke),,,,caused by short circuit of the air-cond unit and battery charger..... bad luck..."

So, I did a little calculation and told him to check that the fire has started at the Xun location. He took his LuoPan and start to measure. It started at 149 degree, which is also the Xun location. He was surprised as to how would I conclude it will be at the Xun location? Of cause the juicier part of the method is reserved for Yifengshui(inner teachings). 

Sometimes, when we want to know a little bit more of the events that occurred and we are not around to verify, Purple White can be very useful as a predictive tool. Similarly so when we want to know about the potential client who wish to engage our services either on a good faith and sincere basis or just someone, who just want to "test" you out, which is very common in today's practice. I am sure, they know who they are.
Even though, YangGong method has been getting popular these days, we must also not forget that simple method liked BaZhai is also very useful. Like most saying, the question is do you know how to use it? By the way, BaZhai is not a simple method, so to speak. The applications are simple, but the principles behind is complicated. 
So is Purple White. Do read this fragmented classics with utmost care. It only prescribed one method that if one use it diligently, it will not brings out the potential in you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Fail Case Of Shen's Flying Star

Another case that I stumbled upon while doing my spring cleaning was a typical case back in 2006, when we attempted to remedy a printing shop using the so popular method of Shen's method of Flying Star. The area wasn’t promising. Business seems to be quite slow. The shop is situated facing the Bright Hall along with the rest of the other shops that act as the embrace and table mountain. Strangely it is only this very shop that is still going on with their businesses while the other neighboring lots closing down one after the other. Again, the opposite row’s businesses are striving as usual. Comprising mostly of eateries, Magnum 4D and convenient shops, these outlets are surviving whereas the opposites shops all closed down with the exception of this very printer shop. The question as to why the Southern part (Li sector) of the shops row is more prosper then the Northern part (Kan sector) of the shops row? Again, if we investigate the Zhen and Ling Shen principle, wouldn’t that Li sector, the future prosper star cannot see “water” and yet business are better than the Kan located shops? Strange isn’t it?

This premise sits at Gui, facing Ding with support from the back and facing bright hall. It is a period 7 shop. Audited in the period 8. Main door located at Kun sector having 6-8. Facing star 8, current prosperity needs to be activated by water! So, naturally a water dispenser was suggested in lieu of the aquarium. Back of the shop at Kan palace, 7-7, double so called robbery stars! Burglar alarm was suggested. With all these in placed, some miracle must had happened, as in accordance to Shen’s Flying Star. Boom! ...... Nothing extra ordinary happened. There it goes with Shen’s method of Flying Star. Yet, they have to work doubly hard for the same amount of revenue, because of the 8 prosperous facing star.

A corrective FengShui was carried out in 2007. This time around we applied Purple White leaning star. The details are in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings). On the same year, the debts owing to them had been recovered and they bought over the opposite side of the shops for relocation. Then, we asked, what did we do? We didn’t place aquarium and the water dispenser is still there, we did not tilt the door, we did not ask them to renovate their shop? All we did was to ask them to reposition their machinery and putting up a painting in the correct location.

The lesson of this case is simple. The theory behind Flying Star is correct, but the application is incorrect. So, the best one can do with this sort of flying star chart is for prediction and only God’s know when it can be a remedy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

8 Mansions And The Healing Hands

While digging through the old files, one caught my attention. It was in year 2007; a friend introduces us to a young family with 2 beautiful boys. The boys had health issue, one related to urinary problem, while the other was related to foot and mouth disease or some sort, after they move into the house in 2007. The father of these boys was a believer of FengShui. He called a number of these masters and all that was administered was temporary relieved with the boy’s health moving ups and downs liked Yo-Yo. He spends a lot of money in Hospital’s bills and medicines for his kids. It was quite a sad story. Cases liked these, as far as we think, are for charity basis. That is why we said, charity is beyond money.

This is also the case that demonstrated to us, that BaZhai can work hand in hand with the rest of the systems of Chinese Metaphysics, especially Leaning Star. The house is sitting Kun facing Gen. In 2007, annual Gua 2, 5 yellow arrived at facing Gen. The front of the house has a big bright hall, empty land, overly Yang. Distance facing a mountain which is broken. So, in terms of Xiang and Qi, the 5 yellow is “activated”. Again, why is it affecting the kids? More in yifengshui (inner teachings).

Purple White is instrumental in deriving divination on the cause and the affected people. To chase after the annual star and monthly star would not be a good choice for remedy. So, at that point of time, we experimented with BaZhai.

With any terrace house in Malaysia, the internal room layout is fixed. One cannot just smack the 9 grid into the house layout and say, hey! Put the kids in this TianYi room and Boom! The issue resolved! With the Kun sitting house, both rooms are straddled among LiuSha, FuWei or TianYi. So, naturally TianYi is a better room for the kids to sleep. The internal setting out is reserved for yifengshui (inner teachings).

The results were astonishing. The last feedback was that the kids no longer need to go to the hospital and their conditions stabilized, till today (3 years later). Who say, BaZhai cannot work? Better, it does not take too long to work. The working mechanism of BaZhai and Leaning Star are explained in details in yifengshui (inner teachings), meanwhile to all BaZhai enthusiasts, if your remedy using BaZhai especially in the area of health does not brings you the expected results, the problem is not in the theory but the method may have been wrongly apply.

We welcome your case study if you have any and you are willing to share in the area of BaZhai or other methods as well. Just liked what we had said in the other exchange, “unless otherwise we break our own barrier and test out what we know at least a 100 times without fails, then we can be assured that the method we apply is correct, otherwise it is just for theory sake. Worst still if we shroud ourselves with the veils of walls, each holding the so called "secret" so tightly and remains ignorant of the truth out there. That is what I meant when I wrote; sometimes we built walls not to keep others from coming in but to see who is care enough to knock them down…”.

Monday, January 4, 2010


The Method Of Conceiving Using BaZhai

Last Sunday was supposed to be the remove day and naturally I took the liberty of the weekend holidays to clear up my studies and bump upon some old files of cases that we did early last year. Some of these files were recorded FengShui cases using BaZhai and PurpleWhite. Soon enough a close friend did call by to inform that his very first case using BaZhai had succeeded in bearing fruits.

A childless couple he had consulted about a year ago has his wife finally 3 months pregnant. They have been living in the new house for about a year by now. So, 7 months ago, she has successfully conceived, not by artificial insemination. While he explained further, we began to understand more of the application of BaZhai, entirely different from the Theoretical approached as specify in the 8 Mansions Bright Mirror.

House siting Ren, facing Bing. So, by virtue this is a Kan sitting house, using the house Gua as a point of reference. Kitchen is located at NE, WuGui. Main Door is located at SE, ShengQi. Master Bed Room is located at SW, JueMing. Yes, you read it correctly, room in JueMing sector.

The issue confronting this couple is not being able to conceive. So naturally the couple would have to sleep in the same bed in order to make children. So, luckily in this case the Life Gua of the husband is 2 and the wife is 8, both are west group. Well, in accordance to some writer, people of different group must stay separately. If this is true, then we really have trouble consolidating the different groups together as a couple.

More details of the stove and bed locations are reserved for yifengshui (inner teachings).

A point to note is that, these also matched the life Gua of the couple as the husband being located at ShengQi and wife at FuWei location according to their very own life Gua natal chart. So, one interpretation that using the house Gua for locations and personal life Gua as directions is also very misleading. It is all about location, location and location with the following understanding that is reserved for yifengshui (inner teachings).

Strangely but truely, as the applications boils down to very close proximity of a SanHe technique then a SanYuan methodology. Could BaZhai be the missing link in bridging SanHe with SanYuan? Whoever says that BaZhai cannot work and brings about inconsistent results, please investigate the fundamental further. There is a gross misunderstanding between theory and applications. For this, you let me know.


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